DCL Alters the Disney Magic’s September 1, 2019 7-Night Northern European Itinerary

Disney Cruise Line altered the previously announced 7-night Northern European itinerary aboard the Disney Magic sailing from Dover on  September 1, 2019. The Disney Magic will sail as scheduled from Dover but will swap a port in Norway. Instead of visiting Kristiansand on September 5th, the Magic will now visit Stavanger.

Below is a copy of the email DCL is sending to travel agents who have clients booked on the voyage. In the email, Disney states the change was made to provide guests with a premier family experience.

DCL Itinerary Change Email Magic 20190901The revised 9/1/18 sailing with a link to a facebook group can be found here.

Map Magic 7 Night Northern European DVR SEA COP OSL SVG BGO SEAStavanger’s highlight is Pulpit Rock, during our visit we did not have enough time to visit the location, but we did make it over to the Swords and the Rock. You can read more about our day in Stavanger in this trip log entry.

Swords In The Rock Stavanger, Norway

Special thanks to Heather Keller from Storybook Destinations (FYI: they are our travel partners for the 2019 DCL Blog Group Cruise) for sharing the included correspondence.

2 Replies to “DCL Alters the Disney Magic’s September 1, 2019 7-Night Northern European Itinerary”

  1. Notte

    Slightly disappointed as I literally booked 3 days ago and was happy it would be a change from the last Norway cruise.
    I am surprised as well that nothing is done for people already booked

  2. Lila

    Kristiansand was a really boring port (we visited on our Norway/Iceland cruise a couple of years ago). I *wish* we had gone to Stavanger!


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