Disney Cruise Line Ringtone Collection

After our previous Frozen and Star Wars Disney Cruise Ship horn ringtone posts, we received a number of comments and emails requesting the other DCL horns. At the end of this post, you will find separate download links for the complete collection of Disney Cruise Line ringtones in Apple iOS and MP3 formats.

DCL Blog Ringtone Collection

The DCL Ringtone Collection includes all of the ships’ horns to date. A detailed list of the ringtones included in the collection is as follows:

Disney Magic & Disney Wonder Horn

  • When You Wish Upon a Star

Disney Dream & Disney Fantasy Horns

  • When You Wish Upon a Star
  • Makes No Difference Who You Are
  • A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
  • Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest, Put Our Service to the Test
  • Hi-Diddle-Dee (An Actors Life For Me)
  • It’s A Small World After All
  • Yo Ho, Yo Ho (A Pirates Life For Me)
  • Bonus – When You Wish Upon A Star – Makes No Difference Who You Are (Full)
  • Do You Want to Build a Snowman (Frozen) [Port Canaveral]
  • Do You Want to Build a Snowman (Frozen) [Castaway Cay]
  • Imperial March (Star Wars Day at Sea 2017)
  • Main Title (Star Wars Day at Sea 2017)

Bonus DCL Ringtone

  • When You Wish Upon a Star Announcement Chime

The Disney Cruise Line Ringtone Collection is available in both Android (mp3) and Apple iOS formats. Enjoy!

42 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Ringtone Collection”

    1. Crystal

      Click on the Apple iOs at the end of the post. It will download. Then you drag the files it into your iTunes tones library and sync with your phone.

          1. Anna McMullen

            i have downloaded to my computer, now how do i get it to my phone ? and where do i need to put it for it to be a ring tone ?

  1. David Oakland

    Love this, thanks!!! Now if I could just figure out how to make the DCL announcements my TXT MSG tone that would be great!!!!!

    1. Crystal

      Be sure to drag them into your iTunes Tones library..sync with your phone – then on your phone go to settings for sounds and when you click on text the DCL files should show up as choices. (if you have an iPhone, that is) — hope that helps!

  2. Crystal

    Thank you!! This is awesome! We leave for our cruise in 10 days — this will help build the excitement even more! haha!

      1. Rhonda

        Just finding these. I go over the holidays for 2017. If someone tells me how/what to record, I can try to get it. The elevator chime that is. I’m assuming the main elevators by the atrium. I’m not sure I remember their chime off hand.

    1. DRU

      Agree about elevator and CPT messages. Would like that as well. Somebody posted the elevators on the Dream on YouTube “Kone Marine Elevator” but the sound recorded a bit high in tone. Needs to be mixed our isolated.

  3. Rosaline

    Oh my gosh, I finally got these downloaded and synced with my iPhone – I have the full version of When You Wish Upon A Star as my ringtone, but the DCL Announcement Chime is the best ever for the text alert. Seriously love it. I wish it was September, so we’d be boarding soon. °o°

  4. steven

    I just downloaded it and it says unable to open folder. I use a android phone and I can open the files, but it still shows nothing,any help would be awesome!!

  5. Veronica Dennis

    I can’t get it to work on my Android. It downloads as a zip file and I think that’s where I’m having my problem. Anyone know how I can unzip the file?

    1. LC

      So awesome, thanks SO much! We just got off the Wonder & loved it, but can’t wait for the Fantasy again, these tones will bring that magic to every day 🙂

  6. Cheryl Jung

    Thank you for these! I lost the announcement chime during one of (many) updates. So happy to have it back!

    For anyone else struggling to transfer them to iTunes – dragging and dropping did not work, but a file copy/paste did!


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