Potential 2015 Itinerary Teaser from Disney Cruise Line

The other day, I was using my iPhone to look up the new information on the Castaway Club gifts. In doing so, I was redirected to Disney Cruise Line’s mobile site, and Explore 2015 Itineraries caught my eye.  Admittedly, I do not know how long this information has been part of  DCL’s mobile site, but it appears to indicate what may be planned for the remainder of the 2015 cruise calendar.

Now, before we get started it is important to keep in mind that DCL’s mobile web page could be a ported version of last year’s mobile page that is not fully updated to reflect 2015. However, there is a significant difference between the 2014 page that makes me think it is indeed up to date.

DCL Mobile Website 2015 Itineraries

The opening paragraph states the following… Explore lands of beauty and timeless wonder in 2015 with Disney! Chart a course to the cradle of modern civilization in Europe, the sun-kissed beaches of the Caribbean and the bucolic beauty of Alaska. Did you see Europe and Alaska mentioned? As most of you know those are the two big itinerary types people are waiting on the edge of their respective seats to book.

European Cruises

For those hoping for some more details on Europe the page referenced France, Greece, Italy and Spain. If you want to over analyze the images there are pictures of Venice and Greece. Does this mean a bigger focus on itineraries to Greece from Venice? Who knows, I’m just connecting the dots via the first two pictures coupled with the fact that Disney has been pushing out YouTube videos with Disney Parks Moms Panelist Marcy featuring the Mediterranean including the last few in Greece and Venice. Maybe the Disney Magic will venture into the Black Sea (see below) and visit Istanbul. UPDATE: Recent port calendar indicate the Disney Magic will sail to the Norwegian Fjords, Iceland, the Baltic’s and the Mediterranean.

Alaskan Cruises

The Alaskan cruise section mentions Sitka which will be included for the first time during the 2014 season with a single 9-night sailing in May. Interestingly enough Ketchikan is not mentioned which could indicate that Disney Cruise Line has plans to replace Ketchikan with Sitka on the 7-Night sailings aboard the Disney Wonder in 2015, and not repeat the 9-night. Not to worry West Coasters… If you are looking for a longer sailing on the Disney Wonder there is evidence of a return to Hawaii.

Caribbean Cruises

The same Southern Caribbean ports of St Kitts, St. Lucia and Barbados are mentioned and at this time they are not included on any current Caribbean itineraries for 2015. This could indicate a possible return to San Juan for 7-night Southern Caribbean cruises, but on the Disney Wonder. Why the Wonder and not the Magic? Well, the Magic appears on the Grand Cayman port calendar about when she would return from Europe.

The Disney Fantasy so far in 2015 is only sailing Eastern Caribbean itineraries, but this mobile page indicates she will return to alternating 7-night Eastern & Western Caribbean cruises in the summer. As for the expected addition of Tortola, I estimate those sailings will not begin until the Fall when the Magic and Wonder return to Miami and Port Canaveral. Based on the deal with the British Virgin Islands, I would not be surprised if stops in Tortola were included on both the Disney Fantasy and Disney Wonder Eastern Caribbean itineraries.

Bahamian Cruises

If you want to sail to Castaway Cay and Nassau then the Disney Dream is the choice. Based on the mobile site, the Disney Dream will remain the only ship sailing from Port Canaveral to the Bahamas in 2015 on a regular basis. With the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder away from Florida in the Summer the Disney Fantasy is the only other ship calling on Castaway Cay which opens the door for a potential return of sailings with 2-stops at Castaway Cay on the Disney Dream.

I’ve received many emails and comments recently asking if I know when Disney Cruise Line will release there rest of the 2015 itineraries. I think DCL is trying to book the sailings that are currently available before opening new inventory. This seems to be their way of controlling the supply and demand in order to justify the recent price increases. Frankly, I do not know the date, but we should begin to get a better picture over the next month as we approach the Ides of March. but who in their right mind would announce itineraries during the same week March Madness tips…

Which itinerary do you hope Disney will announce?

46 Replies to “Potential 2015 Itinerary Teaser from Disney Cruise Line”

  1. Gina

    I hope Disney announces the Alaska itinerary!! I can’t wait to begin planning our summer 2015 Alaska cruise. I check every day. I’m obsessed!

  2. John

    Honestly … I think its going to be June before the mouse announces the batch. Think about it… They don’t want itineraries that are available to book but can’t be booked onboard. With the new 18 month policy, I’d be shocked if they announce anything until late May / early June so the late Nov / early Dec itineraries are available for booking onboard.

