Trip Log Day 4: 4-Night Bahamian Cruise from Miami – At Sea #DCLBlogCruise – 2/23/2020

Trip log, day four. #DCLBlogCruise Day at Sea.
4-Night Bahamian Cruise from Miami 
February 23, 2020
Personal Navigator – Day 4

Stateroom TV Map Day 4 Sea 20200225

After two port days, today, our final full day of the cruise is a sea day. No, today is #DCLBlogCruise Day at Sea!!! We started the day out planning to grab a very light breakfast in Cabanas since we were going to brunch in a couple hours. However, what started as a bowl of watermelon grew to a a plate once I saw… you may want to sit down for this — Mickey Mouse CHURRO waffles. These churro waffles were special, and I am going to keep an eye out for them in the future.

Cabanas Breakfast Mickey Churro Waffles

Following breakfast, Emily and I headed over to the Cove Cafe. For cigar aficionados, the cigar menu is located to the right of the coffee bar on the counter with sweeteners and coffee stirrers.

Emily’s morning was made with a Mandalorian printed latte since she missed out in all the printing fun earlier in the cruise.

Cove Cafe Baby Yoda Latte

Our first DCL Blog Cruise group activity for the day was Palo Brunch. Due to the size of our group, we were split between the private room and a row of tables outside of the room.

A cheese selection is basically all one really needs at a buffet, but this is just the beginning. I really loved the presentation with the cheese wheels out along with the cheese slices.

The Palo brunch buffet continues to offer much of the same selections with slight variances here and there.

Nice little start to the brunch with a plate of mostly savory treats and one sticky bun for balance.

Disney Magic Palo Brunch Plate

The current Palo Brunch menu from the Disney Magic is well the same including the prices for the cocktails.

Disney Magic Palo Brunch Menu

Pizza has become a bit of a obsession of mine following our Mediterranean cruise a few years ago where we made pizza in Naples. I continue to experiment with different pizzas at home. One of our regular offerings is our version of the grape and gorgonzola pizza that was inspired by the original Palo brunch version. Anyway, I enjoy watching the pizza making process anytime I get a chance. We opted today to try the one pizza we have yet to order, the goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. It was really good, and I may soon add this to the rotation at home.

At the start of brunch, our amazing server Sasha told us about an off menu item the chef was testing out. It was a panko crusted fried soft boiled egg.

Those that tried it, enjoyed it.

The Palo kitchen proudly presents, your main courses.

Time for a trip back up to the buffet for some desserts. The chocolate lava cake continues to be the off menu dessert surprise.

After brunch, it was time for a walk. The sun was out and the AquaLab and pool deck was hopping on this beautiful afternoon and was relatively warm under the sun.

Disney Magic AquaDunk Morning Sun

While making my was around deck 9, I noticed a number of hand washing stations near the quick service windows such as the Duck IN Diner, and Eye Scream. A great addition since our last time on the Magic, summer 2018. Unfortunately, I didn’t see anyone stopping at them while they were running up to the soft serve machines.

At this point, Isabelle got her hands on a pillow case during 3D crafts. The 3D paper craft, not pictured, was the cruise ship which you can download and print.

Disney Magic Oceaneer Lab Pillow Case Coloring

I had one last stop to make, I needed to verify one of the items pictured on the DCL Blog Cruise Scavenger hunt was still accessible to guests, it was, and I took a minute to take a few more photos of the mural visible from the midship elevators. There are doors on 6, 7, and 8 to get a better view, but only deck 6 doors are open as the space is used to store wheel chairs.

Disney Magic Midship Elevator Mural Newspaper

A little more verandah shenanigans, this time with Taittinger and no behind the scenes photos.

Verandah Taittinger At Sea

We all got together for our own version of DCL trivia where @SoarinEagle90 was crowned the champion.

DCL Blog Cruise Trivia

Following our own trivia, we had some time before our next get-together. We decided to just head down to After Hours to secure a spot for the next few events which all happen to be in O’Gills. I had some more to finish up on a previous trip report.

By the time I arrived, @SoarinEagle90 placed an order for so pub grub. He was quoted 25-minutes, an improvement.

O'Gills Pub Grub 19 Minute Loaded Potato Bites
19-minute Loaded Potato Bites (improvement)

We didn’t realize it until Tony from Spain showed up, but Theme Park trivia was about to start.

Up next, was movie music trivia. Check out those winner keychains!!!

We continued to hang out in O’Gills for a DCL Blog Cruise reception. Our server Jorge, went off menu with a Negroni, and a rum based variation, the Kingston Negroni. Later, Jorge offered up the Jorge special, a unique cocktail with 1800 Coconut tequila and Moet Ice. It was really good, to take this cocktail to the next level, I’d suggest garnishing the drink with some of the the coconut shavings used over in Keys.

We gave everyone the full cruise to search out the locations of the items in the scavenger hunt. Brandon had a perfect sheet until he second guessed one of the items and changed his answer. However, he was the first to turn in a sheet and had the most correct. I will be posting a copy of the scavenger hunt in the near future for your future enjoyment on a Disney Magic cruise.

DCL Blog Cruise Scavenger Hunt Winner

Our final evening’s dinner was in Lumiere’s.

Lumiere’s dessert featured the first appearance of a Mickey Bar this cruise, this may be a record. I don’t think Isabelle has ever waited until the 4th night to order a Mickey Bar. The Grand Marnier soufflé was really great tonight.

After dinner, was the super bowl of trivia events back in O’Gills, 90’s music trivia! This was the exact moment, #TonyfromSpain realized he returned from vacation 1 cruise too soon.

After multiple failed attempts, mostly because I’ve been on the team, Emily’s team finally took home the championship with a perfect score.

O'Gills 90s Music Trivia Tony Spain CHAMPIONS

Following the victory, it was time to get back to a bit of reality and back up our bags. Luckily for me, Emily already packed up one of the suitcases, so it was really just a formality.

Stateroom Turndown Towel Bird

It is always interesting to see where we sail, most of the time it is easy to figure out given the need to sail from point a to point b, but with today’s sea day we escaped south of Florida to nicer weather before heading north back to Miami.

Stateroom TV Map Day 4 Sea Day Travels 20200223

Trip Log Day 5: 4-Night Bahamian Cruise from Miami – Miami Debarkation #DCLBlogCruise – 2/24/2020

We were back in Miami on a lovely morning. I think this is is the perfect way to avoid a case of the MONDAYS.

One last trip to the Cove Cafe for a printed latte. Sea ya real soon Mickey!

Cove Cafe Latte Mickey Mouse

Some of us chose to get together for our own Sea Ya Real Soon breakfast in Cabanas. The DCL Blog Cruise started to feel like a season of the Real World. We started off as strangers, and left as a family during this final episode where no one wanted to leave, but slowly we had no choice to disembark and catch a ride to the airport, or drive home.

Huge thanks to Tammy and her team at Storybook Destinations for doing the heavy lifting making sure everything went smoothly. Without their hard work, the DCL Blog Cruises would not exist.

DCL Blog Cruise 2 Debarkation Breakfast

We had a great time and we cannot wait to do it all again on the Disney Fantasy in 2021 for DCL Blog Cruise 3!

DCL Blog Cruise III Announcement

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  1. Lucy

    But those waffles!! I have showed them to my husband, who loves the original and he is very excited to have them in May for our EBTA cruise. I hope they still have them or he may cry! :)))))

  2. Emily

    If it’s the same Sasha, it is great to see that he’s still on the Wonder after all these years. He was our regular Palo server for many years before the Dream & Fantasy. He is one of the best!


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