Thoughts on the Fall 2018 Itinerary Announcement

Over the past month, the number of readers emailing and private messaging me to ask if I know when DCL will release the sailings for Fall 2018 is growing each week. Honestly, I do not have any insider info to share. What I can share, is the pattern that may indicate when we will see the next itinerary announcement.

If you take a look at the itinerary announcement history from the last 3+ years, there was a distinct pattern to DCL’s release schedule. The only real deviation from the pattern was February’s summer 2018 release during wave season, the three or so months at the beginning of the year (Jan – March) when cruise lines have all sorts of deals for the upcoming year.

Based on the pattern established over the years, I would be on the lookout for a release anytime between now and the end of May before the summer sailing season gets underway. For now, I am treating the earlier than normal release for summer 2018 as an outlier and not letting impact release patter until data supports a new release schedule.

10 Replies to “Thoughts on the Fall 2018 Itinerary Announcement”

  1. Summer

    The February release this year really threw me for a loop. Thankfully my TA was totally on top of it for me. (Thanks, Heather!)

  2. Sophie

    Scott, do you think that the new booking days schedule will have an impact as to which day of the week they will release new itineraries? If they release on a Tuesday as in the past, the general public booking day would fall on a Saturday.

  3. DJ

    Are Gold and Platinum having a chance to book before Silver?

    thx for the Heads up. Hoping the Magic is in NYC Fall 2018! Fingers crossed!!!!

  4. Sabrina

    I will be on the EBTA starting Sat – if they release the dates while I’m on board, how would I find out about it and can everyone book right away or would it also be tiered to Platinum/Gold/Silver? Thank you!


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