Disney Cruise Line Increases Prices for Adult Dining and Enhances Palo and Remy Experiences

Disney Cruise Line announced price increases at Palo the adult only restaurants aboard the ships. Palo experiences have been increased $5 with the price increase effective as soon as the ships resume sailing. Additionally, new dining options at Palo and Remy will be offered to provide passengers with more options to enjoy specialty dining on the ships.

Disney Wonder Palo Private Room

Two dining options will be available at Palo and Remy for dinner: an a la carte menu and a prix fixe menu.

  • At Palo dinner, Guests may choose to order from the prix fixe menu, which includes four courses from a selected menu, or they may order individual items a la carte.
  • At Remy dinner, Guests may choose between the Saveur or Gout tasting prix fixe menus, or they may order individual items a la carte.

Brunch and dessert experiences at Palo and Remy will continue to be offered as a per person cover charge.

The prix fixe menu will be priced at $45 for Palo, an increase from $40, and $125 for Remy, a la carte items will be priced individually. Please note the brunch experience at Palo will increase from $40 to $45. The price for Remy held from the 2018 adult dining price increase.

In summary, the updated pricing for Palo and Remy is as follows:


  • Dinner: $125 dining charge per person
  • Remy Champagne Brunch: $75 charge per person; $30 additional charge per person when adding the Champagne pairing
  • Remy Dessert Experience: $60 charge per person; $25 additional charge per person when adding the wine pairing
  • Petites Assiettes de Remy: $50 charge per person (includes a wine pairing with each course) 
    • This event can only be booked onboard
  • Remy Wine Pairing Experience: $105 charge per person


  • Dinner: Prix fixe menu, $45 dining charge per person; a la carte menu, priced by item
  • Wine Pairing with Dinner: $59 charge per person, in addition to either the $45 Prix Fixe menu charge or the a la carte items ordered
  • Brunch: $45 dining charge per person
Remy Brunch - Remy - Crystal Sculpture

Platinum Castaway Club members and those adults in their stateroom will continue to be offered one complimentary meal at Palo, either brunch or dinner; at dinner, the prix fixe menu will be included (regular price of $45 per person). Additional items beyond the prix fixe menu may be added at an additional charge.

All of the adult dining changes will begin when Disney Cruise Line resumes sailing. Palo will reopen with this new structure with the upcoming summer 2021 voyages on the Disney Magic in the UK. Remy will follow when the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy resume operations.

10 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Increases Prices for Adult Dining and Enhances Palo and Remy Experiences”

  1. Brett Bailey

    Having had dinner at both restaurants. These prices are still very reasonable, although we have seen them rise since our first cruise on the MAGIC in 2008. Although we did not have dinner in Palo until we became platinum level as we loved the meals from the rotational dining but we did Remy (our favorite) on the FANTASY and were hooked ever since. Its not only the level of the food you have but the fantastic service that cannot be beat. Both establishments are worth the money, however, neither my wife or I could eat that food every night at our age as it is very rich, but we would surely give it a go!

  2. Devin Simms

    I wouldn’t call this enhanced if they will charge you more for a la carte. Until we see the menu, it appears that they are minimizing the experience for guests.

  3. Jo

    I remember, too. Funny thing is while the price at Palo’s is reasonable as you say MJ, the quality of the food in the main dining rooms has gone way up. Main dining rooms are so good sometimes I can’t decide if I really want to skip one for dinner at Palo’s. Brunch is another story:)

  4. LarryZ

    For us, the key to Palo was the view, timing our evening meal to coincide with departure from Nassau at sunset… but I’m not sure I could stomach (NPI) those prices for Remy.

  5. Carmalita

    We have never been overly impressed with Palo dinner or brunch. Since we are Platinum we go the once every cruise because it is free to us. We love Remy though and think it is worth every cent.

  6. Darren

    Agree on the value. $105 for what is a Michelin star dinner in all but name is very good. Dinner at L’Assiette Champenoise starts from $150 each and gets significantly more.
    As soon I can, I’ll be booking Enchanté.

  7. kate

    We love both of these restaurants so much. Don’t care what they charge. I’d do without another experience somewhere else to afford this.

  8. Nancy Rice

    I’m really not sure I will go to Palo’s anymore as I don’t like the way they changed the menu. I would if they just increased the price. As for brunch, I hope it is as it was in the past. The UK brunch at Palo doesn’t seem anywhere near the same caliber.


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