Disney Fantasy Remy Dinner Review

The following review of Remy, one of the adult-exclusive restaurants aboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, is based on our dinner aboard the Fantasy in March 2019. As I mentioned in our trip report , Remy recently had a menu change following Arnaud Lallement’s sailing back in February. Remy is the lone restaurant that receives regular menu updates, in fact, they are seasonal. There were, however, some similarities to our last review from our dinner on the Dream in October 2018.

We were pleased to have Jerome as our server once again. Jerome was our server in October on the Dream and recently switched over to the Fantasy. Jerome shared the Remy team splits their contracts between the Dream & Fantasy.

The welcome drink at Remy is the Collette, which is prepared table side.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Collette Cart

The signature cocktail features Taittinger Brut, Grand Marnier, and Grey Goose VX along with dried pineapple and the hidden gem, cassis pearls.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Collette

A non-alcoholic alternative to the Collette is available – appropriately named, the Linguini. We have not tried it, but a few people we know have and they’ve told us they enjoyed it. 

We did our ‘usual’ in Remy & asked Jerome to make the menu per his desire staying away from shellfish for me and pork/red meat for Emily and as usual, he did not disappoint. 

Fantasy Remy Dinner Menu March 2019

Normally, the servers try to encourage each guest to order from different sides of the chef’s menus or offer a create-your-own a la carte menu. I would say, if we did not have any allergy concerns, or dietary preferences, it would make sense for one of us to go with the Saveur and the other with the Gout menu. However, we have never been steered wrong by having our server create the experience and honestly, I love the culinary adventure of not knowing what will arrive next.

In addition to the wine and champagne expertises, guests can also select from an additional enhancement menu with caviar selections, Miyazaki Beef, and truffles.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Enhancements Menu March 2019

The opening act featured the same canapés we enjoyed on the Dream, Foie gras, and cauliflower with lime zest. The cauliflower canapés are something special.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Foie Gras Cauliflower Lime Canapes

The golden bread plate is the perfect for the new bread being served at Remy.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Gold Bread Plate

At the time of our cruise, the Disney Fantasy just started serving bread which was born in France. If I still had my notes, which were lost someplace in iCloud purgatory, I could tell you the name of the Master Breadmaker in France who is providing Disney Cruise Line with the dough for this amazing bread.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Bread From France

Normally, I do not fall for bread service trap, but this bread was something special and it would have been a crime not to get a second slice.

Fantasy Remy Dinner French Bread Butter Salt

The bread on it’s own was fantastic, but it’s even better with butter and a sprinkling of salt.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Bread

Remy has a reasonable $25 corkage fee allowing guests to bring a bottle of their choice to enjoy with dinner, or even brunch.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Taittinger Bottle 20190322

Fantasy Remy Dinner Taittinger

My first course was the same parsnip amuse-bouche that I had on the Dream. Once again, I really enjoyed this dish with the delicious punch of lime.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Amuse Bouche Parsnip Lime

Fantasy Remy Dinner Amuse Bouche Parsnip Lime Cutaway

Emily’s first course was tuna with hearts of palm and pineapple.Fantasy Remy Dinner Tuna Hearts Palm PineappleThe plating alone was something of beauty.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Tuna Hearts Palm Pineapple

The Asperge Verte dish had a dusting of what I vaguely recall being chili powder (the second casualty of my lost notes) along with these crispy tubes of egg yolk with a couple dollops of sabayon, a sauce you’d more commonly find associated with a dessert. The overall combination of flavors worked really well together.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Asperge Verte Sabayon Sancho

Emily’s second course was a mouthwatering lobster atop a tomato basil sauce. It almost makes me wonder if the sauce was what was in the old tomato soup cubes.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Lobster Tomato Basil

My next dish was the Petit Pois, and I think if more people were introduced to peas with this dish, there would be drastically less people in this world who dislike peas. It was not only delicious, it was beautiful plated.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Petit Pois Peas

The Flétan (halibut) was served with a kohlrabi sauce and the plate was dotted with black pepper.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Fletan Halibut

