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February 2022 Dessert Menu | Last verified May 2022

DCL Menu Palo Dinner Dessert Wonder February 2022

October 2021 | Last verified May 2022

August 2021 | Disney Dream

Summer 2021 | Pre-Restart (last verified June 25, 2021) – Both menus are available as PDFs Palo Dinner and Palo Desert.

October 2019 | Disney Dream (last verified Magic February 2020)

August 2019 | Disney Dream

March 2019 | Disney Fantasy

Fantasy Palo Dinner Menu March 2019

November 2017 | Disney Magic

June 2016

Palo Dinner Menu A Fantasy June 2016

Esperienza del Vino ($59 per person extra)

  • Coppa, Favas and PecorinoCanella Bellini
  • Gnocchi Cep Mushrooms, RosemaryCuvée Bellavista Franciacorta Brut ’13
  • White Asparagus, Smoked Anchovies, Quail Egg, TruffleElena Walch Gewürztraminer ‘ 12
  • Chilean Sea Bass, Spinach, Buckwheat, LemonLa Scolca Gavi dei Gavi Black Label ’11
  • 25 Day Dry-aged Sirloin, Arugula, BalsamicTignanello Marchesi Antinori ’12
  • Rhubarb Mascarpone, GrappaGrappa Alexander Platinum

Antipasti, Insalantine & Zuppa

  • Tomato Mozzarella Caprese | Sliced Beefsteak Tomatoes with Buffalo Mozzarella, Basil, Virgin Olive Oil and Arugula Leaves
  • Fresh Arugula Saladwith choice of Palo’s Dressings
  • Soft Potato GnocchiTossed in Piennolo Tomato Sauce, garnished with Kale and caramelized Grape Tomatoes
  • Fritto di Calamari e GamberiDeep-fried Shrimp and Calamari with Lemon-Garlic Mayonnaise and Marinara dippings
  • Ciuppin Soup Mussels, Shrimp, Calamari, Red Mullet and Monkfish poached in a Garlic Basil, White Wine Tomato Broth
  • Tuscan White Bean SoupCannellini Beans with Pancetta and Kale simmered in Chicken Stock
Palo Wine Menu Fantasy June 2016

La Pasta

  • Caramelle di vitelloPasta stuffed with Milk braised Veal, Pancetta and Porcini Mushrooms
  • Butternut Agnolottiwith Sage-brown Butter topped with Amaretti and Buffalo Mozzarella
  • Wild Mushroom RisottoArborio Rice with Porcini, Portobello, Crimini Mushrooms, Virgin Olive Oil and Parmesan crisp
  • Pappardelle con AragostaPappardelle Pasta tossed in Lobster Tarragon Sauce with Leeks, White Truffle Oil and Grilled Lobster
  • Pennelle PastaTossed in a spiced San Marzano Bazil Sauce topped with Garlic Shrimps

Piatto Vegetariano

  • Grilled Portobello Mushroom, Spinach and Plenta with Porcini and Roasted Shallot Sauce, Parmesan crisp and aged Balsamic Vinegar

Il Pesce

  • Sea ScallopsCelery Root Purée, baby Vegetables and crispy Leeks served with a Prosecco and Black Tuffle Sauce
  • Marinated Big Eyed Tuna Steakwith Green Beans, Roasted New Potatoes, Quail Eggs, Cerignola Olives and White Balsamic
  • Piquant Dover Sole – filleted table sidewith nut-brown Butter Capers, Anchovies, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Spinach, Carrots and Thyme Potatoes

La Carne

  • Osso BucoSlow-roasted, center cutVeal Shank with Gremolata and Milanese Risotto
  • Roasted Lemon Rosemary ChickenRoasted Vegetables and Potatoes, served with Truffle Chicken Sauce on the side
  • Roasted Rosemary-rubbed Rack of Lamb with Roasted Carrots, Caponata, Olive Oil Potatoes, Rosemary Jus on the side
  • Grilled Prime Beef Tenderloinwith Pancetta Potato, Sautéed Spinach, Barone Chianti Wine Sauce
Palo Dessert Menu Fantasy June 2016


  • Chocolate Souffléwith Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Sauce
  • Amaretto Souffléwith Vanilla Bean Sauce (new fall 2017)
  • Palo’s Homemade TiramisuLayered Coffee-Infused Ladyfingers with Italian Mascarpone Cheese
  • Limoncello Tart Served in an Almond Crust, topped with Yogurt Cream and Carmel
  • Vanilla Bean Panna Cottawith Strawberry-Basil Sorbet, Raspberry with Crumble
  • Warm Orange Almond CakeOrange Fennel Salad with Rhubarb Puree and lemon Cream
  • Spoonful of Gelatochoice of flavors

