Westward ho! Disney Wonder Heading to the Panama Canal

Last night, the Disney Wonder departed Port Everglades with a course set for Colon, Panama, or the Atlantic entrance to the Panama Canal. Although there is no official word from Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Wonder’s repositioning from South Florida is promising news for those booked on sailings from San Diego.

The Disney Wonder’s estimated arrival in Colon is currently set for August 24th based on available AIS (automatic identification system) data.

Disney Wonder Panama Canal AIS Destination 20210820 Marine Traffic

You can follow the progress of the Disney Wonder on our ship tracking page powered by Marine Traffic which shows the following forecasted course to Panama.

Disney Wonder Panama Canal AIS Destination 20210821 Marine Traffic Forecast Track

As it stands today, the Disney Wonder’s next scheduled and bookable sailings is Friday September 24, 2021, a 2-Night Baja Cruise from San Diego. At the very least, the Disney Wonder is headed in the right direction. I must admit and have no problem doing so, I WAS WRONG thinking they would not sail to San Diego for just a short period of time before the scheduled return to Galveston in November.

We will continue to keep an ear out for news on the Disney Wonder’s return to passenger service.

13 Replies to “Westward ho! Disney Wonder Heading to the Panama Canal”

  1. JFB

    Well, you were not the only one thinking that the Wonder would not make it to San Diego this year, as the cost of crossing the canal for what has been historically lower occupancy cruises and a short season did not appear to make sense. This has been my working theory for a while too… This was likely planed all along, but I take it that the development of the last 48 hours regarding Bahamas may have solidified those plans… Interestingly enough, the uninformed speculation in some cruise groups now is that the Wonder may stay on the West Coast much longer than anticipated… potentially not even crossing back… I choose not to believe that at this time as I have a vested interest in the Wonder coming back to the East this Fall/Winter…

  2. Brett Bailey

    Speaking as someone who lives on the west coast, this is great news indeed, if the ship does sail through the canal up to San Diego. We are booked on back-to-backs next year on the WONDER so if it does stay in the west. Rumor has it from a ship castmember we spoke to on our last cruise in 2019, that this ship will home port on the west coast once all 7 ships are sailing. But I will wait for the official DCL notice. One can hope though… Overall, this is inspiring to read as it makes for a little something to look forward to by following the progress.

  3. mypftaccount

    Fascinating. I can’t help but wonder (see what I did there?) if she will actually stay out there longer given the recent requirements by the Bahamas for even children aged 12+ to be vaccinated. I know a lot of parents, including me, who are fully vaccinated but not in a rush to get their kids vaccinated.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Disney keep Wonder there longer and to have a different ship take over the Galveston cruises without a Castaway stop.

  4. Dan

    My family is booked on the 2022 Westbound Panama Canal. I hope that it travels East. Even if it is just to pick up.

  5. Sam

    With an October cruise booked out of San Diego Hooray! As for speculation she’ll stay I doubt it, the CSO is supposed to expire October 31st and the Panama Canal Cruises in November and March are sold out. That would be a huge revenue hit not to mention a huge headache trying to reschedule 3.5 months of cruises out of the Gulf for CA. If the Bahamas are still requiring vaccination just change to West Caribbean for effected cruises.

  6. Paul Teal

    This may be a little off topic, but I am looking for an answer. We are thinking about Halloween on High Seas on the Wish 2022. We want to do 3/4 back to back and currently can book the same cabin on both cruises. Do we have to get off the ship? Can we leave all our cloths in our cabin. My wife is in wheelchair and we want to make the process as easy as possible. Does anybody know the procedures

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      When we have booked B2B sailings we’ve had the same stateroom. We left everything in our room on the final morning and given a place to meet with other guests sailing a back to back. We were all led off the ship and back around to check in for the next sailing then back onboard as a group. The last time we did this was on the Magic and they asked us to hang out in the Cove Cafe, including the kids.

  7. Disney Convert

    So pleased, as we are scheduled to take that ship between Vancouver & Hawaii next Spring . . . and they need to get in practice before that.

  8. AT

    We are waiting to sail for the 7 day cruise on the first week of October out of San Diego on the Wonder. There has been limited infomation coming out for the Wonder on these sailings. I asked a cast member and they said it’s because they did not do their simulated voyage yet and they haven’t scheduled one. Well we haven’t heard that it’s been cancelled. I’m a bit confused at what’s happening with simulated voyages. They are always in Orange per CDC color coding. We are cutting it close but so far it looks like it’s sailing. Appreciate any additional info on upcoming sailings.

  9. Dave

    Damn. I was definitely hoping for a short stint of cruises from Florida again from my favorite ship. I hate that I now have to fly to be able to sail on her. But good for the West Coast.

  10. John Welch

    @AT, they have to do the simulated voyage out of San Diego. Doing one in FL would not satisfy the CSO. The Wonder should be in SD before the end of the month. The first SD cruise is 9/24. They should have plenty of time to complete their simulated cruise before then


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