Disney Magic 2018 Dry Dock Update: Cove Cafe

During the Disney Magic’s 2018 two week dry dock, the Quiet Cove area received some attention. Cove Cafe was transformed with a sophisticated tropical theme. Below is a video walkthrough of the all new Cove Cafe aboard the Disney Magic.

The new look Cove Cafe is much brighter and inviting, especially the area on your right when you first enter. There is now full bench seating along the wall replacing those adult school chairs with slide over desks.

Magic Cove Cafe Seating AreaThe other noticeable change comes at the other end of the Cove Cafe. The sliding door to the pool and Signals bar has been changed to a solid emergency exit door. Magic Cove Cafe Seating Area Magic Cove Cafe Seating Area Windows Magic Cove Cafe Bar Magic Cove Cafe Bar MenuComplimentary snacks are available throughout the day upon request.
Magic Cove Cafe SnacksThe menu also received an overhaul.Magic Cove Cafe Menu Cover 20180318There were some interesting additions such as the Moka experience and the Conettó Caffé. Magic Cove Cafe MenuI was excited for the Moka experience as this is something I often prepare at home, but on this sailing, I just stuck with the my usual doppio by the pool.

Magic Cove Cafe Doppio

20 Replies to “Disney Magic 2018 Dry Dock Update: Cove Cafe”


    OMG. :'(
    I just loved the quiet, darker & classy interior of the Cove.
    This remind me of a cheesy exotic bar in an 80’s hotel resort…
    Very disappointing IMHO.

    I don’t get the current trend at DCL : Guest raves for the classic cruise ship atmosphear. And all the update run away from it.
    The Cadillac bar on Wonder is spectacular but have nothing to do on a classic looking cruise ship.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I talk to people all the time that tell me they love the size of the Magic class, yet they are building 3 more along the same size of the Dream-class. It would have been nice if one of those was at least an in between size.

  2. Brook

    Were some of the drinks on the previous Cove Cafe menu still available? I am a big fan of the Cafe Toledo and hoping it didn’t disappear completely!

  3. David Caffey Sr

    We are big fans of the Cove Cafe on all the ships and are excited to be sailing on the Magic for the first time in December to see this remodel. Glad to see are favorite Salt Caramel Coconut latte is still on the menu.

  4. Psac

    Interesting that they moved the snacks/pastries to be served by the CMs instead of self-service. Probably a lot better for the germiphobes this way.

    Now they just need to do something (if they didn’t already) about the chips and salsa area in the aft lounge where they do the various activities (forget the name of it, 4th deck I think). We saw them dump a whole tray of chips three times after same kid took from it with his hands multiple times. (Insert comment about parents here.)

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      These were the snacks out on embarkation day. I did not pay close enough attention to the items in the case during the cruise to know for sure how often the selection changed, if ever.

  5. Jennifer

    It looks like the prices went up on the coffee drinks. Last time I got hot cocoa is was around $3.75. It looks like $6 now?

  6. Matt

    This remodel is a watershed moment for Disney Cruise Line. They have forgotten why everyone loves the ships and why they stand out. This remodel is a amateurish, 2018 design remodel that HAS NOTHING to do with the design story of the ship. The new cove café looks like ANY LAME BAR on ANY CRUISE SHIP or MALL. Who is making this decision? WRITE A LETTER TO DCL. I did. They will erode their brand one lame remodel at a time until we are on a Carnival Ship.


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