Disney Cruise Line Announces Winter 2018 Itineraries (January – May)

Disney Cruise Line announced their Winter 2018 sailings this morning with a variety of new and altered itineraries. The Winter 2018 Disney Cruise itineraries feature the Disney Wonder sailing the Southern Caribbean from San Juan with an all new port of call, Bonaire. From San Juan, Puerto Rico, the Disney Wonder embark on three 7-night cruises to the Southern Caribbean. The Disney Wonder will then sail a WBPC returning to San Diego for April and May voyages to Baja and the Mexican Riviera. 5-night sailings visit Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada, Mexico, while 2- and 3-night cruises call on Ensenada. The Disney Magic will continue sailing Bahamian and Caribbean itineraries from Miami. The Disney Dream will continue to her alternating three and four-night Bahamian cruises. The Disney Fantasy will continue her Eastern and Western Caribbean cruises.

The Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy will remain at Port Canaveral with Monday, Friday and Saturday departures. The Disney Magic will spend the the winter sailing from Miami while the Disney Wonder splits her season between Port Canaveral and San Juan.

Today’s release extended the available sail dates into May 2018 for the fleet. These new sail dates will allow guest to plan vacations more than one year out, as well as take advantage of opening day pricing for some of of the more unique itineraries.

Although the dates were announced today, open booking will not being until October 27th. On Wednesday October 26th, Gold & Platinum Castaway Club members will be able to call in or have their travel agents book sailings. On Thursday, October 27th Silver Castaway Club members as well as first time cruisers will be able to book. I say this every time DCL releases new sail dates, but it is worth repeating… Please do not try calling today to book; this will just clog up the phone lines and bog down the reservation cast members. There may be people attempting to book an available cruise vacation today.

I will be updating this post and the website through the day as I add the sailings to the website. As of now, all the itineraries are loaded and I just need to make maps for the new itineraries. Thank you for your continued patience. Keep an eye on Twitter for updates as they are published and I will try to make an update on our Facebook page.

Compiling this information is not an easy take and I could not do it all on my own in this short amount of time. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Small World Vacations and Travel On a Dream for both helping to filling in the blanks and get things in order.

Disney Magic Winter 2018 Sailings

The Disney Magic will continue sailing in the Caribbean and the Bahamas from Miami. There is a 14-night itinerary gap between February 23 and March 8th. Unless I missed some sailings which is quite possible this may be reserved for the 2018 Dry Dock for the Disney Magic which was last out of the water in 2015 so it would be due for a hull inspection.


Disney Wonder Winter 2018 Sailings

The Disney Wonder will finish sailing from Galveston then reposition to San Juan for a series of Southern Caribbean cruises. She will then reposition to Port Canaveral sailing Eastern & Western Caribbean and 3- and 4-Night Bahamian voyages before heading back through the Panama Canal in April to San Diego for a series of Baja cruises.

There is a 5-Night repo from Galveson to San Juan on January 9th, a 4-Night repo from San Juan to Port Canaveral on February 2nd and the 14-Night Westbound Panama Canal cruise will leave Port Canaveral for San Diego on April 8th.


San Juan (Pan American Pier)

Port Canaveral

San Diego

Disney Dream Winter 2018 Sailings

The Disney Dream continues to sail alternating three and four-night Bahamian cruises with Friday and Monday departures from Port Canaveral.

Port Canaveral

Disney Fantasy Winter 2018 Sailings

The Disney Fantasy will spend the winter of 2018 sailing alternating 7-Night Eastern and Western Caribbean cruises from Port Canaveral, Florida.

Port Canaveral

Winter 2018 Onboard Booking Blockout Dates

A complete running list of onboard booking blackout dates is available on this page. Below are the blocked out Winter 2018 sailings.

Disney Magic Sailings

Disney Wonder Sailings

Disney Dream Sailings

Disney Fantasy Sailings

Updated 2016 – 2018 Itinerary Brochure

For those interested in a brochure, Disney Cruise Line published an updated 2016-2018 Sail Dates & Itineraries booklet. Click the image below to download the brochure as a pdf.

