VIDEO: Disney Wonder Transits the Panama Canal’s Cocoli Locks – August 25, 2021

On August 25, 2021, the Disney Wonder transited the Panama Canal. The following video is a time-lapse of the Disney Wonder transiting the Cocoli Locks of the Panama Canal ending her transit from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. The visible transit of the locks as viewed on the Panama Canal webcam lasted approximately 40 minutes and is presented in the video under a half-minute.

The Disney Wonder left Port Everglades late last week on Saturday August 21st, stopping outside the Panama Canal in Colón on Tuesday before today’s Panama Canal transit. You can view the Disney Wonder moving through the Panama Canal’s Agua Clara Locks in this video from earlier in the day. The Disney Wonder is scheduled, based on the latest AIS information to arrive in San Diego on September 2, 2021.

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  1. Brett Bailey

    The WONDER on its way here to the West Coast! This is a great bit of news for us all. After seeing this quick video, it has inspired us to book a future cruise on the WONDER to do the Canal voyage once we are on board next year for our Mexican Riviera cruise. We cannot resist booking again when we are on board… they make it so easy.


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