First Look at the Disney Wonder’s French Quarter Lounge

The world of The Princess and the Frog has an even larger footprint onboard the Disney Wonder following the ship’s 2019 dry dock. The Disney Wonder welcomed the first guests aboard today in Vancouver to see the enhancements.

Disney Wonder 2019 Dry Dock French Sign Quarter Krissie Patterson 1

Thanks Krissie Patterson and Mike Haven for sharing photos of the all new lounge as they embarked today for the repositioning cruise to San Diego.

The New Orleans-themed family themed lounge which replaces the Promendade Lounge, the Connect@Sea desk, and the toddler play are on deck 3 between Tritons and Tiana’s place will transport guests deeper into the heart of the city’s iconic French Quarter.

Disney Wonder 2019 Dry Dock French Quarter Krissie Patterson 1

At the French Quarter Lounge, guests will get a touch of bayou hospitality as they enjoy live music on the gazebo stage and sip specialty drinks at an updated whimsical bar. This natural precursor to dinner at Tiana’s Place Restaurant is the perfect destination for entertainment and libations before or after dinner, while the space will come alive throughout the day with New Orleans-themed family activities, trivia and character encounters.

The jazzy atmosphere of the French Quarter Lounge, also inspired by the Disney animated feature The Princess and the Frog, will evoke an airy outdoor space in New Orleans, surrounded by touches of iconic architecture such as wrought-iron balconies, classic brick walls and shutter-framed windows. Decorative details including a life-size trolley car and nods to the film in the form of signs and facades on the walls add to the ambiance of the space.

Finally, here is a look at the all new French Quarter Lounge spirits and libations menu.

Disney Wonder French Quarter Espresso Mike Haven
French Quarter Espresso

The La Bouff Favorite is a coffee, with 2 beignets, a macaron and something. The something else has varied from those that have reported back. Possibly still being worked out or testing options to determine a guest favorite.

Disney’s first look at the Disney Wonder enhancements on October 4, 2019 included a look at the renovated Cove Cafe along with some more images of the French Quarter Lounge.

We will continue to share updates as we receive them from the recently enhanced Disney Wonder.

13 Replies to “First Look at the Disney Wonder’s French Quarter Lounge”

  1. Eric Oppegaard

    This looks great, but it’s really a downer the toddler play area is gone. That is a saving grace for my family that we can go play during dinner, and then switch out parents easily.

    Hopefully they have incorporated this area somewhere else, or have an alternative.

  2. Dave

    Simple but effective and really nice. Can’t wait to see it in January. Good selection of Abita to be on theme…but would it kill them to have a straight forward lager like Abita Amber? Would really like to have one of my favorites on one of the ships…and other than the Magic having Brooklyn Lager…have not found that yet.

  3. Alan

    I do live the new look for sure. Just wondering why they kept the old Promenade lounge lights. They look out of place to me.

  4. Lisa

    My guess for La Bouff favorite is as Charlotte LaBouff (Lottie) would say “I need 500 of your man-catching beignets” so I think 500 beignets or enough till you pass out which might mean 5.

  5. Cruiser

    Thanks for sharing. I’m disappointed they removed all the seating along the porthole windows. I love to just sit and look at the water. The other portholes I used for the same purpose were the ones in After Hours. When they changed the wall decor from Route 66 to the shiny silver After Hours theme, you can’t sit in the porthole at night and watch the waves like you used to. Now you see the reflection of the silver wall instead of the illuminated waves at night. Disney, you are messing with all of my special spots on the Wonder/Magic!

  6. BartmanLA

    I would be interested in finding out the seating capacity for the new lounge, is the same as before, more seating or less. Not really happy about the wire framed chairs they look like they would be uncomfortable just like the wooden slat bench seats too. I guess they want to encourage folks to not spend a lot of time in the lounge and use it as a stop over between dinner or the shows.

  7. Darren

    Removing the chairs and tables from the corridor should make disembarking on the last morning easier. That area was a real choke point with people waiting with bags. No carpet will make roller bags easier too.


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