  3. Dennis C

    The Magic returning to NY (or even calling Boston home in 2015) would be a treat but that seems to be off the radar for 2015. Maybe 2016?

  4. Gina

    I disagree John. What about the people that are currently onboard? They aren’t able to book 18 months out right now. I sailed this past Nov and wanted to rebook for a cruise in May but itineraries were only released through April. Hopefully the rest of 2015 will be released soon.

  5. Jodi

    Alaska…come ON!! When I was on board the Fantasy last week they said they’d announce in the next 6-8 weeks. Didn’t sound too optimistic about NYC sailings, though. We’ll see!!!!

  6. Sabrina

    Would love to see Hawaii cruises happening and new cool Europe itineraries! 🙂 We might wanna visit California in summer of 2015 and we live in Germany, so European options would not suck either.

  7. BOAC

    Our next trip will be to Norway to the top and to St. Petersburg. With Sochi events, a Disney circle of the Black Sea would be worth putting on the list, especially Sochi. I also am wondering why they never go to South America… I like Alternating Eastern and Western Cab., then I can book both for a two week cruise… After ten Disney Cruises, a 7 day cruise is just too short. Bring it on… !

  8. Janet

    I’m hoping for Venice. (Though I’ve been intrigued by the Baltic rumors.). We are limited to a July cruise as we have other commitments in June and August. We have our dummy cruise all booked and are just waiting on the itineraries to be released. I check this blog daily as I imagine it’s the best place for hints. Come on Disney! Let us know where we are going!!

  9. GrandmomTigger

    I really wish they’d return to New York but, this time, go to Bermuda, BVI and dock at Hamilton. THAT would be awesome!

  10. Gina

    I remember about a year ago Scott posted something about the DCL executives meeting with the Port of New Orleans. How awesome would that be if Disney starting cruising out of New Orleans? I would book that in a heartbeat! I’ve been hoping and dreaming about that ever since I read the article. Maybe someday…..

    1. ashley

      yes, I am hoping for new Orleans!!! we would book that and I that many others who used to sail out of Galveston would do the same

  11. Barb Badaracca

    @ Jodi, I’ve been thinking it should be very soon, but your comment of 6-8 weeks from last week is very helpful- thank you!

  12. Drew

    Just got off the Fantasy this morning. In the gold/platinum reception, Commodore Tom mentioned Istanbul as a new port…

    1. Christine

      Re: Disney Cruise Line General Information
      Reply ▼

      Disney Cruise Line
      Show details

      Dear Christine:

      Thank you so much for your email. We hope you had a wonderful birthday.

      We truly appreciate your sharing your thoughts regarding our itinerary
      options. We continuously evaluate our itinerary offerings based upon the
      feedback we receive from our guests, and they still say that cruising
      with us is not only about having that high-quality Disney experience but
      also about going to new places and ports of call. In past, we have
      visited such ports as Alaska, Puerto Rico, New York City, Russia, Italy,
      Spain to name a few. Although New York is not a port of call in 2014, I
      invite you to visit our website http://www.disneycruise.disney.go.com for the
      latest information regarding upcoming vacation destinations for our
      cruise ships and truly appreciate your thoughts and suggestions about
      additional sailings from New York. Although I regret any disappointment,
      please know that your feedback about future itineraries is very
      important to us and your remarks will be evaluated along with those
      received from our guests. We are truly grateful for your valuable input
      and appreciate your support for Disney Cruise Line.

      Again, thank you so much for your e-mail. We look forward to welcoming
      you aboard again in the future.

      Kind regards,

      Andrea Stoffel
      Executive Guest Correspondent
      Disney Cruise Line

  13. Michelle

    I have to agree with many others here. What we would really like to do is Alaska summer 2015 and then something out of New York heading north in 2016 but something out of New Orleans for 2016 sounds awesome also.

