Royal High Tea Currently in Sea Trials on the Disney Fantasy

Disney Cruise Line is currently testing a new experience aboard the Disney Fantasy called Royal High Tea in Royal Court.  The high tea includes a Princess character experience.  This special offering should not be confused with Tea with Alice.  In fact, according to an email I received from Disney Cruise Line, the Royal High Tea experience is very similar to the My Disney Girl’s Perfectly Princess Tea Party experience  at Walt Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort.

Pricing for Royal High Tea is currently $270 for one adult and child.  Each additional child is $210 and an adult is $69.

For now, Royal High Tea is just in a test phase until July 13th on the Disney Fantasy, and may be expanded fleet-wide.  Since this is just in a testing phase the details and pricing is subject to change.  I would say if you are sailing on the Disney Fantasy in the next couple weeks and you are interested in Royal High Tea to check with Guest Services on Saturday when you board the ship.

If you were one of the lucky few who experienced Royal High Tea last week, we would love for you to leave a comment.


Hear ye, hear ye! Princes and Princesses are welcomed to join some of your favorite Disney Princesses at the Royal Court Royal Tea for an afternoon filled with music, fun, and delicious goodies! Stop by the Guest Services Desk, Deck 3, Midship, to register and to learn more about this royal event. Reservations required. Fee will apply. Limited space available.
As printed in the July 20, 2013 Personal Navigator

UPDATE | I wanted to update this article with a price comparison Royal High Tea versus My Disney Girl’s Perfectly Princess Tea Party.  It is important to keep in mind that the Grand Floridian tea will include tax and 18% gratuity.

WDW Perfectly Princess Tea Party July 2013 Pricing

While the base price for tea at Walt Disney World (Children $167.24 Adults $79.24) is less than Royal High Tea, the difference is quickly made up once tax and gratuity added.

Royal High Tea versus Grand Floridian Princess Tea Party Price Comparison

I did not include additional gratuity on the Disney Cruise Line calculation because it is not automatically added to my knowledge.

UPDATE August 28, 2013 | Thanks to Heather, who left a mini-review in the comments below, we have some photos from an early Royal Court Royal Tea aboard the Disney Fantasy.  The first set of photos shows the unique items presented during Royal Tea.

Royal Court Royal Tea Candid Photos

This set of photos are a sampling of the photos taken by Shutters, complete with a custom Royal Tea border from the Princess Meet & Greet opportunity.

Royal Court Royal Tea Shutters Photos

14 Replies to “Royal High Tea Currently in Sea Trials on the Disney Fantasy”

  1. Michael

    They’re kidding right? For Mom and Dad (or aunt, grandmother, etc.) and two daughters that’s $550….for…tea…and….sandwiches…… That’s enough money for a cruise fare on a 3-4 night cruise, a VERY nice excursion, quite a nice shopping spree onboard, or possibly a port upgrade. Crazy, and like more and more things Disney these days, the price outweighs the experience value for most people. I have a hard enough time affording the cruise fare, much less an additional “snack” above what I’ve already paid for with a princess you can meet in the atrium during the cruise for free.

  2. Victoria

    I agree. This seems outrageous, and I am a tea lover who has enjoyed afternoon tea on many occasions. Especially since the cruise itself costs so much, this add-on is a lot to expect anyone to pay. I’m sure some rich people won’t think twice, but for most average Disney-loving people with families, it’s way too much. There better be caviar on every single piece of food served.

  3. JustSaying

    It includes live entertainment, a Cinderella doll, Cinderella music box, charm bracelet and necklace, and Cinderella, Belle, and Tiana character meet n greet. The characters give additional charms to be added to the bracelet.

  4. Linda

    Yes, there will be a 15% service charge at the Fantasy restaurant. It’s added to everything, even lighted plastic glasses (empty) on Pirates’ Night.

  5. Marion

    Bear in mind that the quality of the My Disney Girl doll matches that of the American Girl Doll, which start at $129 for doll, book, and accessories. My daughter and I were part of the pilot testing phase at the Grand, and I went into it with sticker shock, but came out of it with understanding for the overall worth of the experience. I did offer the feedback that it was too expensive during the survey, however, it still sells out, even at that price.

