Designing the Disney Wish Video Series: The Staterooms with First Look at the Concierge Lounge

Today, Disney shared their latest installment of the Designing the Disney Wish video series offering a look at the artfully designed staterooms which were introduced last month and are much different than those of the existing fleet. In the second episode of the series, the creative team shared details on the all-new look and feel for every stateroom aboard the Disney Wish. Steeped in enchantment and inspired by Disney stories, accommodations aboard the Disney Wish will be a peaceful retreat designed with families in mind, featuring custom-made artwork depicting beloved Disney fairytales.

New for the Disney Wish, Walt Disney Imagineers have imbued every stateroom with the soft, dreamlike worlds and restful imagery of enchanted Disney fairytales through glittering gold-leafed headboard murals and framed pieces commissioned exclusively for the Disney Wish. 

In line with the ship’s overall design motif of enchantment, stateroom artwork will represent classic and contemporary Disney stories that capture the essence of wish fulfillment and dreams come true, such as Cinderella (whose maxim “a dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep” is particularly fitting).

DCL Disney Wish Staterooms Concierge Door Number
Stateroom Door Numbers

Beyond the artwork, every detail has been designed to tell a story, from pixie-dusted furnishings to delicate linen embroidery inspired by the fleet’s signature golden filigree. This even extends into the corridors, where exquisite decoration serves the greater purpose of wayfinding: Richly themed carpeting, softly colored accent walls, magical lighting and unique adornments will provide guests with an intuitive yet artful cue to know they’ve arrived at their home away from home. 

Dreamy Details and Wished-For Features

Every stateroom aboard the Disney Wish has been designed with ample room for families, plenty of storage space and upscale amenities. Most of the ship’s 1,254 staterooms will offer an ocean view — including 877 (70%) with a spacious verandah — and there will be 451 connecting doors that adjoin rooms to accommodate larger families. Some connecting staterooms will have a partition between verandahs that may be opened to create a bigger, shared balcony. 

  • Most staterooms will feature Disney Cruise Line’s signature split-bathroom concept, with a sink and shower in one room and a sink and toilet in a separate room. All will include a bathtub – perfect for giving children a bath.
  • Enhanced storage options, roomy closets and elevated bed frames with generous under-bed space will provide plenty of places to store suitcases and other bulky items essential to family travel. 
  • Little ones will delight in a secret starfield hidden above pull-down beds, with original artwork revealing a constellation of Fairy Godmother overhead.
  • Other exceptional amenities and highlights will include a 43-inch TV, USB and USB-C ports, large vanity, mini drawer refrigerator, full-length mirror, mini safe, hair dryer, privacy divider, queen and pull-out sofa beds, deluxe toiletries, plush robes, and lavish bed linens and duvets.

Concierge Staterooms, Suites and Service

The Disney Wish will elevate the concierge experience with 76 concierge staterooms and suites – more than double the number available on other Disney ships. 

  • Accommodating up to five guests, these rooms will feature spacious living areas, king beds, luxurious finishes and premium amenities. Most will include a generous private verandah, and most have been designed with the rich color palette and distinctive iconography of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Tangled.” 
  • One-bedroom concierge suites will have a separate living room, walk-in closets, two 43-inch TVs and two bathrooms (including a main bathroom with rain shower, bathtub and double vanity). 
  • Seven exclusive oceanview rooms are Disney’s first-ever staterooms located above the bridge. These will have extended living areas with breathtaking views of the ocean through floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the bow. 

In addition to the Wish Tower Suite, the Disney Wish will also debut four royal suites that celebrate the gilded world of Disney Animation’s “Sleeping Beauty,” with two Princess Aurora Royal Suites and two Briar Rose Royal Suites. Each pair includes a single-floor option and a two-story configuration, the first of their kind for the Disney fleet.

  • Royal suites will feature extravagant details, upscale furnishings and first-class amenities, including an extensive living area, open dining salon, sizeable pantry and private hot tub on the oversized verandah. 
  • Each suite has two main bedrooms — each with its own opulent bathroom featuring a double vanity and either a rain shower or bathtub — as well as a double sleeper sofa in the living room and a third bathroom with a shower. 
  • The two-story royal suites will boast floor-to-ceiling windows and stunning statement pieces, like an elegant spiral staircase and a spectacular two-deck-high bespoke stained-glass frieze.

All concierge guests will receive a premium level of dedicated service and access to exclusive areas and amenities throughout their voyage. The Concierge Lounge will be more than triple the size from previous Disney ships and will offer a full bar, delicious light bites, special kids’ area and an outdoor terrace with incredible views.

DCL Disney Wish Staterooms Concierge Lounge

From the lounge, concierge guests will have access to a private sun deck with two whirlpools, a wading pool, a bar, lush lounge furniture and the superlative service of a pool deck host.

