Disney Announces Name for Their First LNG Cruise Ship: Disney Wish at the 2019 D23 Expo

During today’s Parks and Resorts Presentation at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, Bob Chapek, Chairman Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, revealed the much anticipated name and some details of Disney Cruise Line’s new Project Triton LNG-powered cruise ships.

The new cruise ship will be named Disney Wish. Meyer Werft has already assigned s.705 as the hull number.

DCL Disney Wish Atrium D23Expo2019

The ship’s atrium will be a bright, airy and elegant space inspired by the beauty of an enchanted fairytale. A beloved hallmark of Disney Cruise Line, it has been a tradition to adorn the back of our ships with an iconic character that reflects the theme of each vessel.

“There couldn’t be a better name for our incredible new ship because making wishes come true is part of the Disney DNA and is at the heart of so many of our cherished stories,” Chapek said.

For the Disney Wish, the ship’s stern will feature Rapunzel. Our favorite artsy princess, paintbrush in hand, uses her enchanted hair to suspend herself as she decorates the stern of the ship with the help of her feisty sidekick, Pascal. Spirited, smart, curious and above all, adventurous, Rapunzel embodies the wish and desire to see and experience the world.

DCL Disney Wish Stern D23Expo2019

Disney Cruise Line ceremonially kicked off the shipbuilding process last December when they raised the Disney Cruise Line flag at the Meyer Weft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany. Steel cutting for Disney’s first new build is expect to begin later this fall.

DCL Flag Meyer Werft 20181207

During the 2016 Annual Meeting in Chicago, Iger announced Disney Cruise Line would build two new cruise ships at Meyer Werft with delivery expected in 2021 and 2023. A little over year later, Bob Chapek, revealed that Disney Cruise Line will be building a third cruise ship at the 2017 D23 Expo Parks & Resorts presentation during his time on stage. The third announced ship would be delivered in 2022 between the previously announced ships.

In Apri 2018, Meyer Werft assigned hull numbers 705, 718, and 706 to each of the Project Triton ships.

Additionally, Chapek took some time to talk about Lighthouse Point which the Bahamian Government approved the sale of the private land to Disney in October 2018.

“Each Disney Cruise Line ship is unique, with a name that embodies the excitement of sailing with Disney and the power of our stories. The new ships will have the experiences our guests love, as well as all-new magic,” Chapek added.

The Disney Wish is scheduled for delivery in late 2021 and will set sail in January 2022. The vessel will join Disney Cruise Line’s award-winning fleet where guests experience the magic of Disney entertainment combined with the relaxation of tropical, sun-drenched beaches and the adventure of ocean cruising.

All three new ships will be powered by liquefied natural gas and, at approximately 144,000 gross tons and 1,250 guest staterooms, be slightly larger than the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.

2019 D23 Expo Disney Wish announcement via The DIS

17 Replies to “Disney Announces Name for Their First LNG Cruise Ship: Disney Wish at the 2019 D23 Expo”

  1. Kevin Burns

    I like it. Can’t wait until booking opens. Scott, you are forgiven for this obvious blunder on your part 😉

  2. Sarah

    Scott, do you know when the names of the previous ships were released compared to their initial steel cutting? I’ve heard that it is bad luck to announce a name before steel cuts but I thought I’d heard that Disney had done this before…

      1. Scott Lipton

        Scott, THANKS so much for figuring out that match and keeping us all in the loop. Can not wait for more details.
        Any rumors or spurious intel about where other fleet ships may get repositioned once Wish launches?

  3. Jason P.

    Let me understand the dates correctly. So the first ship that was suppose to be ready in 2020, keel has not even been laid yet? So now the 2020 dates has now been pushed to January 2022?

    The dates in the story bounce around, based on the information provided today.

    1. Rosaline

      The first of the three new ships was always slated for completion in 2021. It will be delivered to DCL in 2021 and the first sailings will be in January 2022.

  4. Deann fromTexas

    What happened to the phrase “Disney won’t repeat letters, is DW for Disney Wonder? What do you think will be the abbreviation? Or is the name short enough? At least not the Wish, or a Wish like the song.

  5. Jason

    Not sure if this is just “artist rendition” but in that video where they show the name appearing on the side of this ship, you can see there is no Aquaduck. Not proof of anything, just interesting.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      The video doesn’t show Rapunzel no the stern. The point of the announcement was to name the ship, not the amenities. Disney is calculated on the way they reveal information. Just like the initial renderings shared years ago, it is not worth picking them apart.

    2. Nick

      Hope there isnt an Aquaduck – hoping for something new and innovative. The Aquaduck is over 8 years old now…m there are new technologies that these ships can showcase and I hope they do!

  6. James Knowles

    Naming a ship Wishes and then putting Rapunzel on the back makes no sense. The obvious choices would be Tinkerbell, Genie or Jiminy Cricket.

    1. Dave F

      For what it’s worth maybe they are saving Tinkerbell for another ship. She’s probably more recognizable among Disney characters than most….plus I think having her and Captain Hook on the back is a nice touch.

      Then again, I would have used Ariel over Rapunzel. It’s a cruise ship. A nautical theme makes more sense.

  7. Pamela von Petersdorff

    I remember when the Dream and Fantasy were named. There were lots of good ideas thrown out by folks then and Wish or Wishes was one of them. I always thought the Disney Adventure made a nice name but there are quite a few characters in the word Adventure. Lots of fun things on the horizon for DCL! Hey… “The Disney Horizon” That has a nice ring to it! Lol!

  8. Paul T

    My thoughts for this discussion: Name for ship #6: “BELIEVE” – Name for ship #7 : “JEWEL” Stern Character for ship # 7: 7 Dwarfs – Godmother for one the three ships: Annette Funicello (In memory with the christening honors being performed by her daughter and grand daughter) Annette is just one of many reasons that made Disney what it is today


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