    I remember when the Cabanas were first listed at $399 and $499 and some were berating the price as unjustifiable. Yet, they sell out at midnight as the options open, and you basically have to book concierge to get most of them. I’m sure this will sell out too, once people find out about it.

  6. Heather

    I have seen a photo of one of the dolls from last weeks “test” and it was NOT of the same quality of what they had been using at the Grand Floridian. It looked identical to a doll I had just seen at Target for 34$ which also included a toddler sized dress. I think this will influence me for sure as I feel the dolls should be special when you are paying that price tag. It can not be compared to the Grand Floridian price wise if this is the case as the My Disney Girl Dolls were much higher quality.

  7. Marion

    That is disappointing to me. I hope they reconsider and offer the same My Disney Girl doll. My daughter still has hers, many well-loved years later (and she still has her hair – uncut!) It would not be worth it to me if they scrimped on quality there; there’s no reason for it. Thanks for the update, Heather. I hope someone offers a personal review/photos of the experience soon.

  8. Heather

    My daughter and I attended on the Fantasy a couple of weeks ago. When we went up there wer place cards for each girl. Upon entering Lady Chamomile greeted each girl and have her a pink crown. Although it was plastic and looked similar to dollar store ones the pomp and circumstance in the presentation made my dayghter feel special and she wore it the rest of the cruise. They also has ships photographers there taking pictures of that. We sat down and there was a cookie with her name on it. The option for drinks was tea or apple juice. The photographer took a picture of the two of us at the table. We were seated with one other girl. At the table was the doll (not a my disney girl doll like at grand Flo), the fancy princess storybook autograph book, princess pen, jewelry box with a charm necklace and charm bracelet. Chef Broulee came out with sandwiches and sang with Lady C. Servers brought food. There were 4 types of sandwiches. The princesses came one at a time. They did not hand out the charms themselves some guy did. The princesses came to every table and the photographer took another pic of each and they signed the books. Then they invited the girls to dance and then there were a few more songs and dances. They had called the day before and asked my daughter what color icing and what princess she wanted on her cupcake. I can’t remember the choices. They brought a chocolate cake for the adults. They sang a little more then chef and lady c came to sign autographs and take pics. As the girls left they took another pic of each girl with all three princesses. The next evening this pic with the castle mosaic wall and a royal court royal tea sign were delivered in one of the 8×10 photo folders. All of the pics were also on our photo cd we ordered. It wasn’t cheap but she had a blast. Food wasn’t much but we were paying for the experience and the exclusivity. There were only about 15 tables. I would let her do it again. I have pics but don’t know how to add them. If I figure it out I am happy to post.

  9. Melissa

    My daughter and I attended on the Fantasy last week. I used these reviews to help me decide if we should do this or not, I do not have a lot of disposable income but I am a big fan of Disney and this cruise was my daughters first Disney experience. For everything that came with it, along with the exclusive time with the three princesses I think the cost for the child and one adult was worth it. Sure the privacy was lost on my four-year-old but she was so excited and enjoyed the whole experience. Heather’s description above is accurate. I would say that although food was included for the whole trip the items served at the tea were unique and unlike anything else you could find on the trip plus they were delicious. I looked around the shops to find out the value of the items my daughter received and I think that the jewelry box, autograph book, pin, doll, charm necklace and bracelet (which came with three or four charms to start, the necklace had all the extra charms the princesses gave out so then the charms they gave could be added to the bracelet) along with the crown (not amazing quality but my daughter loved it), and the framed photo was easily worth $150 if not closer to $200. The thing about all the extras is that it is not advertised as coming with it, at least not that I saw. The other thing I would say about doing it on the cruise was again the exclusiveness of the experience, there was maybe eight other girls at our tea and we happen to visit the Grand Floridian the day after our cruise and they were doing the tea party they have there, there were probably 15 to 20 girls at that tea and you only meet one princess. I don’t know if it was worth the cost for extra adults unless they really wanted to be there but they didn’t receive anything extra and the princesses did not give them any extra attention, it was for the kids. I would do it again.

      1. Melissa

        You will want to visit guest services as soon as you are onboard, they will be open and will be just to your right after you first come onboard. When we went it was offered in the afternoon when we were at our second port of call, for us it worked out that we had only booked an excursion for that morning. Enjoy!


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