Villains Tonight!

Join Hades and his silly sidekicks, Pain & Panic, as they set out ona wickedly funny quest. Along the way the dynamic duo teams up with some fo Dinsey’s favorite Villains in a music-filled comedy that is sure to tickle your funny bone.

Villains Tonight! begins as Hades and his faithful sidekicks, Pain and Panic (Hercules), welcome new souls (the audience) to the Underworld. But instead of a frightening realm, guests will discover that Hades has turned the Underworld into an upbeat and happier place. The lively fun comes to a halt when The Fates arrive and predict that Hades will lose his position as Lord of the Underworld if he doesn’t ramp up the evil factor.Villains Tonight DCL Promo Hades

Worried by the news, Hades checks his Evil-O-Meter and discovers it is running dangerously low. So he comes up with a plan: He’ll conjure up the very best of the worst – the most powerful Disney villains – to help him replenish the world of evil. What ensues is a comical journey as Hades, Pain and Panic embark on a quest filled with wacky antics and amusing musical numbers featuring everyone’s favorite Disney villains and their sidekicks.

Villains Tonight DCL Promo Scar

The show features a veritable “Who’s Who” of Disney villains and sinister sidekicks. This musical extravaganza features pyro-technique wizardry, light-and-sound illusions and clever shape-shifting costumes. It took many years and a throng of production talent to bring it to the stage successfully.

Villains Tonight DCL Promo Ursula

Boasting an all-star team, this show was created by such Broadway luminaries as Tony-nominated writers Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen. Allison Narver, a longtime industry veteran, directed and uber-talented Karma Camp did the choreography, with musical direction by the gifted Ben Cohn. The show was produced by Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Entertainment.

This show has 10 no-holds-barred musical numbers. You’ll be introduced to 8 new retro takes on classic Disney Villain tunes, including a disco-inspired rendition of “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from The Little Mermaid and a dance-club version of “Cruella De Vil” from 101 Dalmatians. Plus, 2 original songs created especially for the production: “Welcome to the Underworld” and “Villains Tonight.”

So, go ahead—sing along! It’s a spectacle of scoundrels, elaborate exploits and musical masterpieces.

Villains Tonight! originally debuted on the Disney Magic on March 20, 2010 until it was replaced by Tangled, The Musical in November 2015. The show was one of the original shows on the Disney Dream. In the early days on the Disney Magic, a special Villains Tonight dinner menu was offered on longer voyages. The final curtain fell on the Villains Tonight! on July 2017 a few months ahead of the debut of Beauty and the Beast on the Disney Dream.

Villains Tonight Logo 2016

Villains Tonight! Scenes & Musical Numbers

Villains Tonight Scenes 2016

SCENE 1 | The Underworld

  • “Welcome to the Underworld” – Hades, Ensemble
  • “Villains Tonight!” – Hades, Pain, Panic, Ensemble

SCENE 2 | Under the Seen Lounge

  • “Poor Unfortunate Souls” – Ursula, Pain, Panic, Ensemble

SCENE 3 | The Shadowlands

  • “Be Prepared” – Scar, Ensemble

SCENE 4 | The Secret Lab

  • “Yzmopolis” – Yzma, Kronk, Ensemble

SCENE 5 | A Dark Forest

  • “The Boo-Off” – Pain, Panic, Evil Queen, Maleficent

SCENE 6 | The Hight Seas

  • “Yo Ho / A Pirates Life For Me” – Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Ensemble

SCENE 7 | The Runway

  • “Project Cruella” – Cruella De Vil, Ensemble

SCENE 8 | The Underworld

  • Hot Talk – Hades, Krong, Iago, Jafar
  • “Wind Beneath My Wings” – Jafar, Iago, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Yzma, Kronk

SCENE 9 | The Underworld

  • “Villains Tonight Reprise” – Hades, Pain, Panic, and Company

Audition Scripts and Music

Below is a video recording of the Villains Tonight! as presented on the stateroom TV

The curtain closed on Villains Tonight! for the final time on August 7, 2017 aboard the Disney Dream. During the time before Beauty and the Beast debuted during the November 6, 2017 voyage, this evening of the cruise was filled with a screening of Disney’s Newsies the Broadway Musical in the Walt Disney Theatre. During the 2017 Halloween on the Hight Seas voyages, this spot was filled with The Nightmare Before Christmas Sing & Scream.