Disney Wish Inaugural Season ‘Starting From’ Pricing – A Look at Day 2 Prices

Today before the phone lines reopen for another day of bookings, we are going to take a quick look at Disney Cruise Line’s pricing for the Disney Wish following yesterday’s early booking for Platinum Castaway Club members with 25+ completed sailings. The dust settled, and staterooms which were temporary held pending the deposit are back into inventory for those that were not paid by midnight.

Disney Wish Inagural Pricing Day 2 20210518

As you will see below, the concierge rooms saw the most activity with all available Disney Wish sailings seeing a bump in price from as little as 4% to well over 400%, the later being the fact a Royal Suite is the cheapest concierge room left. The only sailing to see a price jump across all categories is the the Maiden Voyage, which is not a surprise. The real surprise is the 5 cruises following the DVC exclusive sailing which sold out on Monday saw inside stateroom prices DROP in price by 2%.

It is extremely important to remember this information is simply a general overview of the starting from pricing for each sailing by stateroom type such as inside, oceanview, verandah and concierge based on what is displayed on Disney Cruise Line’s website. Stateroom category availability may vary per sailing. The starting from pricing and availability will continue to change as we move through the following early booking windows:

  • May 17, 2021: Platinum Castaway Club Members with 25+ sailings completed – book by phone only.
  • May 18, 2021: Platinum Castaway Club Members with 20+ sailings completed – book by phone only.
  • May 19, 2021: Platinum Castaway Club Members with 15+ sailings completed – book by phone only.
  • May 20, 2021: All Platinum Castaway Club Members – online bookings open.
  • May 24, 2021: Gold Castaway Club Members – online bookings open.
  • May 25, 2021: Disney Vacation Club Members and Adventures by Disney Adventure Insiders – book by phone only.
  • May 26, 2021: Silver Castaway Club Members – online bookings open.
  • May 27, 2021: All Guests – online bookings open.

Below, I’ve collected the opening day pricing, lowest price per stateroom category, based on double occupancy (2 adults) for all of the Summer 2022 and compared it to the prices listed this morning before the phone lines opened for Platinum Castaway Club Members with 20+ sailings completed. It gets a little busy due to the space so I’m including an actual table and the screenshots from my spreadsheet. D1 = pre-opening day D2 = prices as of this morning before the phones open.

One last note, the pricing below is representative of a snapshot in time on opening day. As cruises book, prices will increase and stateroom availability will dwindle. The pricing below includes taxes, fees & port expenses for 2 adults.

Port Canaveral, Florida

Disney Wish Maiden Voyage – 5-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral
Port Canaveral, Florida • At Sea • Nassau, Bahamas • Castaway Cay • At Sea

DCL Day 2 Disney Wish Pricing 5N 20210518
 Sail Date Inside D1Inside D2Δ % Oceanview D1Oceanview D2Δ % Verandah D1Verandah D2Δ % Concierge D1Concierge D2Δ  %  
Thursday June 9, 2022576960893206%596962893205%636966793105%94394868939250416%

3-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral
Port Canaveral, Florida • Nassau, Bahamas • Castaway Cay

DCL Day 2 Disney Wish Pricing 3N 20210518
 Sail Date Inside D1Inside D2Δ % Oceanview D1Oceanview D2Δ % Verandah D1Verandah D2Δ % Concierge D1Concierge D2Δ  %  
Friday June 17, 202230272979-48-2%3075307500%3255325500%42435319107625%
Friday June 24, 202229612913-48-2%3009300900%3189318900%416343892265%
Friday July 1, 202229612913-48-2%3009300900%3189318900%416343892265%
Friday July 8, 20222859285900%2955295500%3135313500%409943892907%
Friday July 15, 20222859285900%2955295500%3135313500%409943892907%
Friday July 22, 20222859285900%2955295500%3135313500%409943592606%
Friday July 29, 20222829282900%2925292500%3105310500%406342692065%
Friday August 5, 20222583258300%2679267900%2859285900%376739692025%
Friday August 12, 20222373237300%2469246900%2649264900%351536691544%
Friday August 19, 20222169216900%2253225300%2433243300%3127342930210%
Friday August 26, 20222085208500%2169216900%2349234900%302631891635%
Friday September 2, 20222163216300%2247224700%2427242700%311933392207%
Friday September 9, 20221827182700%1911191100%2091209100%271629192037%
Friday September 16, 20221827182700%1911191100%2091209100%271628291134%
Friday September 23, 20221827182700%1911191100%2091209100%271628591435%
Friday September 30, 20221827182700%1911191100%2091209100%271628591435%