  14. Rob

    Leave Ketchikan off the ports of call?! Oh No!!!! Ketchikan is my absolute favorite port and if not on the itinerary, no Disney for me! Also, will DCL ever go back to Seattle? Vancouver Canada is not an option for us; we need Southwest and they don’t fly to Canada. Bus trip from SeaTac is miserable and also not an option. So for now, we’ll sail Princess from San Francisco. We love Princess but it doesn’t compare to DCL. We save DCL for when the daughter goes with us or we’re needing a Disney fix. We live on the west coast and relish any and all opportunities for sailings from San Francisco (within driving distance for us in Nevada) but would sure love to see Disney reward us west coasters more. :o)

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Rob, keep in mind this is all based limited information. Just because Ketchikan was not listed does not mean it will not be included. Who knows maybe they might have two different 7-Night Alaskan itineraries where the two ports are swapped. As for Seattle, Holz mentioned in an interview a few years back that Vancouver allowed for more time in ports vs the extra time needed at sea when sailing from Seattle.

    2. Mary

      I’m with you in your desire to see DCL provide a few more options for west coasters. The west coast is where Disney got started but now we (and I use that term rather broadly, since we are about 11 hours NW of Los Angeles) seem more like distant step children where DCL is concerned.

  15. Michelle P

    (Sorry, I know this is off topic from the post, but I hated to see Rob write off DCL because of Vancouver.)

    Hi Rob, The Amtrak Cascades is a lovely alternative to get from Seattle to Vancouver. It was one of the highlights of our Alaskan Disney cruise in 2012 – and we’ve already booked it for this year’s DCL Alaskan cruise, too.

    1. Rob

      Wow, I never thought of Amtrak! I’m used to trains in Norway (which are fabulous!) but am not experienced with Amtrak…can the trip from SeaTac to the port in Vancouver be done in one day? in time to catch the ship? We’re getting tired of always having to go the day before and stay in hotels. It adds so much money to the trip. Thanks! :o)

      1. Cindy

        Rob, I’m pretty sure the Seattle to Vancouver Amtrak route is about 4 hours, with one morning and one evening itinerary. The morning one is scheduled to arrive in Vancouver at 11:40 a.m. The problem with Amtrak though is their lack of being on-time. Granted I do not know much about that particular route and itinerary so hopefully someone else can chime in here on it.

        1. Rob

          After I read your post, I looked up Amtrak and what it has to offer, etc. Being so totally unfamiliar with it, I was confused with the schedule, stations, etc. But being confused for me isn’t hard to accomplish! :o) I still think, at this time, we’ll have to forgo DCL for our yearly Alaska cruises. We’re sailing on Princess out of San Francisco this summer which has proven to be a particular boon for us. We live in Reno and it’s only a 4 hr drive. Parking is ghastly but I much prefer that to having to fly, limit my bags, pay for my bags to take a vacation (if not using Southwest) and getting hotels, etc. Princess if wonderful but we do miss that Disney vibe to everything. So! we’re taking a cruise at Christmas from Florida on the Fantasy and meeting some friends there! Going early to take advantage of WDW and we’re really looking forward to that. We’re not giving up on DCL but as one other poster mentioned, Disney is really treating us West Coasters as the distant stepchildren. Afterall, they got their start on the West Coast and Disney seems to have forsaken us.

  16. Tondalaya Thomas

    I am hoping that Disney offers the southern Caribbean cruise in the summer of 2015. I see for the 2014 schedule DCL is cruising from Puerto Rico in September and October.

  17. BOAC

    I am not sure I would like to have my grandchildren or Mickey and the gang walking down Bourbon Street in New Orleans… and New Orleans is two days of Gulf sailing to no where…It can also brew Tropical Storms in a days notice… I VOTE NO FOR NEW ORLEANS OR ANYWHERE IN THE GULF OF MEXICO. Would love to do Philadelphia, Baltimore or NYC to Bermuda… Disney has four ships doing the Eastern and Western Caribbean … time to branch into some new territory…on LONGER cruises, please! Lets go to the Black Sea including Sochi stopping in Istanbul enroute.

  18. Justin

    There is way more to New Orleans than just Bourbon St, but I do agree that offering New Orleans really does not offer any new ports, basically just all the same Western ports that Disney already visits. I would LOVE to see Disney add cruises with Aruba & Curaco as ports!

  19. Erin

    I talked with someone at Disney today who told me that she had heard that the itineraries would not be out in February but that they would be out very early in March. She also said she heard NYC is a strong possibility as is Hawaii. So, we’ll see if that pans out! Thought I’d pass it along!

  20. Reene

    This is all very exciting and I can not wait for the remaining 2015 schedule. I myself would love it if DCL build another new ship. Then hopefully we in the NE can call one of the ships our own home ship, plus saving on flying makes DCL more affordable too.


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