DCL Itinerary Brochure April 2017 2018 Winter Dates Cover

Complete Official Disney Cruise Line Press Release

Below is the copy of the press release that you can read line by line elsewhere on the interwebs,

New Caribbean destination, limited-time engagements from home ports on both coasts take center stage

CELEBRATION, Fla. (Oct. 25, 2016) – Disney Cruise Line introduces a popular Caribbean destination — Bonaire — into the lineup of favorite itineraries for early 2018. Limited-time engagements in Puerto Rico and California, plus a variety of cruises from Florida, offer Disney Cruise Line guests the opportunity to visit exciting ports of call in the Caribbean, Bahamas and Mexican Riviera from January through May.

Bookings open to the public on Oct. 27, 2016. More details on 2018 itineraries can be found on the Ports and Itineraries for 2018 page of disneycruise.com.

San Juan to Southern Caribbean, including Bonaire

Bonaire is a new port of call for Disney Cruise Line and part of a seven-night sailing that departs San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Jan. 28. Located just north of the South American coast, the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire is favored for arid climate and sunny weather. Beautiful waters and a reef-lined coast lure water-sport enthusiasts for scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and kiteboarding.

From San Juan, the Disney Wonder sets sail on three seven-night cruises to the Southern Caribbean. Departing Jan. 14, 21 and 28, each voyage offers a unique itinerary with four destinations and two days at sea. This limited-time engagement includes a combination of calls on Bonaire, Curacao, Aruba, St. Lucia, Martinique, Antigua and St. Kitts.

San Diego

Disney Cruise Line will return to San Diego with seven Disney Wonder cruises to Baja and the Mexican Riviera, where guests can enjoy world-famous beaches and snorkeling. Five-night sailings visit Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada, Mexico, while two- and three-night cruises call on Ensenada.

Friday departures for the two-night cruises offer the ultimate weekend getaway from San Diego.

Port Canaveral

With three Disney ships in port and cruise lengths spanning three, four and seven nights, vacationers looking for a Disney Cruise Line getaway in early 2018 have a full menu of options from Port Canaveral, Florida. Every sailing includes a day at Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island paradise reserved exclusively for Disney Cruise Line guests.

The Disney Fantasy continues to sail seven-night Eastern and Western Caribbean voyages, while the Disney Dream embarks on three- and four-night cruises to Nassau and Castaway Cay.  From Feb. 8 through April 8, the Disney Wonder will alternate similar three-, four- and seven-night itineraries.


To kick off 2018, the Disney Magic continues sailing from Miami with four- and five-night voyages to the Bahamas, plus five-night Western Caribbean cruises.

Castaway Cay awaits guests aboard every one of these Disney Magic sailings. Other Bahamian ports of call include Nassau and Key West, while a stop in Grand Cayman or Cozumel headlines the Western Caribbean itineraries.

To learn more about Disney Cruise Line or to book a vacation, visit disneycruise.com, call Disney Cruise Line at 888-325-2500 or contact a travel agent.

Which sailing do you want to book?

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      1. Alan

        Also you left out a sea day. There are three days at sea after Puntarenes. That is according to my DCL Confermation.

  1. Pam

    As always, so thankful for all your work to put this together! I noticed that the official release mentions 7 night Mexican Riviera sailings from San Diego but the brochure doesn’t list dates. Do you think the 7 nighters will be included in this go around?

  2. Ralph Meeker

    WBPC on Wonder should be April 8 in the narrative, rather than February 8. It’s okay in the detailed port listing.

  3. Ana Gaillat

    Scott, are your dates for the repo from San Juan to Port Canaveral and WBPC accurate? They don’t square with the rest of the calendar. We are looking at the last Southern Caribbean and back-to-back to PC, and it does not add up.
    Anyhow, thanks so much for the early news!

  4. Sabrina

    The repositioning cruise for the Wonder from San Diego to Vancouver was not released yet, correct? Assuming there will be one of course. Thanks!

