Disney Cruise Line Navigator App Updated with New Features Ahead of Test Cruise and UK Staycations

The Disney Cruise Line Navigator app recently updated with new features aimed to enhance the onboard experience in what will inevitably be a new onboard cruise experience when the Disney Dream sets sail on a simulation cruise on June 29th and the Disney Magic embarks on UK Staycations beginning July 15th.

DCL Navigator App Update 20210606

In the release notes for version 4.5.0 of the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App, the following exciting new features are broken down between the apps use at home and onboard when connected to DCL-GUEST network. A number of the items added in this update were announced back in April when Disney Cruise Line published Important Information for 2021 UK Staycations.

At Home

  • Make advance reservations for complimentary activities beginning 30 days prior to sailing.

On Board

  • Communicate directly with our Crew via the live chat feature.
  • Join a virtual queue to reserve time at the family pool deck area and debark at ports of call.
  • Access all restaurant menus digitally.
  • Download your onboard transactions.
  • Participate in the Emergency Drill by using our app to find your Assembly Station and check in.

You can download the app by clicking on the respective links to the Apple App Store and the Google Play store over on Disney Cruise Line’s Navigator App webpage.

19 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Navigator App Updated with New Features Ahead of Test Cruise and UK Staycations”

  1. Steven

    I completely understand why they’ve done this, but one of the things I used to enjoy most about cruising was the ability to disconnect from devices.

  2. Katherine Avidano

    All of this planning ahead (ie pool deck reservation) sort of defeats the purpose of being on vacation doesn’t it?

  3. Matt Dobeck

    Looks like muster will be a thing of the past and go virtually. I’ll miss standing in the florida sun with 2000 of my closest friends for an hour on the first day

  4. Chris

    I agree with Katherine. More hoops to jump through. Added confusion if people don’t follow all the steps and protocols.
    September cruise final payment nearing and no word from DCL if they are even going to be ready to sail

  5. Matt

    Are you going to have to make a reservation for kids clubs? If you have to stay in your room unless you have a reservation for pool, movie, etc. then what is the point?

  6. Jo

    Pool deck reservation? Do they mean for a lounge chair, to go into the pool, to go on the Aqua Duck? As an adult, I am not thrilled with this; never mind trying to explain this to a child.

  7. Shari DeMarco

    I know they need to have this technology but mom mom is 86. She has a flip phone. I know I can do things for her but I certainly hope they have other ways for her to make reservations for things on her own.

  8. Richard Waggener

    I agree with others regarding having to make reservations to use the pool. I had a similar experience having to pre-order via mobile order food at Disneyland since it re-opened. What others have done is start pre-ordering food at 7;30AM when the portal opens for the day and by 11:00AM all the mobile order slots are filled, or they’ve run out of food. I go on vacation to be spontaneous and do what I feel like when I Feel like it within reason. Pool reservations at DVC & WDW properties are required and are not always what you expect. A cast member shows you your assigned seat upon “check in” of you reservation time and you get what they give you based on availability, no options. There’s a “stand-by” line, but that’s a really long stand by, with o guarantee. I’m not sure this is for me.

  9. Phil S

    I agree. Just because the technology exists to do something doesn’t automatically make it a good thing.

  10. Marie

    Great point. If it means what it sounds like it means, I am very angry that this wasn’t disclosed to me before paying for this trip.

  11. Walt

    Marie that is because your commitment is more important than your actual vacation. Once they have your money than they are hoping that you won’t change your mind. It’s called business. DCL is playing with our minds. They are masters of illusion. Think about the names of the ships…… Wonder, Magic, Dream, Fantasy and Wish. Maybe it is time that we face the reality that things will never be like it was before covid which is fine with me. Just quit pretending. Lol. I have to laugh to keep from frowning.

  12. Ryan

    I spoke with DCL and the update for the app is just regional. This only pertains to UK residents, therefore we (in the USA) won’t see this update for a while if at all. Also, you know how things change, so what might work for UK may not be the case for the domestic cruises. I know things will seem different for a bit, but the sooner we get going the sooner we can figure it out and get back to “normal”. 😀

  13. Sarah Adams

    The Oceanears Lab & Club on Staycations you have to book and can book only 1 2.5 hour slot a day (1 hour first day I believe). The older kids clubs you don’t. This is due to the fact that these cruises require masks for all over 12 I think it is as well as social distancing and other requirements. Whether these are still in place on other cruises it is unclear (Europe has different rules to the CDC)

  14. cruisewithamber

    I’m going to be setting sail on Disney Magic in September on one of the UK staycations – thanks for so much info on your blog which has helped me plan my (short) time aboard. It will be interesting to see how that app works when I’m on board.


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