Remaining June 2021 and European Sailings Removed From Disney Cruise Line’s Website – Reservations Remain

Disney Cruise Line quietly removed all remaining June 2021 sailings from their online booking page aboard the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, and Disney Wonder to prevent further bookings. The Disney Magic June sailings were previously pulled and officially cancelled, but today, the remaining August and September European cruises were pulled. All of the Disney Wonder’s Alaskan cruises were previously pulled, but from June on the sailings are not actually cancelled. While the sailings have been removed, the cruises remain on guest reservations, therefore, the voyages are NOT cancelled at this time.

DCL June 2021 Online Booking 20210402

The following June 2021 sailings are no longer listed as bookable cruise, but are NOT cancelled:

Disney Magic

Disney Wonder (previously pulled with all of 2021 Alaskan sailings)

Disney Dream

Disney Fantasy

The next bookable cruises on Disney Cruise Line’s website are:

Again, it is important to keep in mind, these sailings listed above are NOT officially cancelled, the sailings remain listed on guest’s reservations.

The removal could just be Disney’s way to limit further bookings in order to limit capacity for onboard physical distancing and required quarantine stateroom inventory if the ships are able to resume sailing under restrictive guidelines. Alternatively, they could simply be preventing any further bookings until they have a better idea what the future holds based on the framework recently issued by the CDC which as of this week the CDC should shortly be issuing new guidelines for a safe restart to cruising, based on a statement issued by the Daniella Levine Cava, the mayor of Miami after speaking with the CDC.

I stress, please note, at this time, this is information is based on an observation and should not be considered fact until any official announcement is made by Disney Cruise Line. Please do not call Disney based on this posting, as nothing has officially changed.

We will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates when applicable.

2 Replies to “Remaining June 2021 and European Sailings Removed From Disney Cruise Line’s Website – Reservations Remain”

  1. Kev Brydon

    Well my reservation for the WBTA sailing 18th September HAS been removed from “My Reservations”….as previously mentioned cruise was removed so no one could book it…. but I’ve been checking daily on DCL and today my reservation has disappeared and asking me to call DCL… expecting an email soon to confirm

  2. Lloyd Goodrow

    “My Reservation for the Disney Magic 11 September 2021 British Isle cruise has been removed as well…..athough it is fully paid.


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