Disney Cruise Line Adds a Virtual Queue to the Online Reservation System

Today, is Disney+ Day which includes promotions across The Walt Disney Company. Disney Cruise Line’s special offer for Disney+ subscribers results in the third and fourth guests of Disney+ subscribers get to sail free with 2 full-fare guests in the same stateroom during select sailings on the Disney Magic, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy from January 2023 through April 2023.

Due to high demand for the Disney+ subscribers offer, Disney Cruise Line activated a virtual queue for Disney Cruise Lines’ reservation system as part of the many activations across Disney’s synergy machine.

DCL Virtual Queue System Disney Plus Promotion

The current virtual queue directly references demand as a result of the Disney+ promotion, but this could be a new feature that may be utilized in the future on opening day when new sailings go on sale.

Additionally, at this time, guests are subjected to the same virtual queue even if they just want to search and book a cruise via any of the other special offers or at the current prevailing fare.

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  1. Tracey Smith

    I never did make it through the queue in the morning but by the afternoon I was able to book multiple cruises without a problem.


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