4-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral
Port Canaveral, Florida • Nassau, Bahamas • Castaway Cay • At Sea
NOTE: 7 of the 4-night sailings which will have a different port order, but until the actual port order is revealed for those sailings they will remain as the defaults, these dates are marked with an *.

DCL Day 2 Disney Wish Pricing 4N 20210518
 Sail Date Inside D1Inside D2Δ % Oceanview D1Oceanview D2Δ % Verandah D1Verandah D2Δ % Concierge D1Concierge D2Δ  %  
Monday June 20, 202240854021-64-2%4149414900%4389438900%572861894618%
Monday June 27, 202240133949-64-2%4077407700%4317431700%564259493075%
Monday July 4, 20224005400500%4133413300%4373437300%5709626956010%
Monday July 11, 20223973397300%4101410100%4341434100%567159893186%
Monday July 18, 20223973397300%4101410100%4341434100%567161094388%
Monday July 25, 20223925392500%4053405300%4293429300%561359893767%
Monday August 1, 20223717371700%3845384500%4085408500%536356292665%
Monday August 8, 20223341334100%3469346900%3709370900%491252293176%
Monday August 15, 20223037303700%3165316500%3405340500%451947892706%
Monday August 22, 20222709270900%2821282100%3061306100%396242693078%
Monday August 29, 20222093209300%2205220500%2445244500%3223414992629%
Monday September 5, 20222117211700%2229222900%2469246900%325135492989%
Monday September 12, 20222061206100%2173217300%2413241300%3184358940513%
Monday September 19, 20222061206100%2173217300%2413241300%3184358940513%
Monday September 26, 20222061206100%2173217300%2413241300%3184350932510%

What do you think about the starting from prices for the Disney Wish?

13 Replies to “Disney Wish Inaugural Season ‘Starting From’ Pricing – A Look at Day 2 Prices”

  1. Kate

    We just booked the maiden voyage and are so excited! I can’t think of anyone I know who will understand our enthusiasm, so I decided to post here because I thought there might be some like minds! It’s expensive but we figured how many times does this opportunity come along? Only 4 times so far with our favorite cruise line! ????????

  2. bionicbandmom

    HOW were you able to book a maiden voyage cruise if you’ve only sailed 4 times so far? Disney was only allowing platinum Castaway Cay members with more than 20 sailings to book via phone.

  3. Kate

    No, I meant that Disney only has four ships, so only that many maiden voyages. We’ve sailed enough times to be able to book.

  4. sniper964

    I’m really bummed that the Disney Wish Maiden Voyage has sold out. My children and I where so excited to go on this cruise but today my hopes and dreams where smashed. I hope with the next two ships, Disney will consider making the playing field more available to other Castaway categories.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      The same thing will happen if they opened it up to all Platinum members on the same day. I am confident, DCL knew there was going to be a high demand from longtime repeat cruisers, and this led to the further breakout of the Platinum group. The Platinum group is a catch all group with 10+ to infinity. Where Gold and Silver are much closer in terms of total cruises. The only way to do it where everyone has an equal opportunity would be a lottery system like they did with the Magic’s maiden.

  5. RL

    We got up early (4:45AM Pacific to be online at 5AM when Gold members can book) to book a family trip and there’s a note on the page to add staterooms stating “Early booking opportunities are limited to a single stateroom per cruise.” This is the first I’m hearing of this. Would have been nice for Disney to be a bit more up front about this limitation so we could plan accordingly.

  6. CH

    Yeah I ran into that this morning also. Luckily when I called I got someone immediately and was able to book connecting verandas for the June 20-24 cruise.


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