2021 Alaskan Cruise Ship Calendar Shows Disney Wonder Potentially Sailing from Seattle, Washington

Earlier this month, Cruise Line Agencies of Alaska published an updated 2021 cruise ship schedule for Alaska which shows the Disney Wonder sailing from Seattle beginning in early July. However, before we get too far into this, it is important that this is NOT a confirmed sailing schedule for the Disney Wonder and there has been no announcement from Disney Cruise Line. The information contained within this article is based on third party information. About the only thing certain we can take away from this information is the cruise lines, not just Disney have been in discussions with the necessary parties and put together a plan for if and when they resume operations later this summer as there are still hurdles.

In recent weeks, the US Senate and US House of Representative passed the Alaska Tourism Restoration Act, all that remains is a signature from President Biden and a green light from the CDC for cruise lines to sail from Seattle to familiar Alaskan ports bypassing the required Canadian stop. The Alaska Tourism Restoration Act if signed, will will grant cruise ships sailing to Alaska a temporary waiver of the Passenger Vessel Services Act (PVSA) through February 28, 2022 – the date when the current cruise ship ban is set to expire in Canada. The PVSA prohibits the transportation of passengers between two different U.S. ports on any vessel other than a US-flag vessel that meets all requirements for US coastwise transportation.

According to the schedule last updated on May 5th, the Disney Wonder would begin with a 5-night Alaskan Cruise on July 7th which would put her on her normal Monday embarkation schedule for 7-night Alaskan cruises.

CLAA Ship Schedule 20210505
Cruise Line Agencies Of Alaska 2021 Schedule

Again, I want to repeat myself, this is based only on the Cruise Line Agencies of Alaska’s latest cruise ship calendar for 2021 which lists the Disney Wonder sailing the following itineraries from Seattle, Washington.

5-night Alaskan Cruise from Seattle
Seattle • Sea • Endictott Arm • Ketchikan • Sea

Map Wonder 5 Night Alaskan SEA SEA DAW KTN SEA

7-night Alaskan Cruise from Seattle
Seattle • Sea • Endictott Arm • Skagway • Juneau • Ketchikan • Sea
7/12/2021, 7/19/2021, 7/26/2021, 8/2/2021, 8/9/2021, 8/16/2021, 8/23/2021, 8/30/2021, 9/6/2021, 9/13/2021

Map Wonder 7 Night Alaskan SEA SEA DAW SGY JNU KTN SEA

Disney Cruise Line previously offered Alaskan cruises from Seattle in 2012, and more recently offered a 2-night cruise this summer before all of the Alaskan season was removed from further booking. I would suspect, since Disney has only officially cancelled Alaskan cruises through July 12th, guests originally booked on original voyages would be offered the choice to remain booked on the potential revised sailings from Seattle as was the case when the 9-night Alaskan was split into multiple shorter cruises to work within the CDC Conditional Sail order limiting the duration of cruises to 7-nights or fewer.

We will provide updates as they become available, but PLEASE remember, at this time, this is only speculation. Special thanks to Paul for leaving this comment alerting me to the schedule.

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  1. LandonM170

    Hope DCL announces if they are doing this or not very soon. I remember something happening like this with the Hawaii 2015 visit where it was on a schedule either by cruse agents or by the port schedule and it happened, so keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Alan

    I just looked over this. I do not know what’s going on but the Wonder is listed every Wednesday and Monday starting 7/7. So is it a 2 night and then a 5 night or what?


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