Trip Log Day 2: 4-Night Bahamian Cruise from Miami – Nassau #DCLBlogCruise 2 – 2/21/2020

Trip log, day two. Nassau.
4-Night Bahamian Cruise from Miami 
February 21, 2020
Guests Ashore: 8:30 am Guests Onboard: 5:15 pm
Personal Navigator – Day 2

Stateroom TV Map Magic Nassau Day 2 20200221

Pro travel tip, if you are vacationing on a weekday and you have weekday alarms set on your phone, turn off said alarms on your phone so you will not wake up a silly times. Alternately, keep your alarms on and enjoy the view as you approach your port of call. Today, we are in Nassau and the weather was great. Reasonable temps and low humidity. In fact, it some of the nicest weather we’ve encountered in Nassau and perfect for a morning of walking around the port.

Nassau Lighthouse

Another morning breakfast in Cabanas with Isabelle while we waited for Emily to finish up her morning run.

Cabanas Breakfast

Emily randomly notices a mention of happy hours and sure enough, O’Gills, Fathoms, Keys, and Signals are offering happy hours each day.

DCL Navigator App Happy Hours

We all met up in Cove Cafe for a casual get together over coffee. It was tough to drink these lattes because of the cuteness of The Child or Baby Yoda.

As we were destroying the beautiful printed latte art, it started to pour. Thankfully, it was just a little squall. It came on us fast, and left us fast. On our way ashore, Disney kindly set out a table of ponchos.

Disney Cruise Excursion Rain Ponchos

Our next meet up was at the Pirate Republic Brewery which I wanted to visit in October, but it wasn’t open when I was meandering ashore. This brewery offers a nice selection of beer and the food was enjoyable. They even have cans of beer available to go. It turns out the beer is canned in Lakeland, Florida so I am going to keep an eye out for it when we get back home.

Pirate Republic Brewery Nassau
As you can see we are now traveling with our custom coasters from Sticker Mule!

In the port, there is a full wall showing conceptual design renderings of the planned port redevelopment project. It looks really good and I cannot wait to see it sometime in 2022.

Nassau Port Redevelopment Concept Art

Today was an amazing day with only 2 ships in port creating an amazing photo op along the pier with the Disney Magic.

Disney Magic Nassau

Full disclosure, we lost some people at the brewery, but I assure you they all made it back to the ship on time.

Back on the Magic, we made our way to Ultimate Disney Trivia with Tony from Spain. This is his first cruise back and his trivia is just bonkers.

Ultimate Disney Trivia Silliness

In a world of upcharges with an additional pub grub menu, there is something off when the server warns you the pretzel will take to 30-minutes and asked if we still wanted it. All of the pub grub was going to take 30-minutes. Really??? We thought no, it won’t take this long, but sure enough, it did. One would hope a pretzel that costs nearly $9 and takes 30-minutes would be amazing, but here we are with a pretzel that is best described as “fine”. Also of note, they didn’t have snacks out on the buffet so it was a prime time during trivia to generate some revenue for Mickey.

O'Gills 30 Minute Pretzel

We left O’Gills and headed up for some verandah shenanigans.

We set up shop in Fathoms to record an episode of the Disney Cruise Line Blog podcast where we did a few rapid fire rounds and discussed the Disney Wish, Lighthouse Point, and a potential change to the Castaway Club levels.

DCL Blog Podcast Recording Fathoms

Every so often we are blessed with an incredible random character interaction. This afternoon, Goofy, I mean Brandon, and Goofy were having a blast in the Promenade Lounge before Goofy lost his footing when moving some of the chairs back into formation.

Goofy Brandon

Our dinner tonight was in Rapunzel’s Royal Table.

Rapunzel's Royal Table Birthday Celebration Banner

The great part of cruising with a group is having a chance to see more of the menu items.

We wanted to get to O’Gills for THUGGO, and it was 7:17pm and we had not been presented with the dessert menus yet. We didn’t even need to see the dessert menu, we already knew we wanted the Birthday Cake Sundae and the Pan Fry Bread. Emily let our head server, George, know that we were trying to get to O’Gills and some of the desserts were expedited.

Heather J and Izzy ran down to get seats and THUGGO boards and Emily joined them shortly after. Clap, Clap, Stomp, Stomp, Quack, Quack, Huh, it was The Snuggly Duckling Takeover of O’Gills. Junk was a tremendous thug.

We headed back to the stateroom to turn in. For turndown service, we were welcomed back to our stateroom by a towel bear.

Stateroom Towel Bear Chocolates

Tomorrow we are heading to Castaway Cay with a windy forecast…

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  1. Stacey

    Did you experience any of the rough seas that we did after leaving Castaway on the Fantasy Friday? It was BAD. Crew even commented “worse” or “one of the worse” nights ever!


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