Adventure and Imagine Included in Signage Featuring the Current Disney Cruise Line Fleet Ship Names

YouTuber, Doug Neville, was recently over at Signia by Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek filming an unrelated video and stumbled upon a sign featuring the names of the Disney Cruise Line ships: Magic, Wonder, Dream, Fantasy, and Wish… In addition to the names of the current fleet, and the soon to debut Disney Wish were two other words… Adventure and Imagine. In the video, Neville Land brings up a great question, did Disney accidentally reveal the names of the the Disney Wish sister ships set to debut in 2024 and 2025 as the Disney Adventure and Disney Imagine?

Huge shoutout to Neville Land for the sharp eye on this sign.

If you ask me, I actually think this has some merit. Back before the Disney Wish name was announced, I received a tip that Disney Adventure was going to be one of the 3 names. Only time will tell if that tipster was accurate, and if this signage is an accidental leak. It is worth noting, a few years ago there were some jewelry items featuring regular Disney buzzwords that included some of the ship names along with Believe. I’ve heard from a few readers the signage has been in place as far back as 2014. The following photo is from 2020 courtesy of @AggiesDoItBetter.

DCL Possible Ship Names 2020 Aggsdoitbetter

So, the better question is, did they intentionally name drop future ship names well before the fleet expansion was announced or is this simply a coincidence?

What do you think about this sign over at the Hilton Orland Bonnet Creek, and more importantly, what do you think about the potential for the next Triton Class ships to be named Disney Imagine and Disney Adventure?

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    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      No, the Wish was named August 25, 2019, the registration showed up for the Wish with a filing date of May 12, 2020. Since they register the full name beginning with “Disney SHIPNAME” it is not like they are worried someone else will come along and register the usage for passenger cruise ship services.

  1. Paul T

    If confirmed these names fit with the Disney theme as “Storytellers” but, Disney likes to make these announcements at large events such as D-23 or stockholders meetings and is usually pretty good at keeping a secrets. It could of been done intentionally to fool us as there are other good possible names – Star, Sorcerer, or Enchantment, Regardless, I looking forward to the official announcement

  2. Alan

    Wow I can not believe you are falling for this. This is a the Bonnet Creek Hilton. Do you really think Disney would hide something like that in a place that is not even their property? These are just common adjectives that we all you to describe a Disney vacation. Nothing ,ore. In my opinion all this guy was hoping for was 2 min of fame and you are helping him. Such a shame.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Very true, these are a collection of buzz words Disney loves to use all over, but it is hard to ignore the collection and the relationship to Disney Cruise Line. I’ve learned this has been up since at least 2014. However, with the Wish being named, that leaves just 2 words on the sign not used a ship name. Sure, it is a stretch, but it is also plausible. I do not know Doug, he did not send me the video, or even reach out. I was alerted to this video by a crew member, and felt it was worth sharing.

  3. Jo

    I think many of us thought Imagine was a strong possibility. Adventure seems mediocre; could apply to any cruise line. My child just said “Adventure sounds like something anyone could stamp on the back of their rowboat”.

  4. Enuff

    Probably just clickbait for views. How easy would it be for anyone to make that small sign, stick in a window and then quickly snap a pic. Nice try.

  5. Carol Gallo

    Over the years at one point the towers at the Disneyland Hotel were named the Fantasy, Dream, Wonder and Magic. Also on an old box I have from the Disney store all those names in the sign appear.

  6. Ashley Nash

    I would hope not. I think the Disney Enchantment and Disney Marvel (especially to take over Marvel Day at Sea cruises) go better with the existing DCL names.

  7. Mario Esquer C.

    I love the name Adventure, but I’m also imagining one of the Triton Class ships named the Disney DISCOVERY, I also imagined Wall-E and Eve painting the ship’s name, or maybe Stitch could do the job, but who knows.


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