No Sugar Added Dolci

  • Apple Crostata
DCL Palo Menu Full Fantasy January 2016

Wine Menu – June 2016 Disney Fantasy

Palo Dinner Menu A Fantasy June 2016

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Summer 2015 | 11-Night North Norwegian Fjords and Iceland Cruise on Disney Magic

Palo Specialty Drinks

Palo Drink Menu Magic July 2015

Palo Wine Menu

Palo Dinner Menu

Palo Dessert Menu

Disney Fantasy – March 2014

Wine Experience $59

Palo Wine Pairing Menu Disney Fantasy March 2014

Disney Magic – October 2013

Wine Experience $59 | Antipasti, Insalatine & Zuppa

Palo Menu Disney Magic October 2013 Wine Experience AntiPast,

La Pasta, Fagioli Alla Veneziana, Il Pesce, and La Carne

Palo Menu Disney Magic October 2013 La Pasta, Fagioli Alla Ven

Dolci & No Sugar Added

Palo Menu Disney Magic October 2013 Dolci, No Sugar Added

Palo Wine Menu

Disney Magic – October 2013

Disney Magic Palo Wine Menu

Disney Fantasy – December 2012

Palo - Menu I

Pane Casalingo

  • Freshly Baked Bread in Our Pizza Oven
  • Palo’s Cold Antipasti Specialties presented from our Antipasti Carrello
    Prosciutto, Bresaola, Parmesan Reggiano, Marinated Olives and Sun-Dried Tomatoes served with selection of Infused Oils and Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Antipasti, Insalantine & Zuppa

  • Tuna Carpaccio and Lemon Oil Dressing
    Thin Slices of Tuna Brushed with our Chef’s Special Lemon Olive Oil
  • Mozzarella and Plum Tomatoes
    Our Modern Interpretation of a Traditional dish
  • Sicilian Pesto Marinated Grilled Shrimp
    On a Mussel, Crab, and Cherry Tomato Ragu
  • Grilled Portobello Mushroom and Polenta
    With a Roasted Shallot Sauce and a Parmesan Crisp
  • Fritto di Calamari
    Lightly-crusted Calamari served with Deep-friend Cherry Peppers
  • Fresh Arugula Salad with choice of Palo’s Dressings
  • Tuscan White Bean Soup with Prosciutto and Parmesan Cheese
    Garnished with Shredded Cabbage and Red Radishes
  • Cioppino
    Italian Tomato Fish Stew with Calamari, Clams, Shrimp, and Halibut, scented with Garlic and Basil
Palo - Menu II

Main Course

La Pasta

  • Risotto di Mare
    Saffron Risotto served with fried Zucchini, Shrimp, Mussels and Clams
  • Wild Mushroom Risotto
    With freshly-shaved Parmesan and a Chianti Reduction
  • Lobster and Mascarpone Ravioli
    With a light Burro Bianco
  • Chianti Braised Beef Ravioli “en bordo”
    Tossed in a rich Red Wine Reduction with oven-roasted Carrots and Celery
  • Gnocchi di patate con Gorgonzola e Asparagi
    Potato Gnocchi served with Gorgonzola Sauce with Asparagus
  • Pappardelle con Aragosta
    Lobster, Parsley, and Fennel with Chili and fresh Tomato Sauce
  • Penne Arrabbiatta
    With spicy fresh Tomato and Basil Sauce, topped with Grilled Shrimp

Fagioli Alla Veneziana

  • “Peperonata con Fagioli”
    Vegetable and Bean Casserole

Il Pesce

  • Grilled Sea Scallops with Borlotti Beans and Pancetta
    Served with a Tomato Sauce
  • Rombo al Finocchio
    Pan-seared Turbot onRoasted Potatoes, Porcini, Pancetta, and Fennel with Walnut Butter
  • Branzino in Cartoccio
    Sea Bass wrapped in parchment paper with Vegetables and Salmoriglio Sauce
  • Grilled Tuna
    Truffle-infused Potato Risotto with Garlic marinated Artichokes and a Tarragon Veal Jus

La Carne

  • Pan seared Calves Liver Mele e Cipolle
    On Polenta Cake with Caramelized Apples and Onions, garnished with aged Prosciutto
  • Fagotti di Petto di Pollo con Ricotta e Basilico
    Baked Chicken Breast filled with Ricotta, Basil, and Red Peppers served with Pinot Grigio Reduction
  • Osso Buco
    Slow roasted centre cut Veal Shank with Gremolata and Risotto Milanese
  • Oregano and Parmesan Crusted Rack of Lamb
    With Sangiovese Roasted Shallots, Olive Oil baked Roma Tomatoes, Potato Pave, and Herb Jus
  • Our Beef Tenderloin “Palo”
    Topped with melted Gorgonzola Cheese or Palo signature Barolo Red Wine Sauce
Palo - Menu Full