Royal Court Royal Tea Now an Official Experience Aboard the Disney Fantasy

Disney Cruise Line officially announced Royal Court Royal Tea as an exclusive family-friendly experience aboard the Disney Fantasy in a video released earlier today. According to Cruise Director Lesley, the Royal Tea experience begins with a royal greeting by Lady Chamomile who presents each prince with a sword and every princess with a crown. Chef Brule joins Lady Chamomile to host the Royal Tea party and through the use of Disney storytelling introduce the Disney Princesses to the guests.

A variety of sweet treats and savory snacks will be served along with hot tea. Apple juice will be available for the little ones along with a decadent tea cupcake.

Children will not leave empty handed. The princesses will receive a Cinderella doll, an autograph book, a jewlery box with a charm bracelet that will be filled with unique charms presented by each visiting Disney Princess.

Royal Court Royal Tea Gifts Princess

The boys will also receive the autograph book along with a Duffy Bear and Disney Pins.

Royal Court Royal Tea launched earlier this year as a word of mouth experience before moving onto a listing on the Personal Navigators. Guest are asked to visit the Guest Services Desk, Deck 3, Midship, once onboard the Fantasy to register and to learn more about this royal event. At one point over the summer the event was held on a Wednesday during the Fantasy’s stop in St Thomas. Reservations required and space is limited. Pricing for Royal High Tea is currently $270 for one adult and child.  Each additional child is $210 and an adult is $69. Some additional photos featuring the Disney Princesses meeting with guests can be found on the official Disney Parks Blog.

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  1. Heath

    No wonder there’s only about 5 tables full in the video! $270! How does that compare to the similar offering at Grand Floridian?

  2. Meghatron

    A Duffy bear? Not even in a prince outfit? Seriously? And what happens when my daughter wants the sword and shield? For $270, the kids (of any gender) should get sword, shield, AND crown.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      As is typical of Disney they have built a story around the event based on princes and princesses of which is being depicted. However, I do not see why a request for a sword and shield versus a princess crown would not be accommodated in your scenario.

  3. Milania's Mama

    This looks like so much fun. My daughter would love this…and so would I! I have been wanting to cruise on the Fantasy and now have even more of a reason to do so.

  4. Lisa

    Thanks for accurate and complete reporting! People need to know how much this costs before they tell their kids about it. People are going to confuse this with the princess tea on the classics without being told there is a price.

  5. Brad (papamouse1)

    While I do have sticker shock right now, I guess I am not overly shocked by the price. This is basically an onboard excursion event, and $135/person for an excursion is high, but not out of the ordinary. I think my biggest peeve with this is the addon costs. You would think they might give you a break of some type as a family of 4, but actually adding 1 more child and adult costs MORE than the initial 2 person package…. that doesn’t make sense. I guess I am glad my girls are older now and won’t be hounding me to go to this one 🙂

  6. Kim

    I am not sure of the exact pricing of the tea at the Grand Floridian, but I think it is generally comparable. My mother in law has a nine year old daughter who wanted to do that, but they felt it was way too expensive.

    We are going to be on the Fantasy in March 2015. If my then-3-year-old son is as into the Disney princesses then as he is now, at 2, then I may do this with him. It looks like you are paying for a great story and up-close extended time with the princesses. I love that they think of the boys! My only criticism is that maybe they should include the princes too, or do some sort of Disney Prince event. My boys like the princes a lot more than the pirate/car theme you typically see for boys.

    1. Angella Turner

      That is a great idea. For me I’ve been promising my 6-year old granddaughter a princess tea party since we took her to Disney world in 2013. We’ve gone on two other Disney cruise ships & looked for this event. So now we will be sailing the Disney fantasy & that’s the one thing I’m going to splurge on for her. So I will be paying for her to experience this.

  7. corey morbeck

    I guess it will be Bippity boppity boo for the week. A week’s worth of that for my 2 girls would be cheaper.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      It is not out of the question as Remy Brunch was added to the Dream following the success on the Fantasy. Only time will tell along with Guest demand. If it is not on your cruise, I’d suggest making a note of it on the comment card.