For more information check out our custom color coded stateroom category deck plan has been added to the Disney Wish deck plan page and joins the graphical representation of the various decks which was released during the grand reveal of the Disney Wish. The Disney Wish staterooms are available to browse via the stateroom explorer.

Bookings for the inaugural season for the Disney Wish open to the general public on May 27, 2021 with tiered early booking beginning today, May 17th, for Platinum Castaway Club members with 25 or more sailings.

13 Replies to “Designing the Disney Wish Video Series: The Staterooms with First Look at the Concierge Lounge”

  1. Jonathan T.

    If you have the resources I am thrilled for you to enjoy these spaces.

    Having said that – as someone without those means – it’s tough to see this without thinking how much adult-only space has been lost on this generation of ship.

    It’s all about the $$$.

  2. Lars

    I totally agree Jonathan. That is just a money generator. These Disney ships are so beautiful, I do not get why someone would want to sit in a lounge that could have been extracted from any Hotel oder Airport instead of enjoying the public ship areas. I really hope that these concierge rooms do not sell too well, as these amenities take away a lot of the magic taking over so much space from the ship.

  3. Dennis C

    Disney cruises have always cost significantly more than other cruise lines but there’s something about this ship that seems even less accessible to the average Disney fan (and this is coming from a DVC member). They’re veering a bit further away from a cruise line intended for families to one that’s more of a luxury cruise line brand for Disney fans with deep pockets.

    The theming is also a big departure from Disney’s original approach to their ships and I wonder if the next two ships will have distinct themes that carry over throughout the ship as well. The first four ships were intended to appeal to Disney fans and to a broader cruising audience. If you’re not into Disney princesses, Disney fairytales or less-than-subtle Disney theming this ship is going to be a tough sell for the average cruiser.

    So, yeah, I don’t know. My initial excitement has waned a bit over the past few days. We’ll see how I feel when I have a chance to book on the 24th.

  4. Paul

    There aren’t that many concierge suites on the ship and I don’t think they will have any trouble booking them. They will primarily be booked by those who own homes in the Royal Oak neighborhood at Disney World where homes sell for many millions of dollars

  5. DCL Dan

    The Wish appears to be a theme park at sea. The original concept was a traditional trans Atlantic cruise line with Disney touches/service and not in your face Disney. The Wish appears be all about Concierge and not about the ordinary cruiser that scrapes to get on a Disney Cruise line. We’ll see over time how this change works out. Maybe good, maybe not so good.

  6. Denise

    I agree with many comments. This ship seems very concierge heavy, and general family light. I cannot seem to get past the terrible decision to place the television opposite the bed, rather than in the sitting area. WTH?! Every cruise, my son has enjoyed his nighttime ritual of tucking into bed, and watching Disney shorts, at bedtime, while I enjoyed some bedtime reading, with the curtain drawn. During the day, we preferred to watch movies from the sofa, during quiet times, and when preparing for dinner each night. We also like the room separation that afforded privacy in the “adult” area, and the “kid” / television area. All of these wonderful benefits to having the television in the sitting area are gone. Terrible idea. Not sure if anyone agrees with me. Just my opinion.

  7. Jo

    Hey Denise, I completely agree. I thought when I first saw the TV across from the bed that I must not be seeing it right or that perhaps that was in a stateroom with two tv’s. Would seem to me that whoever came up with that idea never sailed with children. The TV in the “living room” was much more practical for both day and night.

  8. Walt

    Wow. DCL have really did it this time. Almost everyone is right. The new ship looks more like the Queen Mary ship with a little more fantasy. If the other ships looks like this, families like myself will be in trouble. Yes I am not one of the wealthy, but DCL is the only cruise line me and my family ever been on. Made my reservation today for the Wish for an anniversary. This cruise will help me in deciding my future cruise with DCL. We are die hard Disney fan. Sad we might have to stop, because we have no interest in no other cruise line.☹️

  9. Dennis C

    That was my thought as well. My wife wants to be surprised when she sees the ship but I did tell her that it looks more like a floating Disney World / DVC resort and that they went “all in” on Disney theming. The spaces with a much more neutral flair are either exclusive to certain guests (the Concierge Lounge) or dining venues available for an additional charge.

  10. Dave J

    I don’t disagree with the comments but, I also don’t think we are giving it a chance. We all know Disney does it right and they are only showing us what they want us to see. I suspect that once on the ship most folks, especially Disney diehards, will be wowed. Yes it is more expensive than other cruises, but there is little comparison in regards service, entertainment and the Disney touch. I look forward to getting on board and giving them a chance to wow me, and I don’t think I will be disappointed.

  11. Kelly

    I agree 100%. This is the worst location for the TV. My mom likes to wake up early and watch tv while she is getting ready from the couch side but now will not be able to watch while im still sleeping. At this point we would have to get 2 rooms which is more money.


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