Disney Magic 2018 Dry Dock Update: Signals Bar

During the Disney Magic’s 2018 two week dry dock, the Quiet Cove area received some attention with a long overdue refurbishment of Signals bar. Signals received the a similar tropical theme as we saw in the adjacent Cove Cafe. Below is a video walkthrough of the all new Signals bar located in the adults only, Quiet Cove area aboard the Disney Magic.

I was really impressed by the Signals bar remodel, it was long overdue update. One that I was really surprised was untouched in the 2013 re-imagination of the Disney Magic.

Disney Magic Signals Bar Disney Magic Signals Bar Disney Magic Signals Bar

Although they are are no longer directly connected via a sliding door, Signals goes really well with the Cove Cafe remodel. Between the two spaces, I think Signals bar was the real winner.

For comparison, here is a look at Signals from 2013 showing the old entrance to the Cove Cafe and a more view of Signals from 2016 following the addition of the concierge lounge.

Disney Magic Signals Bar Original
Disney Magic Concierge Sundeck

The added seating and shaded area is both welcome welcome upgrades. It was also nice to see a new menu.

Disney Magic Signals Bar Menu Cover Disney Magic Signals Bar Menu

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  1. Maggie

    What is the Duck-In dinner on the magic? I’ve not seen that one anywhere but it was on the first day navigator you posted a few days ago on fb


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