VIDEO: Disney Wonder Transits the Panama Canal’s Agua Clara Locks

On June 8, 2020, the Disney Wonder transited the Panama Canal. The following time-lapse shows the Disney Wonder moving through the Agua Clara Locks completing the transit from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Disney Wonder left San Diego on Sunday May 31st, stopping outside Ensenada on Monday before continuing south to the Panama Canal. On Sunday, June 7th the Disney Wonder waited for her turn in the canal at Panama’s Pacific anchorage. Now in the Atlantic, she is heading to Grenada to repatriate crew.

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  1. BartmanLA

    Seriously, re-transiting the Panama Canal again to go back to San Diego for the EBPC really doesn’t make any kind of economic sense. the sheer cost each time the ship goes through the locks would not benefit DCL, just for what a (dozen) Mexican Rivera cruises and then the EBPC? With new Covid-19 hospitalizations on the rise across the country, they’re just bringing the Wonder back just in case they can resume operations later this year, most likely well past when the EBPC would occur. DCL just hasn’t officially cancelled the EBPC yet, most likely because they’re overwhelmed with dealing with the recent Wonder’s Alaskan Season and Magic’s European season being shut down. I expect them to make announcements more in line with where the Wonder is positioned at the end of this month.


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