Disney Magic Westbound Transatlantic 2013 and Eastbound 2014 Details

Magic Gibraltar Oct 2013
Magic Maderia Oct 2013

The Ports of Gibraltar and Madeira have provided some additional clues as to the mystery of the Magic’s next two Transatlantic sailings. We had an idea when the 2013 Westbound Transatlantic cruise would sail based the the 2013 itineraries, dry dock and knowing that the Magic needs to be in Miami on October 20, 2013 for a 5-Night cruise.
The Gibraltar port calendar has not changed.  However, the Magic appears on October 16, 2013 in Madeira (Funchal).

Magic October 2013 Potential Sailing Calendar

Using these port dates, as well as known 2013 itinerary dates this is what the calendar would potentially look like for October. 

See the problem…. Usually there are 6 sea days between Funchal and say Castaway Cay.  The dry dock rumor mill has included speculation on the engines, but correct me if I am wrong, they would need to be upgraded to the likes of the Queen Mary 2 (QM2) and fueled up with some pixie dust.

2014 Eastbound Transatlantic

Moving forward to the 2014 Eastbound Transatlantic the Magic appears, as previously speculated, on the Madeira (Funchal) schedule on May 27, 2014.

Magic Maderia May 2014

Thank you Heather for the tip.

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