Disney Magic Appears in the Mediterranean in 2015

We finally have some evidence of the Disney Magic sailing to Europe in 2015 based on a few scheduled arrivals that were spotted by one of our readers on the Civitavecchia port calendar.  The Magic is listed on Civitavecchia’s port calendar 4 times between August 13 and September 1, 2015. The calendar, if accurate, may suggest that the Magic would sail a handful of Mediterranean cruises including three 7-night itineraries. The last three arrival dates appear to coincide with a sailing pattern at the end of the 2014 European cruise season where the Disney Magic is currently scheduled to sail three 7-night Mediterranean before embarking on a Westbound Transatlantic crossing.

Civitavecchia Disney Magic 2015 Arrivals

The lack of calls on the Civitavecchia calendar for the Disney Magic in June and July suggest she may be splitting her time in Europe. Assuming the Disney Magic will sail an Eastbound Transatlantic in mid-May, this could add credence to the Baltic rumors.  In 2010, the Magic’s European season included a series of 12-night Northern European Capitals cruises in June and July with a repositioning cruise to Barcelona to finish her summer season in the Mediterranean.

UPDATE: Disney Magic Removed from Port Calendar

All references to the Disney Magic have been removed from the Civitavecchia port calendar for the Summer of 2015. However, identical calls remain on the port calendar under the ship name TO BE DETERMINATED. A similar tactic has been used by other port authorities to mask the names of the Disney Cruise Line ships until itineraries are announced while still allowing the port to maintain a public schedule.

Civitavecchia Disney Magic 2015 Arrivals TBD Dec2013

Update: It appears that extended port calendars for Rome have been removed from the website. If you search these dates past the current month there will be zero results returned.

20 Replies to “Disney Magic Appears in the Mediterranean in 2015”

  1. AA

    hello: your blog is really useful and have great reviews. We are scheduled to the transatlantic trip in May. It is supposed to be the magic since this is the way to reposition the boat to the Europe cruises. Have you heard or know anything about this transatlantic trip? any information you can share will be great!!
    thank you so much for your great work with this blog!

      1. AA

        Wow Scott, thanks so much for your help and for responding so fast! I will check this info. We are excited and a little bit scared at the same time because this will be our first transatlantic cruise and we have high expectations about the “re-imagined disney magic “, so we have been followed your experience with this ship. We decided to go with disney because of our amazing experience aboard the Dream on our first cruise ever (and yes, we followed your blog for that trip too and it was really helpful)
        Thank you again

    1. Jacquie Skurla

      AA– you are so very fortunate to take the EBTA in May! The days at sea are just amazing. There is so much to do on the ship, your head will spin just trying and failing to take on all the merriment. You will make many new friends, some life-long, if you open yourself to it. If you are on Facebook, search for “Transatlantic magic Cruise May 2014” and join the group. Many kind and fabulous people will be onboard who will welcome you and your family. And Barcelona– just eye-opening in its architecture which is found nowhere else in Europe. Enjoy and revel in your good fortune.

    2. Jacquie Skurla

      BTW, we were on the Magic three times this year, including the two day inaugural cruise, and you and your family are in for a real treat. The plumbing problems will be history by then, if they are not already. The topside deck and the kids’ and adults’ new areas are the best on any of the ships ( and we’ve been on all four in the past two years)

      1. AA

        thank you so much! you are so nice. I will check the facebook group. After our experience with the Dream that’s what we thought that Disney must be very upset and working hard to fix those problems. We were amazed at how spotless the ship was. I cannot imagine but the best coming from Disney!! but certainly I guess the problems with the Magic were out of their own control for some reason….so hopefully we will find as you said all those issues resolved by May. Oh your words are music to my husband’s ears. he loves the sea and he is the one that is looking forward for those long days at sea! Our child enjoyed so much the aqua duck, I just cannot imagine how is going to be the experience with the Aqua Dunk! She has seen all the videos in youtube of both rides 🙂
        Thank you again, everybody has given us such wonderful tips so fast and all this information is making us more excited and less anxious.

  2. JB

    So would any of that indicate no eastern Canadian sailing in 2015 then? Always interested in the return of the east coast trips….

  3. Doormat123

    Does anyone else think that they’ll put the dream in the med for the summer, and the magic in the Baltic? That way they could compete with other major cruise lines big ships.

    1. Emily

      No. The Dream is staying put for a while. She’s DCL’s cash cow. The 3 & 4 night Bahama sailings are the bread & butter. No way they are moving her.

  4. Frank

    That should be wonderfull the dream and magic in europe i hope that the baltic magic sailings are from my hometown rotterdam netherlands. oasis of the seas will drydock there next year and sail back to the usa from there so why not a disney ship?

  5. Dee

    Speaking to our server on the magic last week, he said the magic will definitely be cruising the med for the summer months. When we asked about the Baltic he said that none of the staff have heard anything about it but he doubts the magic would be splitting her time there.

  6. Dennis

    We’ll be on the Dream next year but would love for Disney to make their way back to New York in 2015. Maybe 2016 now? Bring back a little of that Magic!

  7. Mary

    We would like to see the Wonder do another set of 7 day round trip to LA, Pacific Coast cruises like they did in 2012. We took a 3 day Golden Princess cruise last week just so we could cruise a little closer to home, but while the Golden Princess is a nice ship and we had a nice time, we really missed the Disney feeling. We can drive from NM to LA, but we can’t get to Florida nearly that easily or inexpensively. It doesn’t look like they are going to do that, though.


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