Disney Treasure Announced as the Next Triton Class Ship at D23 Expo 2022

During today’s “A Boundless Future: Disney Parks, Experiences and Products” presentation at the D23 Expo 2022 in Anaheim, Josh D’Amaro, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman, announced the next Triton class Disney Cruise Line ship will be named Disney Treasure.

Disney Treasure

The Disney Treasure will be similar to the Disney Wish in size, and is slated for delivery in 2024. Meyer Werft previously assigned s.718 as the hull number. The theme of the Disney Treasure is “adventure” just as “enchantment” was the theme for the Disney Wish.

D’Amaro also revealed that the Disney Treasure will be designed with a brand-new motif unlike anything Disney Cruise Line has done before. The theme of adventure, inspired by Walt Disney’s love of exploration, will pave the way for epic experiences that immerse guests in some of the company’s most legendary stories.

“At the heart of every adventure, there’s a treasure, and we can’t wait for you to create memories aboard this spectacular ship,” D’Amaro said.

The Grand Hall of the Disney Treasure will have an Aladdin theme with Jasmine and Aladdin featured on the Magic Carpet as the statue at the bottom of the staircase. The Grand Hall is inspired by the grandeur and mystery of a gilded palace, drawing on real-world influences from Asia and Africa, and paying homage to the far-off land of Agrabah. At the center, the signature statue will feature Aladdin, Jasmine and Magic Carpet soaring together toward a whole new world of adventure.

Additionally, Coco, Moana, and the Hitchhiking Ghosts were featured in the following reveal video along with look at the Grand Hall.

During D23 Expo 2017, a 7th ship was announced with Bob Chapek stating, two ships “wouldn’t be enough to hold all of the exciting new experiences we have been dreaming up to take family cruise vacations”. While technically, this was the 7th announced ship, the ship will actually be the 6th to join the fleet.

DCL Disney Treasure Logo

The Disney Treasure is scheduled for delivery in 2024

14 Replies to “Disney Treasure Announced as the Next Triton Class Ship at D23 Expo 2022”

  1. Steven Lokey

    The “Treasure”…. Really Disney? I think Imagination or Inspiration would be better names, let’s hope Disney doesn’t chop up these other 2 ships like the Wish. I know alot of people love the Dream and Fantasy because they have a certain vibe and Disney character to them. I understand that change is a good think but let’s all hope Disney does the other 2 ships with more thought in the layout.

    1. j

      they probably would but carnival cruises own the trademarks to those names even though they scrapped those ships recently they own the names maybe someday they can name one of the ships

      1. Jo

        @ j Carnival helped themselves to the names DREAM and MAGIC. I think ADVENTURE would have been a better choice than “Treasure”. Would have been much better for ad slogans, too.

  2. CATHY

    Having sailed on the Wish 3 times I am hoping Disney realizes all of it’s design flaws and does not model this ship exactly off of the Wish because I moved all my Wish sailings to other ships. The Wish has many issues.

  3. Darren

    Theme of adventure?
    Hoping to see some integration with Disney Society of Explorers and Adventurers.

    Liking the atrium look.

    1. mike

      Not only that but I expect a whole lot of amazing themes and spaces to make the daily activities much more exciting and inclusive.

  4. Stacey

    I was hoping for this theme! Fingers crossed for a Trader Sam’s style tiki bar and extensive SEA theming. I love this Wish but I do hope this ship has a full promenade deck.

    1. Mary

      Yes! “Trader Sams’ Floating Island Bar” – my first thought for a name – I hope something like that happens!!

  5. Margot

    Oh, I am excited! I hope they don’t completely duplicate the Wish layout. Please have a promenade deck, better (I can get in the pool) and larger adult spaces with shade!, more exposed portholes (not covered up like Nightingale’s and Arendelle hallway, etc) and the TV across from the sofa. Double Please. I love the adventure theme and already love the darker, moodier “Grand Hall” or whatever it is called. It is fun to have new things come out of Disney and less repetition and recycling old ideas.
    The Wish is not my favorite, I have some issues with it, but it is still great to have a new ship to explore! Have to get on it again, soon, I hope.

  6. Joey

    Crossing my fingers for a haunted mansion dining experience in the same vein as frozen!

    How amazing would it be to be dining in the ballroom scene?!

  7. ktbos

    Given that for the other two classes of ship, one of them has a name matching the ship class name, I thought this one might be named “Triton”. I was also thinking that if one of the new ships was named “Wish”, another should be named “Star” – and then perhaps the third new ship would be named “Upon A”. 😀

  8. David

    Sure wish there will be an Adventurer’s Club lounge where we can once again see the likes of Hathaway, Otis, Graves, etc… And recite the Club Creed with the Colonel!


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