Disney Cruise Line Announces Fall 2016 Itineraries Featuring a Return to New York, Galveston and Miami (September – December)

Disney Cruise Line held a media event today in New York City aboard the Disney Magic to announce their Fall 2016 sailings. It was no surprise based on the venue that the Disney Magic will return to homeport in New York in October 2016 with sailings to the Canada and the Bahamas. The Magic will reposition to Miami to sail 7-Night Eastern and Western Caribbean cruises featuring ports such as Key West, Grand Cayman Cozumel, Tortola, San Juan and Castaway Cay. Additionally, there will be some 4- and 5-night Bahamas cruise in December and a 6-night Western Caribbean voyage to ring in 2017.

The Disney Wonder will be sailing out of Galveston in November and December 2016 with 7-night Bahamian itineraries featuring Key West, Castaway Cay, and Nassau. The Disney Wonder will also sail the Western Caribbean with various itineraries between four and seven nights visiting Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Falmouth and a return to the Disney Cruise line-up, Costa Maya.

The Disney Dream will continue to sail alternating three- and four-night sailings to the Bahamas while the Disney Fantasy will sail 7-night Caribbean cruises. Below the video you will find a complete list of the Fall 2016 Disney Cruise Line sailings (once we gather all the details).

Onboard Booking Block-Out Dates

Onboard booking block-out dates have been noted below with an *. Special thanks to Sue from Small World Vacations for sending those dates over to us. Click here for a complete list of the blocked out sailings.

Disney Magic Fall 2016 Sailings

The Disney Magic will finish her summer in the Mediterranean and embark on an 11-night transatlantic crossing with a stop in a new port of call for Disney Cruise Line, Ponta Delgada, Portugal on her way to New York to homeport for October.


The Disney Magic will homeport in New York for the month of October with sailings to Canada and the Bahamas. There is presently an open window between 9/28 and 10/1 that would fit a 4-night sailing. There is a 4-Night Canadian Coastline cruise page active, but it is not showing any more info. I am waiting to add this to the site until I get some clarification. I will say, the page was active with a map earlier this morning, but is no longer… According to reports, this is a chartered 4-Night Sailing.

New York

On November 5th, the Disney Magic will reposition to San Juan for just one sailing, a repositioning cruise to Port Miami.

The Disney Magic will then sail the rest of 2016 from Port Miami.

Disney Wonder Fall 2016 Sailings

The Disney Wonder will cut her Summer in Alaska short and reposition to San Diego on August 22, 2016.

The Disney Wonder will only be in San Diego for the day on August 26, 2016 before embarking on a 14-night Eastbound Panama Canal Cruise to Port Canaveral.

Disney Wonder 2016 Dry Dock

The Disney Wonder will arrive in Port Canaveral on September 9, 2016, but does not have her next sailing until November… In Galveston. We all know the Disney Wonder will undergo a major dry dock in the fall of 2016, but the details are still fuzzy. As it currently stands, the is a 2 month itinerary gap for the Disney Wonder. This is much longer than the Disney Magic’s 2013 re-imagination dry dock. For now, I am leaving this off the site until it becomes clearer.

Anyway, following the Disney Wonder’s presumed, extended dry dock, she will begin sailing from Galveston, Texas.

Disney Dream Fall 2016 Sailings

The Disney Dream will continue to sail alternating three- and four-night cruises to the Bahamas with stops in Nassau and Castaway Cay on Fridays and Mondays.

Disney Fantasy Fall 2016 Sailings

The Disney Fantasy will continue to sail alternating Eastern and Western Caribbean cruises from Port Canaveral. It should be noted, as of now, there is currently a missing Western Caribbean cruise on November 12, 2016.

The Disney Fantasy will be due for her first dry dock before March 2017. The Dream is going for her first which is schedule for 3 weeks. It remains to be seen whether the Fantasy will go in the Fall 2016 or Winter 2017. I guess it is plausible the 11/12/2016 sailing could be chartered, say a TCM Cruise which have recently been held on the Disney Magic.

Updated 2015 – 2016 Itinerary Brochure

DCL Itinerary Brochure May 2015 2015 2016 Fall Dates Cover

For those interested in a brochure, Disney Cruise Line published an updated 2015-2016 Sail Dates & Itineraries booklet. Click the image below to download the brochure as a PDF.

Below is the copy of the press release that you can read verbatim at hundreds of other websites.

