A Look at the New Disney Cruise Line Pre-Arrival Direct Mail Booklet for the Disney Magic

Disney Cruise Line recently began mailing guests booked on upcoming cruises the new pre-arrival direct mail booklet they announced back in October.

DCL Pre Arrival Booklet Magic

The booklet comes in a full color envelope featuring the Disney Wonder sailing into the sunset.

The new Welcome Aboard booklet includes information specific to your Disney Cruise ship and itinerary. Including a lovely cutaway view of the ship.

DCL Pre Arrival Booklet Magic Ship Overview

Below you can preview the full Welcome Aboard booklet for our upcoming DCL Blog Group Cruise on the Disney Magic February 20, 2020.

In the original announcement, it was stated Welcome Aboard booklet will be mailed approximately one week after the reservation is booked. One booklet will be mailed per reservation. Please note, Placeholder reservations will not receive the booklet until their booking is moved onto an actual sail date.   

Booklets are sent directly to the primary Guest on the reservation.  At this time, an alternative address cannot be accommodated.  If the address of the primary passenger is not on file, the Welcome Aboard booklet will not be sent out.  

DCL Pre Arrival Booklet Magic

The Welcome Aboard booklet is mailed up to 120 days prior to vacation.  For reservations confirmed within 119 days or less, a Welcome Aboard booklet is not generated.

This new booklet is being sent after booking as previously mentioned, and will eventually be followed by a luggage tag mailer which launched in May.

For more details on these new direct mailings, please check out our posts where we took a look at the variations for the Disney Fantasy, Disney Dream, and Disney Wonder of the booklet.

What do you think about the new Welcome Aboard booklet from Disney Cruise Line?

19 Replies to “A Look at the New Disney Cruise Line Pre-Arrival Direct Mail Booklet for the Disney Magic”

  1. Ayden

    Weve been waiting for ours. Didn’t realize we had to book 120 days in advance. we booked about 70. Sad that we won’t get one.

  2. Erin

    Received ours last week as well and our sailing is 220 days out. The other cabins reserved for our party haven’t received theirs. So might be some variation on dates.

  3. Liz

    I am thinking that the stateroom photos are customized for the category booked – I assume you have a veranda for your cruise? We have a deluxe inside stateroom for the Wonder in June, we got our booklet yesterday, and it showed an inside room.

  4. Helen

    Received one for a cruise next July! Nice booklet but a waste. I’d much rather have the previous booklet that included cruise specific info (itinerary, port adventures and other activities booked) and the luggage tags.

  5. Steven

    We hot our about 4 weeks ago and I think a neat touch would be to have the front Disney cruise logo in the color of your castaway status.

  6. Denny C

    We received one for our Fantasy cruise in August, 2020 a couple of weeks ago (booked our cruise back in March). Neat little booklet.

  7. Ken

    We have two cruises booked and so far nothing … are they sending to the UK as we do not always get the same things as you do in the US, the welcome home picture postcards being a case in point.

  8. Dave

    Interesting regarding the timing if when they send it. Never got ours for the Wonder in January nor anything for the Fantasy next summer. No big loss as long as we get our luggage tags still.

  9. Brett

    The book is very cool but the envelope graphics are always a tough one for us as we generally don’t tell our kids until right before (to avoid the 3,000,000,000 questions that come along) so we will be on the lookout and in “mailbox lockdown” until this arrives.

    1. Jason Heiss

      Yeah, one of our kids saw the envelope and asked “Are we going on another cruise?” We went with “We’re just looking into it” and they seemed satisfied.

  10. Siren Chudgar

    We have two staterooms booked in the same household for the same cruise and we got our books 10 days apart from each other. I think they are still working out the kinks on this one. The book is okay, miss the old version with some more details on the itinerary and such.


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