New Disney Cruise Line Pre-Arrival Direct Mail Booklet Appearing Soon in you Mailbox

Starting this week, Disney Cruise Line will begin to sending a new pre-arrival direct mail booklet, which is an additional enhancement to the Disney Cruise Line pre-arrival email communications that launched earlier in the year. 

The new Welcome Aboard booklet mailing includes:

  • Details about the ship and itinerary with verbiage to inspire you to begin planning cruise activities online. 
  • The booklet is approximately 10 spreads, which includes reservation details and has different versions based on ship, itinerary and sailing party 
  • Includes a cut-away map for each ship 
  • Has stateroom images representative of the category (not the specific stateroom) 

Approximately one week after the reservation is booked, the Welcome Aboard booklet will be mailed. One booklet will be mailed per reservation. Please note, Placeholder reservations will not receive the booklet until their booking is moved onto an actual sail date.   

Booklets are sent directly to the primary Guest on the reservation.  At this time, an alternative address cannot be accommodated.  If the address of the primary passenger is not on file, the Welcome Aboard booklet will not be sent out.  

The Welcome Aboard booklet is mailed up to 120 days prior to vacation.  For reservations confirmed within 119 days or less, a Welcome Aboard booklet is not generated.

This new booklet is being sent after booking as previously mentioned, and will eventually be followed by a luggage tag mailer which launched in May.

What do you think about the new Welcome Aboard booklet from Disney Cruise Line?

12 Replies to “New Disney Cruise Line Pre-Arrival Direct Mail Booklet Appearing Soon in you Mailbox”

    1. Sharon Waugh

      Kevin… I don’t remember ever seeing the calendars for sale on the ship. The only time I was able to get one was when we won a round of trivia and Jo Slo (the club host) gave us one.

  1. Lindsay K

    I booked a cruise back in March 2019 to set sail in March 2020 – and never received this or luggage tags? Do they not send things out this far in advance or how do I go about requesting these??

  2. Alison Glover

    I guess this is only for US or Canadian addresses. We transfered our placeholder to a booking in October and have received nothing. Living outside the US we never get the additional perks like the postcards and thank you’s like everyone else does – but we have got the luggage tags in the past


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