Disney Wonder Inaugural New Orleans Season Merchandise

The Disney Wonder’s time in New Orleans may be coming to a close, but we wanted to share a look at the unique merchandise available for guests sailing from the Big Easy. The designs either feature Jester Mickey Mouse, or a Disney Wonder centric fleur-de-lis.

Wonder New Orleans 2020 Merchandise

Jester Mickey Mouse with an outline of the Disney Wonder and a steamboat are featured on grey short sleeve t-shirts available for adults and kids. 

The same graphic is also used for the ornament. Although, not easily noticed in the photo, the area with the outline of the ship and the steamboat is a translucent dark red. 

Wonder New Orleans 2020 Merchandise Jester Mickey Ornament

The limited edition Disney Wonder New Orleans hinged trading pin brings both of the graphics together on one item.

Hands down, my favorite New Orleans item is this long sleeve t-shirt with the Disney Wonder on the front and the fleur-de-lis graphic on the back.

The fleur-de-lis design was also available on a pink colored short sleeve ladies t-shirt.

Wonder New Orleans 2020 Merchandise Pink Shirt

Last but not least, is a Hurricane glass with the fleur-de-lis graphic. I bet Disney Cruise Line could have sold a ships worth of hurricanes at the sail away party if they made these in plastic, or just sell hurricanes at The French Quarter Lounge or Tiana’s Place during dinner with an included glass like Pat O’Brien’s.

I would like to thank LG for sharing photos of the New Orleans merchandise.

What would you buy?

5 Replies to “Disney Wonder Inaugural New Orleans Season Merchandise”

  1. Shari DeMarco

    I was on the first cruise out of new orleans and unfortunately they sold out of everything during the repositioning cruise. However they did arrange for us to order our merchandise and they will mail it. We did not receive it yet and could not wear it on the cruise but we at least know we are getting it. Though I will never understand how they underestimate the supply for first cruises they at least make it right in the end.

  2. Teri Giordano-Vollero

    We were on the first cruise, February 7th, and we were able to order items to be shipped to us. What they had on the ship sold out within the first hour that the store opened. I am hoping the ornaments will be available at shopDisney.com, because I was told only the shirts/sweatshirts were available for shipping.

  3. Eric K

    I bought the ornament and turned it into a fridge magnet. If I bought one shirt, I’d have to buy one for the whole family… And they were too overpriced to justify.

  4. April

    Still have yet to receive my order of these black/gold shirts for my family! So sad! Disney doesn’t know what I’m speaking of, but I ordered my family shirts from Mickey’s mainsail!


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