Onboard Gifts Spotlight: Halloween on the High Seas Stateroom Décor

Enhance your Halloween on the High Seas voyage with a stateroom decor package available for pre-order via Disney Cruise Line’s Onboard Gifts and Amenities website.

Halloween on the High Seas Stateroom Décor (ITEM 1240) – $97.00

Conjure up spook-tacular stateroom decorations to keep your grim grinning ghoulies howling in delight on the haunted high seas! Frightfully delightful décor includes a comfy Sherpa blanket featuring Mickey Mouse and friends bedecked in their bewitching best, a vampire pumpkin Mickey pocket pillow, a trick-or-treat felt bag, Happy Halloween door magnet—plus 2 hanging banners sure to keep your Halloween spirits up!

DCL Halloween Stateroom Decor Item 1240 2022

Sailing on an upcoming Very MerryTime cruise? It may be worth calling to inquire about a Very MerryTime offering as this Halloween decor package was available via phone before it appeared on Disney Cruise Line’s Onboard Gifts & Amenities page.

7 Replies to “Onboard Gifts Spotlight: Halloween on the High Seas Stateroom Décor”

    1. Latisha

      Disney Cruise Line consultant told me today that they require you to call for this special package. 🙂 I was able to order one today!

  1. CATHY

    I agree which is why I bought mine on Hallmark. It is the same quality or better than all the ones I have from Disney and is Haunted Mansion Glow in the Dark, only 39 bucks. I was so impressed with the quality I ordered them for my kids too. 3 for the price of one of the ones on Disney. I have always ordered on Disney and normally love the quality however the ones I purchased on the Maiden Voyage, the Inaugural one and the Wish one were not of the same quality at all. Very thin..

  2. Jaime

    What the ?….. I’ve been on 10 Disney cruises. I know what these cruises cost and what all the incidentals cost. I believe that I’ve traveled everything from Concierge to category10A on cruises with lengths of 4 to 12 days. Why would you spend your time and valuable suitcase space to save $60.00? There are better ways to save your money. Limit alcohol, select less expensive shore excursions, maybe limit internet access and be present on your vacation! Doing just one of these would save you even more!

    1. CATHY

      What the?… right back at ya. I guess because I have cruised 8-10 times a year since 2015 and own all the blankets and when compressed they take no space at all. Every cruise I have been on I take one of them. Also I don’t feel the need to limit anything internet, alcohol or shore excursions. I really would like to know why you would assume having internet means not being present? I am not looking to save money. I am just looking not to be taken advantage of with inferior goods. I was stating what I do and what my feelings are not looking for tips from you. Oh and by the way we always cruise concierge and many times do a back to back eastern, western and I have my packing down to a science. I also drive to the port so I don’t need to save space. Maybe think about how your comment sounds before pressing send.

      1. Jaime

        Sorry for any offense. Not all of us have the ability to drive and must fly. I wasn’t suggesting anyone scrimp on what is important on their vacation. I was just pointing out that those of us who don’t have the same opportunities as you could make 1 small change and still have the ability to have their room decorated. Vacations are made to be special.


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