Sailings from popular home ports return for limited-time engagements

NEW YORK (May 18, 2015) – In the fall of 2016, Disney Cruise Line will return to New York for a limited time with sailings to the Bahamas that include a visit to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. New seven-night Caribbean cruises from Miami and a return to Galveston, Texas round out the season.

Bookings for the new itineraries open to the public on May 20, 2015. More details can be found on the Itineraries and Ports for 2016 page of disneycruise.com.

Return to New York

On Oct. 7, 2016, the Disney Magic will sail from New York on an eight-night Bahamian cruise that includes stops at Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay; Nassau, Bahamas; and Port Canaveral, Florida, which is located just one hour from the Walt Disney World Resort.

On Oct. 15, 22 and 29, 2016, the Disney Magic will sail from New York on seven-night cruises that stop at Castaway Cay and Port Canaveral.

Adding to the magic on each of these Bahamian cruises will be the opportunity to visit the Walt Disney World Resort when the ship stops at nearby Port Canaveral. Each guest on these sailings will receive a one-day Walt Disney World Park Hopper ticket and round-trip transportation for the short trip between the ship and the resort.

On Oct. 2, 2016, the Disney Magic will sail from New York on a five-night cruise to Halifax, Nova Scotia and Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. In these charming Canadian ports, guests can soak in splendid natural vistas, explore historic sites, visit quaint cafes and shops, and browse Canada’s oldest farmer’s market.

New Seven-night Cruises from Miami

For the first time, Disney Cruise Line guests will be able to enjoy a season of seven-night voyages from Miami to the Eastern and Western Caribbean. On Nov. 20 and Dec. 4, 2016, the Disney Magic will sail from Miami to the Western Caribbean including Key West, Grand Cayman, Cozumel and Castaway Cay.

On Nov. 27 and Dec. 11, the Disney Magic will sail to the Eastern Caribbean including Tortola, St. Thomas and Castaway Cay. On Dec. 23, the Disney Magic will sail to Tortola, San Juan and Castaway Cay.

Additional Miami sailings include a four-night Bahamas cruise departing on Nov. 16, a five-night Bahamas cruise departing on Dec. 18, and a six-night Western Caribbean cruise departing on Dec. 30, 2016. Each sailing will include a stop at Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.

Return to Galveston

In late 2016, Disney Cruise Line returns to Texas with a line up of seven-night itineraries, including Bahamian sailings that stop at Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. On Nov. 18, Nov. 25, Dec. 9, Dec. 23 and Dec. 30, 2016, the Disney Wonder will sail on a seven-night Bahamian itinerary from Galveston to Key West, Castaway Cay and Nassau.

On Dec. 2, the Disney Wonder will sail on a seven-night Caribbean itinerary from Galveston to Falmouth, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. On Dec. 16, the Disney Wonder will sail from Galveston on a seven-night cruise to Cozumel, Costa Maya and Grand Cayman. Two four-night sailings to Cozumel on Nov. 10 and Nov. 14, round up the sailings from Galveston.

Most of the late 2016 cruises include either Halloween or winter-holiday events that bring special entertainment, activities and décor to the Disney Cruise Line ships.

Although the dates were announced today, booking will not being until May 20, 2015. On Tuesday, Platinum & Gold Castaway Club members will be able to call in or have their travel agents book sailings. On Wednesday, May 20th, Silver Castaway Club members as well as first time cruisers will be able to book. I mentioned this yesterday, but it is worth repeating… Please do not try calling today to book; this will just clog up the phone lines and bog down the reservation cast members. There may be people attempting to book an available cruise vacation today.

48 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Announces Fall 2016 Itineraries Featuring a Return to New York, Galveston and Miami (September – December)”

  1. Victor

    I am trying to find the Westbound Transatlantic for 2016, if there will be any .. Do you have any information Scott ?

  2. Dennis C

    The return to NY is great but with a wife who teaches and a daughter who will still be in elementary school that fall losing a week in October isn’t an option. Bummer.

    1. James

      I agree, Lets just hope these are a peak of cruises to come. It is not very magical to start and end vacations with the TSA.

        1. Dennis C

          My hope is that sailing out of NY could become Disney’s new normal after returning from Europe each summer season,

  3. Gina

    I wish Disney would give up Galveston and go somewhere more interesting like New Orleans. It’s actually easier to book a flight from the west coast to New Orleans than it is to Galveston. Plus, New Orleans is way more appealing than Galveston. I am glad though that they are finally releasing the fall itineraries.

