Port Canaveral Provides Update on Renovations to Disney Cruise Line’s Terminal (CT8)

The Port Canaveral Board of Commissioners held their monthly meeting on December 16, 2016. During the meeting, the port provided an update on their various construction projects including work on their cruise terminals. You may recall, Port Canaveral commissioners voted to approve funding for cruise terminal upgrades during the August meeting.

Today’s meeting provided an update on the timeline for the work on Cruise Terminal 8 (CT8) which is better know as Disney Cruise Line’s Terminal. Terry Hicks, Senior Director Facilities, Construction & Engineering at Port Canaveral stated that construction work on CT8 will be completed at night and on non-ship days. Renovations to CT8 are scheduled to be completed before May 30, 2016.

Disney Cruise Line Terminal - Port Canaveral

Taking a step back to the November meeting the port was able to shave $600,000 from the project cost by asking AD Morgan who was already attached to the project to bid for the entire project. This savings will allow Port Canaveral to perform additional work that has been requested by Disney Cruise Line.

The planned renovations to CT8 include a new roof, Kalwall replacement, curtain wall re-sealing and miscellaneous painting. A example of a Kalwall which is the the translucent wall panes used in lieu of glass windows is shown below. Details on the additional work requested by Disney was not disclosed.

Port Canaveral CT8 Construction Update 20151216

According to Hicks, the estimated $1.8 million renovation of Cruise Terminal 8 is projected to be on budget once completed.

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