Disney Magic 2021 European Sailings Removed Through Mid-August From Disney Cruise Line’s Website – Reservations Remain

Disney Cruise Line quietly removed additional Disney Magic European sailings from their online booking page through mid-August to prevent further bookings, but the cruises remain on guest reservations, therefore the voyages are NOT cancelled at this time. Earlier this month, Disney removed the remaining May sailings aboard the Magic, but those are still NOT cancelled.

DCL Magic Europe 2021 Online Booking 20210224

The following Disney Magic 2021 European sailings are no longer listed as bookable cruise, but are NOT cancelled:

Disney Magic

The next bookable cruise on Disney Cruise Line’s website for the Disney Magic is the 10-night Northern European Cruise from Copenhagen to Dover departing Wednesday August 18, 2021.

Again, it is important to keep in mind, these sailings listed above are NOT officially cancelled, the sailings remain listed on guest’s reservations as of 6 AM, but by the time of publication just 2 hours later, the sailing was removed from our list of upcoming cruises.

DCL Magic Greece Cruise Reservation 20210223

The removal could just be Disney’s way to limit further bookings in order to limit capacity for onboard physical distancing and required quarantine stateroom inventory if the ships are able to resume sailing under restrictive guidelines. Alternatively, they could simply be preventing any further bookings until they have a better idea what the future holds based on the framework recently issued by the CDC.

I stress, please note, at this time, this is information is based on an observation and should not be considered fact until any official announcement is made by Disney Cruise Line. Please do not call Disney based on this posting, as nothing has officially changed.

We will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates when applicable.

3 Replies to “Disney Magic 2021 European Sailings Removed Through Mid-August From Disney Cruise Line’s Website – Reservations Remain”

  1. Thomas J Opperman

    My May 2021 Bahamas cruise was just removed from my reservations list but no official word from Disney yet.

  2. Craig M

    My June cruise on the Magic is now gone from reservations and some FCC is on my account. Also gone the Memorial day Dream cruise we had


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