Port Canaveral Commissioners Approves Plan for Cruise Terminal Parking Increase

On March 23, at Port Canaveral’s monthly Board of Commissioners meeting an increase in cruise terminal parking was considered and was unanimously approved. Port Canaveral approval of the plan to increase parking $1 per day for regular size vehicles and $2 per day increase for oversized vehicles would bring the daily parking fee up to $16 and $26 respectively. It is important to note, Port Canaveral charges guests per day, not the number of nights of your cruise. For example, you will be charged for 8 days when sailings a 7-Night cruise on the Disney Fantasy. During the public comment portion of the meeting one guest suggested the board should consider dropping the extra day charge to be more competitive with the other parking options in the area.

The Port’s decision took into consideration other Florida cruise ports including Port Canaveral’s rival, PortMiami. Miami charges $20 per day for regular sized vehicles. Port everglades, JaxPort (Jacksonville) and the Port of Tampa are all currently charging $15 per day.

Florida Cruise Port Parking Comparison

Ports Standard/Day Oversized/Day
Port Canaveral $15 $26
Port Canaveral Increased $16 $28
PortMiami $20 $40
Port Everglades $15 $19
JaxPort $15 $30
Port of Tampa $15 $30

Port Canaveral feels that it is in a unique position as they claim high occupancy rates at their various terminal parking garages. With over $30 million in recent capital expenditures for port parking facilities, port staff feel the increase is warranted at this time to offset the recent expenditures. Port Canaveral estimates the increase will result in approximately $900,000 in additional parking revenue.

The cruise parking increase will be tested for 90 days pending conversation with the partner cruise lines home-porting ships at Port Canaveral.

To learn more about parking at Port Canaveral you can visit their dedicated parking webpage that also allows you to pre-pay for cruise parking. I am reaching out to the port to determine if all previously pre-paid parking vouchers will be accepted since they were obtained before the price increase.

Cruise Terminal 8 Update

PC CT8 Cost Report Feb 2016 Roof

Last December, we reported Port Canaveral would replacing the roof, painting the interior and replacing the Kalwalls at Disney Cruise terminal when Disney’s ships were not in port. During today’s commission meeting, the timeline to complete the project was adjusted from May 2016 to August 2016. The renovation project is current within budget.

7 Replies to “Port Canaveral Commissioners Approves Plan for Cruise Terminal Parking Increase”

  1. Dennis C

    Still fairly reasonable. Parking at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal in New York is $40 per night which is a bit pricey.

  2. David Oakland

    Agreed, still reasonable – inside a somewhat secure parking garage while you enjoy your vacation. A little more expensive then some economy lots at airport but economy lot not covered and taking a shuttle to most economy lot parking. Here, grab your luggage, up the elevator, over the crosswalk and into your car. Not a bad deal at all.

  3. Kathy

    I was wondering how many days you were charged for. That is interesting they charge you an extra day, I would imagine most people only want to pay for the number of nights they are sailing. We are getting dropped off by my Dad for our 4 night cruise in May. If what I’m reading is correct that’s a savings of $80. That money is now for rum runners! Thanks for the info Scott, l love your blog and your approach to reporting topics!

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Kathy, You read that correctly. If you sail on a 3N cruise you are charged for 4 days. Technically, your car is in the lot for 4 days, but if you look at the hours your car is in lot it is just short of 4 days.
      Day 1 – Embarkation Day
      Day 2 – First full day on ship
      Day 3 – Second full day on ship
      Day 4 – Debarkation Day

      I imagine there will be more changes to the parking situation at Port Canaveral in the future based on some other changes they have planned.

  4. walt

    Scott, I have a 40% discount coupon from the Marriott in Titusville. Will they still take them? Love ur blog man.

  5. Tiffany Schilling

    As of mid January, Miami charged per night vs PC charging per day. On longer 7-night cruises PC still wins ($128 vs $140). However, on shorter 3-night cruises, Miami ends up being cheaper due to this ($60 vs $64). They tie on 4-night cruises. In any case, PC charging that extra day brings their pricing closer together.


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