Disney Cruise Line to Utilize Cruise Terminal 10 When Fleet Expands Plus Cruise Terminal 8 Enhancements

During the Port Canaveral Commission Meeting on June 27, 2018, future plans for Disney Cruise Line ship deployment were revealed. Not only will Port Canaveral upgrade Cruise Terminal 8, DCL will use Cruise Terminal 10 for another full-time ship. STOP, Port Canaveral did not spill the beans. Commissioners specifically mentioned the news was cleared with DCL ahead of today’s meeting before people started to ask questions.

According to documents, Port Canaveral intends to embark on a robust expansion of Cruise Terminal 8 along with a variety of additional enhancements to bring the terminal up to date. The last major upgrade to the terminal was 20 years ago with the launch of the Disney Magic. In addition to enhancements to Disney Cruise Line’s primary terminal, Cruise Terminal 10 will see upgraded to enable the terminal to be used for a third home-ported Disney Cruise Line ship.

Port Canaveral North Cruise Termials

During the meeting, it was mentioned that CT10, adjacent to CT8, needs to be dynamic to allow for it to be used as a Disney Cruise terminal one day and a Norwegian Cruise terminal the next. The concept would be similar to what you may be familiar at an airport like Orlando International Airport (MCO) which utilizes digital signage to allow various areas to be shared by a number of airlines.

Below is a snippet of the meeting referring the feasibility study for Cruise Terminal 8 and Cruise Terminal 10.

Looking for more information on the changes, then check out the Scope and Fee Proposal for the CT8, CT10 feasibility study commissioned by Port Canaveral. Enhancements at both facilities will center on public safety and security as well as embarkation services.

10 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line to Utilize Cruise Terminal 10 When Fleet Expands Plus Cruise Terminal 8 Enhancements”

  1. Jonathan T

    Great news to see improvements and expansion. Also seems to suggest Port Canaveral will see at least one of the new ships!

  2. Kat

    Watching this they’re saying the upgrades and using Terminal 10 won’t be necessary til 2022. Or did I hear that wrong? I’m assuming that they’ll start cruises with each ship as it is made so I wonder if that means the first ship won’t be out of Canaveral? Or am I misunderstanding?

    1. Jake

      That is a great point. All the Disney press releases say the new ships are coming in 2021, 2022, and 2023. I would be surprised if they start the first new ship somewhere other then Port Canaveral. Maybe one of the older ships will be moved to another port in 2021 when the new ship enters service and the second new ship or an older ship returns to Port Canaveral in January 2022 when the additional terminal will be needed. a lot of different scenarios.

  3. Frank H

    I am surprised that it mentions that Terminal 8 hasn’t had a major update since it did for the Magic 20 years ago. I am wrong or didn’t the terminal get seriously expanded to accommodate the Dream and the Fantasy when they came online?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Yes, there were upgrades for the Dream & Fantasy, but they are talking about the terminal as a whole. Embarkation, disembarkation, baggage, IT, security, and safety just to name a few.

    2. Chris

      8 got some upgrades for the Dream and Fantasy but they dealt with behind the scenes more then anything else.They lengthened and expanded the pier, built the garage, and expanded the customs area and baggage handling. .That was pretty much it. They’ve done some upgrades here and there but nothing like what the bldg needs.

    1. Frank Cambisi

      Does anyone have any idea when Disney will open up booking on the new ship scheduled to be ready sometime in 2021??

      1. Scott Sanders Post author

        If the sailings for the new ship go on sale the same time as the rest of the fleet for Fall 2021 sail dates, then we are looking at a year from now.


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