Port Canaveral CEO Reveals DCL to Homeport at Least 2 of the New LNG Fueled Cruise Ships Beginning Late 2021

During the Port Canaveral Commission Meeting on August 29, 2018, the port’s CEO John Murray revealed some additional details for Disney Cruise Line’s new builds. While discussing Port Canaveral’s plans for liquified natural gas (LNG) ships, beginning with Carnival Cruise Line’s new build in 2020, Murray mentioned the port expects Disney Cruise Line to homeport at least two of the three new builds. The port has been meeting with Carnival and Disney for the better part of two years to prepare for the arrival of LNG cruise ships. The port has also worked with local agencies and the cruise partners to the safety of the new fuel source.

Murray approximated DCL Ship #5 to arrive at Port Canaveral in late November/December 2021.

DCL 2021 2022 2023 New Construction Rendering

A meeting between Disney Cruise Line and Port Canaveral is planned for August 30th to further discuss the future of Disney Cruise Line at Port Canaveral.

Below is a portion of the video of Murry speaking specifically about LNG and the statement on DCL bringing in multiple ships.

During Port Canaveral’s June Commission Meeting, upgrades to Cruise Terminal 8 and Cruise Terminal 10 were announced for another full-time DCL ship.

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