DCL Postpones the Planned Conversion of Disney Magic Category 4A Staterooms to Concierge Staterooms

84 years ago, in early January 2020, Disney Cruise Line announced 12 of the Disney Magic’s deck 8 staterooms would be converted to Category V, Concierge Family Oceanview Staterooms with Verandah spring the fall 2020 dry dock with rooms upgraded by the October 2, 2020 sailing. In the eight decades since the upgrades were announced a lot has changed and this project has been postponed.

According to an email I received over the weekend, from a reader booked on a Summer 2021 sailing in what was to be a concierge stateroom, they recently received a phone call from Shoreside Concierge indicating the project was delayed.

Shoreside Concierge advised the upgrades were not able to be made as planned this year and they were having to move folks as space permitted.

Anonymous Concierge Guest

Since these concierge rooms were previously available to book, there will likely not be enough space with the current staterooms in this category to accommodate moving everyone to a different stateroom. Since the reader who shared the news with us was fortunate to move to an open Category V stateroom on the same sailings, they did not have any further details for guests booked on sailings where they are unable to simply change staterooms.

According to Disney Cruise Line, Shoreside Concierge will reach out on a case by case basis to guests who booked these staterooms as a Category V to offer alternative Concierge staterooms, or the option to remain in their current staterooms as a Category 4A.

Disney Magic New Deck 8 Concierge Staterooms 2020
Postponed Stateroom Category Upgrades

I attempted to price any of the following rooms on DisneyCruise.com, but I could not find a sailing with these staterooms available. However, we have learned, these staterooms are available to book as Category 4A.

The following Category V Concierge Family Oceanview Staterooms with Verandah on the Disney Magic have been reverted back to 4A – Deluxe Family Oceanview with Verandah in our stateroom explorer:

The delay will cause some disparity between the Classic ships as the same block of staterooms have already been converted on the Disney Wonder.

Have you been contacted by shoreside concierge regarding your future cruise? Please share any additional details you have have been told in the comments below.

6 Replies to “DCL Postpones the Planned Conversion of Disney Magic Category 4A Staterooms to Concierge Staterooms”

  1. Sam

    Isn’t the only real difference between Cat V and Cat 4 the upholstery? The stocked fridge and other amenities could still be honored even without the nicer upholstery.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Technically, it is a cosmetic update to the existing stateroom with the added concierge benefits which could be offered even without the stateroom upgrades. However, Disney doesn’t seem like they would be interested in offering the concierge perks without the upgraded stateroom as they are really concerned about the optics these days.

  2. BartmanLA

    Does this mean that they’re not going to Dry Dock the Magic in Cadiz in Sept then at all? Or just not do the planned conversions?


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