Port Canaveral Expecting LNG Fueled Cruise Ships to Homeport by 2021 or 2022

Over the weekend, at the 2017 International Propeller Club’s Annual Convention, Port Canaveral’s CEO, Joh Murray revealed the port expects to have one or more liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueled cruise ships homeporting by 2021 or 2022.

According to Dave Berman’s article on FloridaToday.com, Murray would not reveal any details other than there are ships currently under construction and in development to be fueled by LNG. Murray did say that there is a great likelihood that one or more of these new LNG fueled vessels will be based at Port Canaveral.

Cruise Ship Orderbook 2021 2022 Oct17

As you can see in the list above, there are a number of LNG fueled cruise ships launching in 2021 and 2022 that could be based out of Port Canaveral, but the dates mentioned are intriguing as Disney Cruise Line will be launching two of their three recently announce new builds around that time with Ship 5 in 2021 and Ship 6 in 2022.

The article goes on to mentions Port Canaveral’s plans to utilize waterside barges for to refuel ships and expects to have a private firm to develop a LNG storage facility that could be utilized by the space industry.

7 Replies to “Port Canaveral Expecting LNG Fueled Cruise Ships to Homeport by 2021 or 2022”

  1. David Warrington

    Good, it’s a relatively clean fuel. Works fairly well in cars too. It’ll give the nihilists less ammunition to claim people who take cruises are ruining the world.
    Of course reality rarely gets in their way. There was a program on UK TV in which the charmless presenter stood next to the funnel to get her particulate measurement after the sun deck proved too clean for her bias. She also managed to indicate that all cruise ships pump untreated sewage into the sea.

  2. Chris

    I forget where I saw it, but all 3 of DCLs new builds are lng. It might be the difference in weight between the Dream class and the Improved Dream class.

      1. Chris

        The few stats that I have seen are the new ships are 135000 tons with 1250 cabins. I thought I saw somewhere also the length and width were the same also as the existing Dream class. I’ve seen a few other rumors also but they are just that. To be honest I’ve seen a lot of different articles referencing the new ships. After awhile it all starts to run together.


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