Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 2: Iceland Ports of Call – Reykjavik & Akureyri

Welcome back to our second podcast. This week we cover some news from the past week and focus on our first episode dedicated to a port of call. Actually, we are going to talk about two different cruise ports in Iceland, Reykjavik and Akureyri. Our discussion is more of an overview of our port adventure choices during our 2015 visit to Iceland aboard the Disney Magic than a general port of call overview.

Show Notes


A few of the more notable photos mentioned in the podcast. Me sleeping on the bench followed by the Disney Magic with the Midnight Sun.

Sleeping On A Bench In Reykjavik, Iceland Disney Magic Disney Magic 1AM Reykjavik, Iceland

Oh, and here is my free spa treatment from the Blue Lagoon…

Blue Lagoon Silica Mask


Thanks again for listening to our podcast. We loved hearing your feedback after our first episode. If you have any question, comments or feedback leave a comment below. We also have a voice mail line (321) 765-3252 where you can call at any hour and leave a comment or ask questions that we might feature on a future podcast.

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7 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 2: Iceland Ports of Call – Reykjavik & Akureyri”

  1. Ken Cowen

    Hi nice to hear your experiences. We are on the Icelandic Cruise in July but are doing the DCL trips and it sounds like they are similar to the ones you did. In Reykjavik we are doing the Golden Circle ($178 for two) and in Akureyri we are doing the Botanical Garden and Santa’s House ($170 for two), will let you know how we get on. About the not getting left behind, we were on the European Cruise two years ago and a party of Five on a DCL trip did not make it back. Disney had to put them up in a hotel and then fly them to the next port of call to re-board the ship.

  2. Sharon

    Re:booking your own tours – what do you do if you have excursions set up and like in the case of our Grenada port of call, the itinerary changes. How do you change the excursion with a private company? Or if you are late getting into port (as has happened on one of our other cruises.

    1. Emily

      We did that in Antigua on that cruise – was easy, just sent an email & the accommodated us. In Grenada, they were not able to accommodate us due to the change so it’s a toss up. I know there were DCL excursions that were cancelled and not rescheduled as well though.

  3. David

    Good to hear your thoughts. My main disappointment is that the 2017 trip is so early that the children are still in school here in the UK so we will have to hope that we get to go one day when they are older. Keep up the good work.


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