Updated Pricing for Onboard Internet Packages

Disney Cruise Line’s pricing for onboard Internet packages have been updated this week for the fleet, except for the Disney Wonder should, based on reports, be updated to the new internet plans during an upcoming dry dock.

The new pricing is as follows:

Stay Connected Package 

  • $16/day when purchased for the full voyage 
  • $18/day when purchased for 24 hours 

Basic Surf Package

  • $24/day when purchased for the full voyage 
  • $28/day when purchased for 24 hours 

Premium Surf Package 

  • $34/day when purchased for the full voyage 
  • $42/day when purchased for 24 hours 

As a reminder, Guests can purchase Internet for 24 hour periods, or per voyage. Guests receive a 20% discount on voyage pricing vs 24-hour pricing, and adding additional devices to an Internet package will receive a 20% discount. If Guests purchase a voyage plan mid-voyage, they will only be charged for the remaining days. Please note: “Days remaining” change at midnight, so purchasing at 11:55 pm will still charge Guests for the full day.

The new pricing rolled out at the end of July and culminates with tomorrow’s Disney Fantasy departure. The rollout for each ship is as follows: 

  • Disney Magic – 7/31/23 
  • Disney Wish – 7/31/23 
  • Disney Dream – 8/1/23 
  • Disney Fantasy – 8/5/23

FREE: Complimentary Websites

Here is a list of the complimentary (free) websites passengers can browse while connected to DCL-GUEST without purchasing an Internet Package.

  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Disney Cruise Line Photo
  • Walt Disney Word
  • Disney Vacation Club – Welcome Home
  • Walt Disney World Resorts
  • Adventures By Disney
  • Run Disney – Every Mile is Magic
  • Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa
  • Aulani Reservation Management
  • Wireless Maritime Services (WMS)
  • Disney Cruise Line Lost & Found
DCL Free Internet Sites Wish 20231201

27 Replies to “Updated Pricing for Onboard Internet Packages”

  1. Michael J Jaski

    Looks like I’ll be paying a lot more than I did under the old plans… Question is, will I be getting more?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Not burning through an allotment of megabytes with background tasks and other data bleeds is a nice perk. No longer do you need to shut down a bunch of background tasks on your devices to limit data usage to avoid wasting your data plan. That alone makes it a better offering.

  2. Patrick

    Never having done a Disney Cruise before, are these prices per stateroom or per device or some blended combination?

  3. LG

    Hi Scott – a couple of questions-

    For the full-cruise pricing, are you charged for embarkation and debarkation days, when one is not getting a full 24-hour period? Or only full days onboard?

    And, I’m a bit confused on the day pricing – it says based on 24 hour period but then says purchasing at 11:55pm gets charged a full day. Is it 24 hours or calendar days?


  4. Clifford Larson

    50 mgb for free for up to 7 day cruises would be a good perc for the new pearl level of castaway. Then increase it to 75 mgb for cruise over 7 days.

  5. Brett B.

    For my wife and I, when we are on our Disney Cruises. We actually “disconnect” so this really does not affect us so much. The Movies on board as well as the Cabin TVs have Disney films. Plenty to keep us occupied with pool, bars, shows and Character photos. We only use our phones for the Navigator app.

  6. Joni Fitch

    Which one was the $99 length of cruise? That’s the one I would use. We don’t watch movies listen to music any of that. I just want to be able to text and FaceTime any suggestions.

  7. ERIN

    Hello Scott,
    Do they still have concurrent devices option prices? I was thinking that we can save money with devices option and full voyage package price.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      New internet is great because you no longer need to monitor data usage! Wonder should be upgraded this month during dry dock scheduled for after the final Alaskan cruise.

  8. Melissa

    Do you need the wifi for the navigator app, last time I went on Disney cruise they were still printing them out and I don’t think the app was really used

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      To use the Navigator App simply connect to DCL-Guest network onboard. It does NOT require a paid data plan to access the app offerings. You can ask for a printed schedule of events at Guest Services.


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