Disney Cruise Line Introduces Flexible Payment Calculator

Disney Cruise Line recently added a Flexible Payment Calculator to their online cruise search allowing users to quickly calculate sample payment plans for a specific sailing based on a preferred payment frequency or a custom amount. The flexible payment calculator is only available on sailings departing 90 days or more into the future offering added insight to Disney’ pay at your own pace option.

DCL Pay Your Own Pace

To use the Flexible Payment Calculator, look for the “Rate & Room Details” link for a sailing.

DCL Flexible Payment Calculator Rate Room Details

Clicking this will bring up a details panel. Scroll down to the Flexible Planning section.

DCL Flexible Payment Calculatation

From here, you are presented with a drop down to select the frequency of payment: Bi-Weekly, Weekly, 4 payments, 3 payments, 2 payments, and 1 payment.

DCL Flexible Payment Calculator Options

Once a payment frequency is selected, click calculate.

DCL Flexible Payment Calculatation Weekly

Here is a short video demonstration of the Flexible Payment Calculator.

Disney Cruise Line’s Flexible Payment Calculator is for planning purposes only and does not represent a formal payment plan. Amounts shown are approximate. Actual amounts may vary.

5 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Introduces Flexible Payment Calculator”

  1. Michael

    Seriously? People are unable to do simple math?

    I understand why DCL is doing it, to show people are low payments are when you break it down so they think about the payments and not the total cost.

  2. Karin

    Personally I was unaware DCL did payments. I thought it was a deposit then it was all due at once before you sailed. Knowing there’s a payment plan option is helpful. Perhaps putting this out there will allow others to learn of this option, too. Not everyone does “simple math” easily.

    1. Jo

      Sharon, DCL would be getting the money before final payment is due; so not there would be no interest nor would there be a discount.


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