Post Disney Cruise Castaway Club Gifts Will Soon Be Arriving in Your Mailbox

Disney Cruise Line has been refreshing their Castaway Club gifts over the course of the past few months. Just this week there was a new announcement of sorts on DCL’s Castaway Club benefit’s page. Disney Cruise Line plans to show their thanks by sending a small token of their appreciation to guests following each cruise. DCL commissioned artists to create a series of five exclusive Castaway Club art cards inspired by the Disney ships in each artist’s style.

For guests reaching a new Castaway Club level such as turning from Silver to Gold or Gold to Platinum will receive a special car magnet to show off your Castaway Club status.

According to the Castaway Club page guest will receive either the print or the car magnet, but not both.  Additionally, just like the onboard gifts, the at post cruise gifts are limited to one per stateroom.

Disney is keeping the designs a secret for now, so you can look forward to a fun surprise in the mail after your cruise beginning this month. For the relaunch of the re-imagined Disney Magic, Don Ducky Williams created a set of five designs that were reproduced on textured card stock measuring about 8.25″ x 5.5″. This may be an example of the cards, but we will not know for sure until the new Castaway Club cards arrive in mailboxes.

Disney Magic Ducky Williams Cards 2013

What do you think about this Castaway Club benefit? 

UPDATE: Below is a look at all of the exclusive Castaway Club art cards.

DCL Castaway Club Art Cards 2014
DCL Castaway Club Art Cards 2014 Disney Dream Jamey Christoph

25 Replies to “Post Disney Cruise Castaway Club Gifts Will Soon Be Arriving in Your Mailbox”

  1. Heath

    That sounds like a nice follow-up to a cruise- I love getting the little personalized post cards after a stay at WDW and will now look forward to these prints too.

    However, I hope this doesn’t mean that they’re doing away with on-board gifts as well (either now or in the future). There’s nothing better than getting something of real value (like a backpack) just for customer loyalty. Cards and other prints are a nice gesture, but the cost to Disney and the value to the guest is relatively negligible.

  2. Karen

    I am also curious if they will send anything to UK cruisers? We have never received anything after our onsite stays at WDW, this year we will be AP holders too but don’t get anything

  3. Carol

    I remember years ago getting little trinkets in the mail after a cruise. I have a nice puzzle of the ship and a special in. They use to send car magnets years ago. Mine is a triangle with Goofy on it and says Castaway Cay. I missed it when they started to cut back. I did notice other family members who were gold at the time receiving those prints you have pictured. I was platinum and never received so it seems like Disney Cruise Line is hit or miss with the mailings.

  4. Sarah

    Because we cruised in January I assume we will not be receiving anything special since this promotional began in February?

  5. Valerie V

    I appreciate that DCL gives us repeat cruisers gifts but really don’t need another Castaway Club bag, note cards, game tin ….. I wish they would look at what other cruise lines do for their top repeaters. Princess gives their top group of repeat cruisers free internet and free laundry service. Those are two benefits I would love to see DCL provide.

  6. Scott Sidle

    We received the triangle car magnets and postcard lithos in the mail before also.
    Been cruising since 2013 and are about to go” triple platinum”.


  7. seaheather

    I was looking forward to getting another backpack :-(. I second the motion that DCL offer benefits rather than more trinkets to their return cruisers.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Heather, I would prefer if DCL offered a better quality line of Castaway Club merchandise for purchase onboard similar to the merchandise available for DVC members. I’ve talked to many people that would happily purchase a DCL car magnet.

  8. FellowCollector

    Scott, are the Ship Art cards pictured in order of mailing? We got the one one top (blue modern) by Erdogan today. It looks like it could be any of the DCL ships, but does anyone think it is a specific one? Thanks!

  9. Helen L.

    I received the Erdogan card today and received the bottom card in Aug 2014, so it doesn’t seem they’re pictured in order of mailing.
    I love the colors in the Erdogan card. Looks like generic DCL ship. Didn’t see the AquaDuck. 😉

      1. Helen L.

        Maybe they base it on which cruise you’ve taken? Ours were Alaska & Bahamas. In any case, you’d think it’d be easy enough for them to track what you’ve already received.

  10. Jennifer

    Scott, do you know if DCL is still doing the car magnents? We sailed in Nov and recieved a print. We are sailing again in May and really want one of those car magnents! I will be #3 for my husband and 2nd for the rest of us.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Jennifer, I see them on the road still. However, I do not know if they are still sending them out. From what I gather the magnets are sent once you reach a level. For example we were already platinum when they started sending out magnets so we never got them. I feel this may be similar to your case and you will not get one until a member of your family reaches Gold to trigger the sending of the magnet pending this is still being offered.

  11. Alex Sohl

    Is it possible for you to get the watercolor styled picture (second from bottom in second picture) separate, as I lost the original copy of the picture sent to me in the mail.


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