    1. John

      As an independent travel agent for Disney I totally disagree!!! Galveston has been a very good for Disney. Sales started slow, but once word got out the ships sold very well. If you don’t believe me trying booking a cruise out of Galveston this fall. The Wonder has only limited availability remaining.

    2. Dennis C

      Galveston has become a major cruise port over the years and with a population of less than 50,000 it has all of the amenities of a major city while retaining a small town feel.

  4. Kevin Bentley

    Scott, could the 4 night hole between the EBTA and the 5 night Canadian coast cruise cruises be 2-2 night cruises to nowhere? I beleive those did well the last time she sailed out of NYC.

      1. Eric

        I called DCL to ask about the westbound TA. Seems the ship is booked for charter from Sep 28-Oct 7. Not available to the general public. Which makes it easier to choose. We’ll just do the final 7-day Med cruise then come home on the TA.

        Any idea where DCL is using as a port in NY? Bayonne NJ?, NYC proper?

        1. Dennis C

          If you follow Scott’s link above and then click “Find a Cruise” it will now allow you to select 0-4 / Canada & New England / September / New York / Disney Magic and 1 Possible Cruise will appear as a result of the search. When you click “check availability” it will indicate that the cruise has been sold out. No doubt the private charter unless something changes.

          As for where the Magic will depart from it will more than likely be Manhattan Terminal which which typically handles most visiting cruise lines.

  5. DJ

    Whoo hoo!!! Oct 29th cruise encompasses Jersey week!! Kids will only miss 3 half days of school!!!! My husband sent me a pic of the Magic in Port! He works in Midtown.

    1. DVCinerella

      Hate to bust the bubble but the 10/29/16 cruise does not encompass Jersey Week. Jersey Week falls the week of Election Day, which is Tuesday 11/8/16. The NJ Teacher’s Covention will be 11/10/16-11/11/16.

    2. PMcFad

      @DJ – Sorry, but election day is Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Jersey week is the election plus teachers convention, which is Nov 10 & 11.

  6. Gina

    Okay, this is completely off topic, but how do I attach a picture to my comments? I like seeing the pics people have with their comments. I’ve been trying to figure it out on my own but have been unsuccessful. I’m not very computer savvy. Sadly.

  7. Dennis C

    That sounds a bit off since the 10/2 sailing is listed in the brochure as the 5 night to Canada. There’s nothing listed in the brochure, however, for weekend getaway cruises.

    1. Dennis C

      Oops. My post was in response to an earlier post but it wound up down here. Anywho, the private charter appears to be a 4 night (9/28 – 10/1) but the page for the Weekend Getaway page is still active as of 9:00 p.m. EDT.

      I hate those private charters (until my own company books one, of course).

  8. FellowCollector

    Excited to see Canada itinerary back even if only for 1 short cruise. Just looked at prices, and it’s expensive for a 5-day. We still want to do it, but all the categories are showing as GTY already?!?!?!

  9. Eric

    Any idea which port facility in NY the Magic will be using next year? There seems to be three possibilities. I know it’s early, but I’d like to start coming up with ideas on how to fly to Barcelona and then get home from NY (we live in Mass.) I’m thinking maybe driving to and flying out of NY while leaving the car in long-term, then retrieving the car from port and driving home. Bus, trains, and friends driving are also possibilities, as is flying out of Boston instead.

  10. Dennis C

    Disney sailed out of the Manhattan Terminal in 2012 and again in May, 2015 so it’s more likely than not that they will again at pier 88 or pier 90 in 2016. Most visiting cruise lines sail out of Manhattan Terminal.

  11. JC

    Any indication when Summer 2017 sailings will be announced? My apologies for being dense as I should have committed the “routine” to memory from previous years but for some reason that information has failed to stick with me. Preparing for a trip on the Magic to the Western Mediterranean Summer 2017.

    1. FellowCollector

      If memory serves me correctly, and DCL does the same thing for 2017 as they did releasing current itineraries, we’ll be waiting a while for 2017 bookings. I think Spring 2017 will come out October this year. But, for Summer 2017, I wouldn’t expect to see any news until next March (2016). Fall 2017 will probably follow in May (2016). I, too, wish DCL would be quicker rather than lose my business. as we’ve already booked through April of 2017 on other lines.


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