  8. Cathy Vernocy

    can you find out ahead of time what day it will be, don’t want to book off boat activities and not be able to go?

  9. Christine Connolly

    We just did this on the Fantasy last week and, while the price was high, it was worth every penny! It was a real performance, not just a run-of-the-mill tea party. Lots of songs, stories, princesses and gifts. I was definitely hesitant at first because of the price, but it turned out to be one of the major highlights of our trip. We decided to do this for our daughter instead of our Remy / Palo grown-up nights and I can honestly say that the sacrifice was worth it. My advice? If you can afford it, do it. You won’t regret it!

  10. Moe

    We are going In March 2015 on Fantasy, our son will be 4.5 and has an amazing imagination! Would he be interested in the Royal Tea? Is it very girl centric? I know there is a gift for the boys, but is the content of the actual tea interesting for boys?

    1. Christine Connolly

      Hi Moe 🙂 There was only one little boy there when we went, but if you think your son would enjoy it, go for it! The actual content is really fun. Chef Brule and Lady Chamomile perform several song & dance routines and of course, there are the snacks. I will warn you, though, that it’s very, very princess-y. Even though there are gifts for boys, it’s definitely focused toward little girls.

  11. LF

    We were on the Fantasy the week of Halloween (2014). My husband scoffed at the price, but it was a wonderful experience. My daughter had so much fun and it was so much fun doing it with her. One thing I was very surprised about was the beautiful 8×10 picture we received of my daughter with all the princesses. I thought this would be one of the pictures I would have to purchase but it was part of the price of the tea. There were a couple of boys at our tea and they had a blast as they received a LOT of attention from the princesses. I wouldn’t do it again (we are sailing again next October) because of the price, but it sure was fun and worth it when we went.

  12. NGK

    Ok for those of you that have gone recently. Is It on a port day, and if so how big of a pain is it to get on and off the ship to do things other than that while at port. i would love to do this for my 6 yr old daughter but i dont know if i want to give up a hole day to it. This is our first cruise period let alone a disney cruise. we are not sailing till January 2016 but i would like to get a idea on when and what we can all do. thanks and if you have any more helpful tips for a first timer i would love to hear them. Thanks to all!!!!

    1. Christine C

      Hi! When we sailed this past November, the tea party was on a sea day. It was at around 2pm, so we spent the morning at the pool, had some lunch and then got ready for the party. My advice to you is to go to Guest Services as soon as you get on board and find out what activities are available that require pre-registration. You won’t wait to leave it too late because these events often sell out quickly!

      Another little tip that you may not know is that you can leave an item at Guest Services to have it autographed by the characters. We brought the matting from a picture frame, but people bring t-shirts, pillow cases, anything goes! You just leave it with Guest Services and your room attendant leaves it in your room for you on the last night.

      Also, there are often Facebook groups created for particular cruises. It’s a great resource to get tips from experienced cruisers and meet some of the people you’ll be spending your weeks with.

      Have a great cruise!!

      1. NGK

        Thanks for the advice Christine C that is a major help. And that will be my first stop once on the boat is guest service. Since im a first timer im still wrapping my head around everything. Thanks again for the advice.

    2. Keith


      Most things can be signed up for in advance on the website. As a first timer your booking period will open ~75 days before your cruise (I forget the exact number but if you look at the online check in page it will count down the days for you). Unless you are a concierge level guest in which case you can book with the Platinum members ~120 days out.
      The more cruises you do the farther out you will be able to book things. Try and book as soon as your window opens as popular things will book up fast.
      If the activity you would like to do is sold out – don’t give up! That is when you head to guest services and try to book or if you are a concierge level guest you have the staff in the concierge lounge book it for you. Many activities have spots kept open for folks who missed the chance to book early on the computer to book once they get to the ship. For the most popular activities they will also have a wait list available in case someone cancels at the last minute.
      You can also schedule a character call via the website – it is just a robocall but my kids (age 4 and 6 for our most recent cruise) loved it! You can also order special items delivered to your room for your own sail away party/celebration.

      Good luck with your planning!

  13. Sarah

    Will they be adding this experience to any other of the cruise ships? I’d rather experience the tea service than bibbidy bobbity boutique.


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