Port Canaveral Commissioners Approve Increasing Line of Credit Paving the Way for Cruise Terminal Upgrades

The Port Canaveral Board of Commissioners held their monthly meeting on August 26th. One of the many agenda items related directly to Disney Cruise Line. The commissioners voted to approve increasing their current line of credit with PNC Bank by $20 million to $50 million to cover construction funds to renovate cruise terminals 5, 8 and 10. The approval now means maintenance work at cruise terminal 8, the Disney Cruise Line terminal, can move forward. Estimated cost for all proposed work on cruise terminals 5, 8 and 10 is $90 million.

According to Port Canaveral records, the items unique to Disney Cruise Line’s terminal (Cruise Terminal 8) are not anything new and exciting for passengers, but more along the lines of routine and required building maintenance. The proposed renovations to the terminal are approximately $2.4 million. The items were discussed and approved during the July meeting pending the financing approved today.

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The most visible change passengers will notice will be the painting of the interior which was last painted eight years ago. 

Cruise Terminal 8 opened in 1998 with window and curtain wall systems that had a 20 to 25 year lifespan. The terminal recently experienced leaks not associated with the roof. Following a recent storm, leaks were tracked back to the windows and curtain wall systems. The overall extent of the leaks is unknown and requiring a window and door penetration leak test not to exceed $6,600.

Port Canaveral Parking Garage

The main item associated with the Disney Cruise Terminal is the roof. In May 2013, the Board approved a roof inspection which determined the terminal’s roof had about 2 years left before replacement was necessary. Earlier this summer, the roof at Cruise Terminal 8 began to leak indicating it is now time to replace the roof. The work would replace the roof and repair any damaged substructure to give the roof a 20 year warranty. Ok, I guess passengers will also notice the new roof.

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    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      There are more than enough days during the week and hours in the day in which there are no ships at CT8 to allow for painting. Roof work should not prevent passenger turnover.


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