  5. Tammi

    So, I am Silver and booking opens on 10/27. I will be on the Fantasy on 10/29. Should I try to book on the 27th or wait until I’m on the ship to book for the Winter 2018 cruises?

    1. David

      Hi Tammi,
      I would wait (unless you have something specific). Here’s why – when on the ship, you have the time to sit, receive the brochure, look it over and then decide. Plus, when booking on the ship you will get a discount (I forget the %) and if you use a travel agent, you can notify Disney at time of booking of your Travel Agent and they (your travel agent) may/may not give you additional onboard credit. Also, if you’re not sure of what specific sailing you may want to do, you can put down a $250.00 deposit and it’s good towards a cruise some time in the future, just know you have 24 months to use it. Hope that helps

      1. LeoM

        The discount is 10% and for 7+ day day cruises you get a shipboard credit ($200 as I recall).

        As for waiting or not the only reason I would consider booking now is if you are looking for something very specific and high demand – in other words President’s week or Easter week. And even then I would probably wait since you’ll be onboard on the 29th.

  6. James

    I’ve never tried for a first day reservation before as gold but would like to this time. Does anyone know do the phones open at midnight or is it a 8AM type of situation. Also can I get a room held and transfer it to my travel agent or do they need to call. I want a specific room on a specific sailing so I want my best shot at getting it. I do have an on board placeholder to use so I wouldn’t think I have to put anymore deposit down.

  7. Brad Exley

    Scott, thanks for this! Looking at all you have captured, I see different 3 gaps than what you mentioned for Magic. (1) Feb 14 to Feb 18, then next is Mar 9 to Mar 14, (2) April 11 to Apr 15, then next is Apr 20 to Apr 25, (3) Apr 25 to Apr 29, then next is May 4 to May 9. Looks like there are a couple of missing 5-Night cruises on Apr 15 and Apr 29? I also don’t see anything from Feb 18 to Feb 23 as you indicated a gap that starts Feb 23.

  8. James

    Tammi, IMO, I would say if you have the time, if deposits aren’t big deal, or if want something really specific you might want to book the first day. Otherwise I would just wait and go for it when you get on the Fantasy. Worst case you get double booked and cancel the original booking.

  9. Pam

    Ah, I read this wrong the first time. Wishful thinking had me reading that they were going to have a seven night sailing from San Diego to Baja. Nice to see that they included Castaway Cay on the WBPC sailing this time.

      1. Pam

        I sailed on one of the 2 nights in 2015. It wasn’t one of the better deals but this was an opportunity for my friend to experience DCL for the first time. Was cheaper than 2 nights at the Grand Californian though!

  10. Gina

    This was such a nice surprise to see this today! Thank you so much Scott! I have always wanted to go to Aruba so it is very exciting to see that on the itinerary. : ) However, I don’t understand the onboard blackout dates. What determines that and why are there so many? Thanks!

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Disney decides the dates. Typically 2-night sailings are blocked out and dates around the holidays. There are a number in this release because of spring break season.

  11. Tyler

    Is this earlier than typical for the Winter release? I know Summer is usually around March/April but I don’t remember that big of a gap between the releases.

    1. LeoM

      Winter 2014 – Dec 4 2012
      Winter 2015 – Nov 12 2013
      Winter 2016 – Oct 28 2014
      Winter 2017 – Oct 6 2015
      Winter 2018 – Oct 25 2017

      And yes, DCL has become something of a thing for us…;-)

  12. Ken

    Looking at either the Panama Canal Cruise or the Transatlantic from Barcelona but only if it goes to New York in 2018 … any idea which of the Panama Cruises is the cheapest the one from Port Canaveral (April) or the one to Port Canaveral (September ?) …

  13. Melissa S.

    Noticed no mention of the mid-May eastbound transatlantic for the Magic. Has this sailing historically been released with the summer ones? Trying to gauge timeframe…

  14. Maggie Vapnargard

    When will the Transatlantic date (Westbound) for 2018 be released?
    We missed out on booking for 2017 and are beyond upset.


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