A Look at Series 2 of Disney Cruise Line’s Penny Coin Press Souvenirs

When Disney Cruise Line’s terminal at Port Canaveral reopened following renovations, a new pressed coin machine was added with all new designs. There are a total of eight designs to collect, including two versions for both Captain Minnie and Captain Mickey.

DCL Pressed Pennies Series 2

At this time, the Disney Cruise Line coin press machine is located on the opposite side wall of the terminal from the previous location of the original 6-design press penny machine. Installed in 2013, the original machine has been removed from the terminal with the original designs retired.

DCL Pressed Pennies Series 2 Machine Location CT8

As you enter the waiting area on on the second floor, the coin press will be located along a wall near the entrance to the outside observation deck, on the back right opposite the Mickey entrance to the gangway.

This machine is of the newer variety which does not accept your own penny blanks. You simply pay for the pennies by inserting cash or by swiping a credit card, or by tapping a smartphone with set up with digital payments.

You can buy all 8 designs for $5 or individual coins for $1 each. Yes, this is up from the old machine which ran 51¢/per design. However, this is on par with type of machine when found at the theme parks.

DCL Pressed Pennies Series 2 Machine Image Preview

I am calling the latest set of Disney Cruise Line pressed penny collectables Series 2. The series 2 set includes three horizontal designs and 5 vertical designs. The first, features the traditional Disney Cruise Line logo and name.

DCL Pressed Penny Series 2 Disney Cruise Line Logo

Captain Minnie is featured in a vertical impression, as well as a headshot on a horizontal coin.

Nearly identical to Minnie, Captain Mickey is also featured on both a vertical and horizontal coins.

Rounding out the new series 2 Disney Cruise Line pressed penny collectables are Chip ‘n Dale, Donald Duck, and Pluto.

Which design is your favorite?

DCL Pressed Pennies Series 2

10 Replies to “A Look at Series 2 of Disney Cruise Line’s Penny Coin Press Souvenirs”

  1. Jeff M

    Scott – do you know if there is a pressed penny machine in the Miami port? My kids love Disney pressed pennies and we port out of Miami on the Dream later this month. Thanks!

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Jeff, I have not heard reports there is a machine in Miami. I suspect no as Disney does not have exclusive access to the terminal like they do in Port Canaveral, and will in Fort Lauderdale. Since there could be days in Miami where another line uses the terminal, they would need to move it in and out or cover it when they are not using the terminal.

  2. Jeff M

    Thanks Scott. I suspected that was the case for the reasons you mentioned but figured you would know better than I would!

    1. Jo

      I agree, Koen We can do without those two horizontals of Micky and Minnie and have a “penny” of Goofy and one of Daisy instead.

  3. Deann Fleming

    Also agree. We are Chip and Dale fans with Pluto a close second. But my husband likes Goofy. We want Goofy, loose one of the Mickey or Minnies


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