Disney Cruise Line Now Sending Redesigned Pre-Arrival Email Communications

Disney Cruise Line redesigned their pre-arrival emails sent to guests booked on an upcoming cruise. Disney expects the redesigned emails to help guests get excited for their cruise, maximize planning opportunities and prepare for their departure.

The new redesigned series of email communications provide an enhanced guest experience by guiding guests through the planning process and ensure they have all the information they need before setting sail . The emails will included an overview of the variety of activities available during their cruise. The best part of the redesign is the emails are mobile friendly.

Guest can expect to receive up to eight personalized messages based on who is traveling in the party (i.e. adults only, adults with children, etc.) and when the reservation is confirmed . The emails will be sent to the email address of the Primary Guest of each reservation for guests who reside in US, Puerto Rico and Canada (excluding Quebec).

Disney is asking travel agents to make sure the primary guests email is completed during the booking process so they don’t miss out on this important information.

Earlier this month, February 7th to be exact, Disney Cruise Line discontinued mailing guests the Cruise Prep Direct Mail documents.  However, there will still be Mickey Mail as a new, more robust and customized direct mail piece is in development and is expected to launch later this year. This is not to be confused with the spiral bound booklet that includes your luggage tags. As of this time, those are still being sent to guests.

As luck would have it, Emily received the new email last night!

Subject: Details for your upcoming Disney cruise!
DCL Guest Upcoming Cruise Email 20190219What do you think about the new email communications from Disney Cruise Line?

5 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Now Sending Redesigned Pre-Arrival Email Communications”

  1. MS

    Didn’t the Sanders family already book their activities or do online check in-? Presume they did. Why does it ask to book activities or do online check in rather then list what was completed. Appears to be similar to the many Disney SPAM mails.

  2. TK

    We received one yesterday, too. Our cruise is still over a year away, so I thought it was a little odd. At least it makes a little more sense now.

  3. Helen

    We received an email yesterday too. We’d already checked in, selected activities and port adventures so it wasn’t a reminder for us.

  4. Erin Augustyniak

    I received mine on Tuesday and I love the new emails. We don’t sail for another 8 months but the email is laid out nicely and and got me excited (even more than normal!) for our next one. Great change, Disney!


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