The chicken dish was not just your normal everyday chicken, it is Poularde chicken which is defined as a young hen at least 120 days old that has never laid and egg. The dish was accompanied by artichoke and a chicken sauce.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Poularde Fermiere Artichoke Au Jus Chicken

In between courses we started to talk to the Benoit, our maitre’d, about the Collette cocktail. Specifically, the Riedel glass that is used. Benoit returned with the pamphlet from the box indicating that it was the Riedel VITIS Martini Glass which loosely resembles a familiar champagne coupe which has been incorrectly attributed to being modeled after one of Marie Antoinette’s assets.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Riedel Brochure

Our next chicken dish, the Poulet Rouge, is sourced from North Carolina. The chicken was accompanied by chestnuts and butternut squash ravioli. This was mouthwatering. 

Fantasy Remy Dinner Poulet Rouge Chicken

My main course for the evening was a delicious Kobe style beef with an enjoyable smoked garlic potatoes. When it comes to garlic, there is never too much. The beef was fantastic.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Kobe Style Beef

As we were finishing the main course, we were presented with a wonderful sunset.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Taittinger Sunset

The dinner experience at Remy is not complete until the cheese cart arrives.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Cheese Cart

Fantasy Remy Dinner Cheese SelectionDried fruits and honeycomb are available to enhance the cheese selections.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Cheese Accompaniments

Cheese was a great first dessert, but now it’s time for the main dessert denoted by the arrival of the red Remy napkin.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Dessert NapkinThe chocolate dessert from Hunnel’s menu featured freshly made marshmallows.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Dessert ChocolateThe Strawberry dessert (Fraise), was the highlight of the two offerings.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Dessert Fraise Strawberry

Post dessert, pre-bill treats of olive oil white chocolate chef hats and mango fruit rolls arrived next.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Dessert Fruit Rollups Candy

It was at this point a stainless steel egg was delivered to our table with a berry tart.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Dessert Berry TartThis is one of those moments that Emily and I will never forget, we joked, but it’s true; we had our Anton Ego moment when we tasted the tart. It instantly reminded us of the tart, but not overly sweet elderberry pies we had as kids.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Dessert Berry Tart

The tart paired well with the much needed double espresso.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Espresso

We booked Remy dinner before the latest price increase. The bill was initially delivered at the new price. However, Benoit, our maitre’d, immediately noticed the oversight and quickly corrected the bill before I had a chance look it over.

Fantasy Remy Dinner Final Bill

I’m going to echo what I said in our Remy dinner review from last October’s cruise on the Dream. Food, prices, & favorite ship are all subjective and so are these reviews of Remy. However, that being said, I am going to double down on my statement and say, that even with the recent price increase, I still highly recommend Remy dinner & we will continue to dine there when cruising the Dream & Fantasy.

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  1. John Welch

    For us, it is totally worth it. I do miss it as we’ve been primarily on the Wonder of late. (first world problems, I know)

    1. Ana Gaillat

      Yes, the autogratuity is only on the beverage part of the bill. So, please, remember to tip on the rest!

    1. skywalkerwritesblog

      Some people place value on different things than others. If someone values the experience of an excellent meal and saves their money to pay for that experience, that’s their choice.

  2. Michele

    Actually George, as of 2018 Florida is ranked 26th according to Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/reneemorad/2018/07/31/states-with-the-best-public-school-systems/#6870a7b93897

    As someone educated in the Florida Public School System I found a job that allows me to splurge now and again on a $250 meal. I am not sure where you matriculated but maybe before you throw off a random fact to insult someone you should do some research.

    If you were just trolling, well done, I was triggered.

  3. Larry

    I’m considering Remy on my upcoming cruise on the Fantasy. But I truly have no idea what to expect regarding courses and options, or if I can make any preferences as to things I might not like to eat.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Yes, they will work with you to select proper items from the menu. I normally ask our server to surprise me as long as it does not have any shellfish. My wife will request no pork or beef. For more specific dietary requests I would stop up to the podium outside Meridian on embarkation day and speak with the hosts so they can make notes on your reservation.


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