Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea to Replace Nescafé on Land, Not Sea

The big, little story making the rounds is that Disney and Tampa, Florida based Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Company, have entered into a long-term strategic alliance replacing Nescafé as the standard coffee offering at Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland, and the Disney Vacation Club properties. For years, Joffery’s has operated small kiosks/walk up locations around Walt Disney World providing guests specialty coffee drinks.

Update: Februrary 21, 2013 Joffrey’s Press Release

Joffrey’s currently has a number of kiosks on property.   In addition, there are a number of signature restaurants such as Victoria and Albert’s, Flying Fish, Citricos, Artist Point, Club 33 and Kouzzina among others, that already brewing Joffrey’s coffee blends.  The roll out for the convention spaces on property, quick service restaurants, and in-room coffees, will happen gradually, but as quickly as possible according to Rachael Dixon, Marketing Director at Joffery’s Coffee & Tea Company.

I am not sure about you, but this was great news to read as I was getting ready to pour my first cup of coffee this morning. I drink one to two cups of amazing coffee (from another Florida based company) a day and maintain a gold card status at Starbucks, but I would not classify myself a coffee snob. I am sure I am not alone on this one, but not even a spoonful of sugar could help Nescafé coffee go down. I can easily understand the 10’s of you who are saddened by this news.

My initial reaction was joy as Disney Cruise Line is often grouped in with Parks & Resorts. For a moment, I was looking forward to a cruise where I did not have to pay extra for coffee at the Cove Cafe or brew my own using a single serve coffee press travel mug. Then, I read the article again….. To my dismay, Disney Cruise Line was not mentioned. Heartbreak….

I reached out to both Disney Cruise Line and Joffrey’s for some clarification hoping to hear Joffery’s would be making its way into coffee cups at sea. Well, Nescafé fans now have even more reason to book a Disney Cruise. “Disney Cruise Line is not part of the agreement” according to Rebecca Peddie, Manager, Public Affairs for Disney Cruise Line, Disney Vacation Club and Adventures by Disney.

The tides are changing with respect to coffee at Disney. First, it was Starbucks at Disney’s California Adventure and soon to be Main Street USA location, now Joffery’s coffee is replacing Nescafé. Maybe, when the time the cruise line’s contracts come up for review there may be another change.

Personally, I think it is great that Disney has partnered with a local company, especially one in my own back yard!

What’s your opinion of the impending change on land? Would you like to see a similar change on the ships?

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  1. Bill B

    I am very happy about the change at the parks but saddened about the cruise line not following suit. We always bring a pound of Kona with us when visiting the world so we could work around the terrible coffee but you don’t have that option at sea. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that pays the extra money for a real cup of coffee at the Cove. That Coffee Toledo is pretty special also after a nice dinner.


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